Just some of the critters

I got home the other day and wandering around checking on everyone, so here is a few pictures of some of my loves.

Bluebell(I think Madelyn is going to call her Jewel) and Jersey


I got a new hutch from Sister. It’s big. I can’t move it by myself. So it is currently in the middle of my driveway. But I wanted to clean up cages and sanitize so I moved a few buns to the driveway.

Jelly and Peanut Butter hiding in the back.


They were all hopping and jumping and having a ball. Jelly is making sure I don’t have any treats for her!


Bugs is never very active, but he was hopping around enjoying the space and beautiful day.


George is the reason I brought a few of them out. He runs laps in his cage, so I thought maybe he could use some exercise.

Wynona, Ransom, Wynn and Zulu


I brought the ‘branch’ from Mom’s house and gave it the boer goats as a treat. They loved it.


The horses are out grazing and the big girls and JD are thinking it is totally unfair I let the little goats have a treat and didn’t bring them one.

Friday’s Hunt v1.26

Welcome back for Friday’s Hunt! Another week come and gone! This weeks prompts are Starts with Z, Weeks Favorite, and Today.

For Starts with Z, I have my pretty little Zulu! She is such a sweetheart. When we first brought her home, she did not want anything to do with me. After a few days of being difficult to catch, she figured out if she stood close enough to me I would scratch her head and neck. That was really all it took to tame her down. Now she practically trips me to get beside me for scratches!


My Weeks Favorite is this one of the weeds. I just love these little fringy things!


Today we let the mommies and babies outside to play and get some fresh air! They loved it and did a lot of crazy jumping and playing. There is nothing more fun than watching babies play.


Overall, it’s been hot and dry this week. I sure hope we get some of the rain they are predicting. If you want to look at the other Friday’s Hunts check out all of the links at Eden Hills. Thanks for visiting!

Day Off

I took the day off to run an errand that “just had” to be done. Madelyn and Niece#2 passed drivers ed and wanted to get their school permits. Sister and I wanted them to get their school permits. So this happened…

Niece#2, Niece#3 and Madelyn are off.


Yes, immediately, they wanted to drive back to town to a softball game. Well, like ripping a Band-Aid off, I guess they were going to have to go at some point. They made it there and back, so I guess that is that.

We also got all of our projects signed up for the 4-H fair coming up next month. Now to complete them all. That was one of the things we worked on when we got home.



Goat hair cuts. This is not the most fun job, but it sure cools them down and since these girls are on full feed, it is important to keep them cool.

Zulu was a total fluff ball!
Much better

They were panting pretty hard when I started trimming them. Once I would get one side done, they would be breathing calmly. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, I only got Ginger, Zulu and Callie done today. Wynn and Wynona will have to wait. I also used this time to worm the girls and update their vaccinations.


This goof was standing in the buckets of water I filled to water the animals inside. Keep in mind she is about 3 feet from the kiddy pool I have filled for the dogs to lay in!



Finally to end the day, I had 2 games, finally together at the same field. Both boys played pretty well and I didn’t get a picture because I was yelling, but Landon had a great hit to the outfield! Baseball season is winding down, only a week left before tournaments start.

Does anyone else feel like summer is going to fast?

The best day

Sometimes I think today actually competes with Christmas. Yes it is that time of year! THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

The final trip home.





Their faces basically say it all! I already picked up Madelyn and Niece#2 earlier when they were done with tests. We had a picnic since it was beautiful and this is going to have be our new tradition!


Of course the pool had to filled because it summer now. Neighbor kids came over and an epic water fight ensued.


Piper even got in on the fun. I think she likes the pool, and I hope she will continue to use it through the summer.

Meanwhile, I working on the  barn and garden before the next round of storms head in.


I got the middle cleaned out so I can start on the pens!

Wynona, Wynn, and Zulu laying down. Cally and Ginger eating.

I got the girls pen cleaned out today. They are so content. It is really a rough life to lay down, eat, drink, start over.

Getting treats!

Oh yummy! After I got done with their pen, I picked up a bunch of leaves that blew down last night. The goats all got some, but most ate them so fast I basically took a bunch of pictures of them eating my hand!

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and cabbage all done.


All the bedding/hay and straw that was left behind by the goats and rabbits has made its way to the garden. This is how I mulched my garden last year. It sure works good and helps use up some of the hay they waste while benefitting the garden!


I planted the pumpkins, cucumbers, and zucchini today. I planted them around tomato cages that I am not going to be using. I am hoping to train them up the cages. I have no idea if it will work or not, but I thought it was worth a try. I put fresh saw dust right around the plants in case there was to much manure in the bedding. It should be all mulched by the time I am done with the other kidding pen and the dog pen, which is completely full of hay chaff.


I also weeded the rhubarb, asparagus, iris and apparently raspberry patch!


About 3 years ago, a friend of mine that lives in Michigan, brought me a couple starts from his wild raspberries. I didn’t honestly think in the mess of weeds that they had survived. Turns out they did, and they seem to be thriving. I am very excited to see them!


Back in the barn, the bunnies are all opening their eyes and getting their ears up. The kids are wanting to hold them regularly. The only minor problem with that is Gina is a little protective and really doesn’t anyone messing with them.



This is why I never throw things away. I went to the scrap pile and found a piece that fit almost perfectly. I had to take off a half inch on one side. Then because I was using screws I already had I had to attach a chunk of 1 x 1 to make sure the screws were not exposed. I then found some tiny wood staples so that I could attach a piece of twine to so that it could be opened and closed without sticking your hand in the hutch. It works pretty good and causes Gina less stress!


These three goofs came running in to see what was making all the noise. Or maybe they thought they needed treats too? Who knows.


I worked on weeding the peas and pulling more radishes until the clouds started rolling in about 7. I stayed until the sprinkles started. Hopefully everyone is staying safe. We had some strong winds north of us last night, but still nothing like way south of us in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Hope you all enjoyed your day wherever you may be, I know I sure did.

Spring days going by

Today was one of those beautiful spring days when I wanted to get a lot done. So I did. I started the day by taking Madelyn and Niece#2 to school early for Plyos and to leave for an FCCLA trip to the state convention. Upon my return, got the boys up and ready for breakfast and then off to do chores. Everybody, as usual, was up and running around anxiouxly awaiting me.

Zulu, Wynn, Diana, Tawny and Button peaking at me.
Wynona, Diana, Tawny and Button in the back!
Ginger and Zulu with Diana.
GInger on the Balance Beam. She’s getting big.

After chores, I decided to check up on our tummy growth. I think the earliest we will have any kids is after May 1st. Ugh.

Dolly maybe closer to June?
I think Scarlett will be the earliest.
Indi is putting on some weight. Maybe mid-May?
Button is also gaining. Hoping for mid-May.





Diana??? I can’t tell, so she moved back into the buck pen.
Tawny moved into to the buck pen also. They have both gained weight, but that maybe due to being put on full feed rather than actually being DUE!
Janet is my yearling, and I didn’t really want her breed, BUT…that tummy is looking like she might be. So she joins my early watch list with her momma Scarlett.
Of course my faithful follower was there the whole time.

After working on cleaning out the barn, running to the post office, bank, grocery store, gas station, and a bite to eat, I was back at it. I got the fence up and working across the road for the boys. I had hoped they would run and stretch their legs, but no. They barely picked up their heads to look at me. Needless to say they were pretty happy with their new arrangement.

Chevy and Chrome.

Finally after cleaning out more of the barn and working on getting the mower started, Landon was ready to work with his rabbits.

Landon and George.

We are working on leash training so we can try rabbit hopping this year. We even found a couple things to set up so George could try jumping them. He did ok, but was definitely more interested in the grass. Maybe next time. He really didn’t mind the leash and was very good for Landon. Piper even came and licked him a couple times! Over all it was a very productive spring day, and I am feeling it tonight. Think it it about time for bed.

Hope you enjoyed your day!


On such a beautiful day, I decided it was time for the new little girls to meet the other little girls.

Wynn and Zulu


They loved it! They have been bouncing and jumping and climbing all day!



They smelled all over and taste tested everything.


So many things to look at!



What a big girl playing and trying to keep up with everyone!

Cally, Ransom, Tawny, Diana, Wynona, Janet, Wynn, and Zulu. Of course Ginger is climbing my leg!


I think that they are going to get along very well!

Ahh, a sunny day!

What a beautiful day!

L-R Blaze, Chrome, JD, Chevy, Indy, Dolly, Thunder, Button


The herd was really enjoying sunning themselves today. What a bunch of bums! I love when they are able to lay around and look so content! Looking forward to Neighbor Farmer cleaning the lot out.

Zulu, Wynona, Wynn


I had hoped I could get a better picture of the new girls! Aren’t they pretty! They have calmed down a bunch since last night and are even liking raisin treats! My dear Niece just updated me on Posy and Rue and they are doing well also. Everyone is happy in their new home.