Hiccups and Heartbreak

Farming, even hobby farming, is filled with hiccups and heartbreak. This month has been full of it for me and our little farm.

It started with Jazzy. We couldn’t figure out why a two week old goat would suddenly bloat and stop eating. I tried all the things I could think of to help her. But in the end, whatever it was that caused her bloat won out and she passed away on my lap late one Saturday night.


Jazzy Finch March 28, 2017-April 8, 2017

That was hard, especially on Denton, who only really wants a doe to raise like his brother has in Scarlett. We lost his doe Ginger last year in the same way just days before the fair. I was becoming frustrated because something is happening to them and I can’t figure out what.


Then, on Friday, April 14th, exactly one week later, Buster bloated. I immediately called the vet, who didn’t think 2-3 week old goats should bloat. He came over right away. We treated him a couple different ways. He got Nuflur, banamine, and about 40 cc of Mineral Oil tubed into his stomach. It was basically a watch and wait. The next morning, he was no longer bloated, but now he was very gaunt with diarrhea. Ok, alive is good. Now to figure out what the heck? I got some Corid to treat for Coccidiosis. I continued the banamine for his slight fever and comfort, antibiotic in case it is a different type of infection and probiotic to get/keep his rumen working, along with Corid.

The first few days he was pretty lethargic and wouldn’t eat anything. We were getting fairly worried as his eyes were sunk in, he was so gaunt, and just barely doing anything. But I kept treating him and we kept trying to get him to eat. He finally about Wednesday ate about 4 ounces, which pleased us. I cleaned out the entire pen and treated it with Clorox bleach after letting it dry completely. New bedding, cleaned out feed pans and water pan with vinegar and got electrolytes for them. Finally Thursday, I noticed him drinking almost every time I walked by the pen they were in. Which was actually quite often since I was cleaning out the other pens in the barn and had to walk by them with the wheel barrow each load. I really was hopeful he was taking a turn for the better. Each day since then he has eaten a little more. His eyes are not sunk in anymore and he is no longer gaunt. I think we have made it with him.


Blaze the day he was born.



Broken Barn Trailblazer “Blaze” March 22, 2015-April 24, 2017


In the mean time, Blaze went down hill very suddenly Sunday. Not the same kind of downhill, Just unable to get up and extremely weak and thin. I couldn’t believe it. I tried to treat him for both coccidiosis and possibly polio, but to no avail. My handsome bottle baby faded quickly and died peacefully Monday. I am thankful we have a number of his daughters that were born this year.

Meanwhile, the pony appears to be in heat. I shut her up in separate pen from the boys. Since Chevy has not been gelded yet, I thought it was best. Apparently across the fence wasn’t far enough.


This is what I found when I went to the barn Monday afternoon to feed babies. I couldn’t believe it. Why?! So back to the vet clinic, I think they might be my best friends now as I talk to them more than pretty much anyone else. Thankfully, although they don’t’ treat horses, one f the vet techs has horses and knows exactly what to do. So I am treating her while keeping the boys across the street in the other pasture until Chevy goes for his surgery.

I think everything will be fine eventually. But I sure could use a break.


Just some of the critters

I got home the other day and wandering around checking on everyone, so here is a few pictures of some of my loves.

Bluebell(I think Madelyn is going to call her Jewel) and Jersey


I got a new hutch from Sister. It’s big. I can’t move it by myself. So it is currently in the middle of my driveway. But I wanted to clean up cages and sanitize so I moved a few buns to the driveway.

Jelly and Peanut Butter hiding in the back.


They were all hopping and jumping and having a ball. Jelly is making sure I don’t have any treats for her!


Bugs is never very active, but he was hopping around enjoying the space and beautiful day.


George is the reason I brought a few of them out. He runs laps in his cage, so I thought maybe he could use some exercise.

Wynona, Ransom, Wynn and Zulu


I brought the ‘branch’ from Mom’s house and gave it the boer goats as a treat. They loved it.


The horses are out grazing and the big girls and JD are thinking it is totally unfair I let the little goats have a treat and didn’t bring them one.

The best day

Sometimes I think today actually competes with Christmas. Yes it is that time of year! THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

The final trip home.





Their faces basically say it all! I already picked up Madelyn and Niece#2 earlier when they were done with tests. We had a picnic since it was beautiful and this is going to have be our new tradition!


Of course the pool had to filled because it summer now. Neighbor kids came over and an epic water fight ensued.


Piper even got in on the fun. I think she likes the pool, and I hope she will continue to use it through the summer.

Meanwhile, I working on the  barn and garden before the next round of storms head in.


I got the middle cleaned out so I can start on the pens!

Wynona, Wynn, and Zulu laying down. Cally and Ginger eating.

I got the girls pen cleaned out today. They are so content. It is really a rough life to lay down, eat, drink, start over.

Getting treats!

Oh yummy! After I got done with their pen, I picked up a bunch of leaves that blew down last night. The goats all got some, but most ate them so fast I basically took a bunch of pictures of them eating my hand!

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and cabbage all done.


All the bedding/hay and straw that was left behind by the goats and rabbits has made its way to the garden. This is how I mulched my garden last year. It sure works good and helps use up some of the hay they waste while benefitting the garden!


I planted the pumpkins, cucumbers, and zucchini today. I planted them around tomato cages that I am not going to be using. I am hoping to train them up the cages. I have no idea if it will work or not, but I thought it was worth a try. I put fresh saw dust right around the plants in case there was to much manure in the bedding. It should be all mulched by the time I am done with the other kidding pen and the dog pen, which is completely full of hay chaff.


I also weeded the rhubarb, asparagus, iris and apparently raspberry patch!


About 3 years ago, a friend of mine that lives in Michigan, brought me a couple starts from his wild raspberries. I didn’t honestly think in the mess of weeds that they had survived. Turns out they did, and they seem to be thriving. I am very excited to see them!


Back in the barn, the bunnies are all opening their eyes and getting their ears up. The kids are wanting to hold them regularly. The only minor problem with that is Gina is a little protective and really doesn’t anyone messing with them.



This is why I never throw things away. I went to the scrap pile and found a piece that fit almost perfectly. I had to take off a half inch on one side. Then because I was using screws I already had I had to attach a chunk of 1 x 1 to make sure the screws were not exposed. I then found some tiny wood staples so that I could attach a piece of twine to so that it could be opened and closed without sticking your hand in the hutch. It works pretty good and causes Gina less stress!


These three goofs came running in to see what was making all the noise. Or maybe they thought they needed treats too? Who knows.


I worked on weeding the peas and pulling more radishes until the clouds started rolling in about 7. I stayed until the sprinkles started. Hopefully everyone is staying safe. We had some strong winds north of us last night, but still nothing like way south of us in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Hope you all enjoyed your day wherever you may be, I know I sure did.

Friday Hunt v1.18

It’s that time of the week again! This week our prompts are the Letter R, Favorite, and Texture.

Letter R is for Rabbits! More specifically Rabbit Hopping!

Denton and George
Landon and Bugs
Niece #4 and Jersey
Her smile says it all

This was our first official practice for Rabbit Hopping. What a bunch of fun. Bugs and George were a little distracted by all the smalls and didn’t do much. Jersey did amazing. He moved up to the 2nd level! The kids really enjoyed it and it is going to be great for them to handle the rabbits.

This weeks Favorite is from the other day letting the horses out.


Thunder is usually pretty calm. Until you let her out the first time in the spring! Everyone was running and bucking, but she is so stinking cute when she does it! I love happy horses.

20160428_091909 1

I love the Texture of the strawberry plants. I was so excited to see how much they have grown and that they are starting to put on blooms. I got a bunch of strawberries last year, I am hoping they will do even better this year!

Thank you for joining me for Friday’s Hunt this week. If you would like to check out the rest of the Friday’s Hunt gang, head over and visit our host Teresa at Eden Hill.

Sunny Day!

Finally had sunshine last week!

Blaze, Dolly, Thunder, and Indy


Everybody was out basking in it!


Of course JD is always out yelling at me!

The cats were even out of the barn, but they are not good at having their pictures taken! Bullseye kept running to me and Flower kept looking behind her see what the dogs were doing.

Chrome Chevy and Thunder

I have already introduced you to my old man Chrome. He is such a handsome guy!


I thought today I might introduce you to the other two horsey members of our little farm!


First there is Thunder the pony.  She is every bit in charge around here.  Doubt it?  Don’t let her size fool you.  Ponies have a bit of attitude and sass. And by bit I mean A LOT. But she has been a great pony for lots of kids to learn to ride on.

Madelyn on Thunder


They were so cute together!  They rode many a miles together before my daughter got a little to tall.

Landon and Thunder


Then my son started riding her.  He was probably a little more Thunders style.  Go anywhere, step off anything right behind the big guys.  No fear.  She was sure a trooper on long rides.

Landon and Thunder; Madelyn and Lightning


Thunder might get the chance to go play with my niece who is about the right size for her this year.  We will never part with her as she has been to good a friend and teacher to the kids.

Next up is my new little man, Chevy!  The first born colt on my friend Katie’s farm, Chevy was destined to be with me the minute he was born.  April 19th of last year Katie called and off we went to see him.  Totally love at first site.  He is eventually going to take over Chromes work load as he heads into his retirement years.  This boy will have go and spunk and be everything I am wanting for the next 20+ years.

This is him about 1 month old.  He is so sweet and friendly and growing like a weed! He is an appaloosa and will be registered, but will be gelded when he is old enough.  His Momma and Daddy go riding with us sometimes so we get to see them often!

This is Daddy Sunny.  He is very laid back and goes anywhere out riding with Katie.  You would never know he is a stud. He’s a good boy and grew on this farm when Katie had her horses here with us.  My youngest still thinks Sunny is his and is pretty sure Katie stole him!

Mom Sassy is exactly that.  Full of sass! But she can move and goes anywhere.  She usually rides with Ben, but here she is out on a ride with Katie.  She is in foal again and I can’t wait for the call this year when Chevy’s full sibling arrives.  If you are interested in seeing anymore of Katie’s adventures you can find her here.

Chevy and Chrome enjoying summertime 2015


Winter isn’t the best for getting to play with your horses, but I try to pet them everyday and brush them on nice days.  I am really looking forward to Spring to get these two out and going.  Looking forward to getting new pictures and seeing the changes in my little man throughout the last year!

Did you bring food?