After being gone

Scarlett Buck Jeff

Well, I will start with before I left actually! A couple days before we went on vacation Landon discovered that Scarlett had a baby!

I went out and checked and since she was still pushing, waited and it wasn’t that long and…


Spotty doe! Her name is Jacy.


Yup! Twins. I was relieved because they had a couple days to get going before we left for a week.


Jacy in the back, Jeff in the front


Then since we were going to be gone to save people the trouble, we moved Scarlett and babies, Indi, Button, and Tawny to 7th Heaven Acres so that Niece#4 and Sister could care for them and check the other 2 does that are due any time. Tawny went along for the ride because after being in with the bucks for over a year and still not getting bred means she needs to go to the sale barn.


Scarlett and babies settling into their vacation home.


Indi, Button, and Tawny settled into to their vacation home.

Sister had a goat that need to go to the sale as well, so she was kind enough to take Tawny for us that week.


Indi’s buck Xavier


They were also kind enough to care for Indi, who decided to kid while were on our way to the airport! I mean why wouldn’t she? I have only been doing barn checks for the entire week before we left through the night.


Xavier and Ziggy


I am really not all that upset because she has proven she is an excellent mother and had wild colors again so we are happy. Another buck and doe for us. So we returned from our trip and got everyone moved home and settled back in. It is spring so it’s time to start thinking about fair. Since this is Denton’s last year as a Clover Kid, that means bottle babies.






We got these two from my friend Deb and they took right off. Unfortunately, Jazzy took a turn for the worse and despite the vet and I trying everything we couldn’t save her. The next day, my friend Michael came walking up to me and said ‘I have something for you’


Dear friend Alishia really wanted to claim him for her own!


Not a goat but he had a lamb that no one would claim. They are his dad’s and his dad is on vacation currently so I brought him home to bottle feed as well. Meet Raider the Lamb.

Then we had some excitement at Sister’s farm! Prim, Niece#4’s bottle goat from a couple years ago had her first kids! Triplets!! They are tiny, adorable, and doing great! They all pretty much look exactly like the one that Neice#5 is holding! Niece#4 got 2 bucks and a doe. She was so excited she could hardly breath!


Niece#5 and Leia with Denton looking on. The bucks are Hans and Luke.
Neice#3 and LittleNephew checking out Polly’s buck

Then more excitement at their farm. Polly, Neice#2’s Alpine doe had twins! A beautiful buck and an equally beautiful black doe! She has named her doe Layla and was unsure of a name for her little buck.

Then we come back to our place for more excitement of the spring! Button was still expecting and she sure surprised us!! Landon called me in a panic. ‘Are there supposed to be 7 babies in with Scarlett?’ Umm, no unless someone had new babies!


And someone did! Button gave us a variety pack of color in her triplets! 2 does and a buck for us!


Button’s does Royal
Button’s buck Laker
Button’s doe Mystic

So far, other than some wonky legs that first day, they are all doing well and appear to be getting enough from mom! I will watch them carefully to ensure that their tummies stay full and they are growing without supplemental bottles.

After the triplets were born, the kidding pen seemed a little full with Scarlett, Indi, Button and 7 babies vying for spots to lay down and eat. Scarlett’s kids were bigger and doing great so I kicked them outside.


Jeff and Jacy


They could not be happier! Oh the bucking and kicking and jumping that is going on out there! They are absolutely adorable and so much fun to watch. Indi and her two will probably join them after this next round of rain.


Not a great picture, but Pearl is the black and Diamond is the light

Meanwhile, since I was moving around, I figured it was time to wean these two. Janet and Diana had pretty much already done the weaning, but I would like the two does to dry up and put some weight back on before rebreeding. So these two are in with the bottle babies to eat and grow.

Now that everyone that is currently due has kids on the ground, I only have to find a bottle doe for Denton. I really want him to have the chance to have a doe like Scarlett that Landon raised. He’s pretty sad about Jazzy, because she just a doll, but unfortunately with farming, things go wrong sometimes for no reason at all. This should catch you up on the babies for now. I will get out and get more updates on everyone else soon.




Why they are fat

My darling Scarlet. She is my beautiful herd queen, the protector of the ‘big’ girls, terrorizer of the ‘little’ girls and half the time the boys, and a total glutton.


I thought for sure that she and her daughter Janet were pregnant this spring. Again this summer. And even sort of thought they were again this fall. I am starting to think they are just fat. And I think I figured out why.

Each morning when I feed JD the calf his grain, I bring the girls in and give them a little grain. In the evening, I give them a little hay. I probably wouldn’t have to do this if Indi would not slip through every pipe gate on the farm whenever someone is eating on the other side.


Diana, Dolly, Indi, Tawny, and Button

I have 7 goats in this group, ranging in age from Dolly who is 5 to Janet who is a the lone yearling.  I have 3 feeders in this pen. Here you see 5 at one.



Janet and Scarlett


Here are the other two. Guess who the herd princess is? Yes Janet. She is bossy just like her mother. Janet gets one to herself, and Scarlett gets one for herself. Good Grief ladies. You can share. So then I went back in the evening.


Tawny, Indi, Diana, and Dolly


This time, Button isn’t even allowed up to eat. She just hangs back in the corner. Meanwhile…


Here we see Scarlett has pulled an entire flake of hay down and is enjoying it herself while daughter Janet is in the middle of the feeder. All four other girls that are allowed to eat there are crowded in the corner.

I guess it isn’t really a mystery why they are so fat.

Friday’s Hunt v1.19

This week for Friday’s Hunt our prompts are the Letter S, Weeks Favorite, and Smile. It has been a busy, beautiful week and I have gotten a bunch of things done! I think the animals are fairly happy with some of the progress.

For the Letter S there is Scarlett.


I love this lady. She came to us from our wonderful host of Friday’s Hunt at Eden Hills as a bottle kid 3 years ago. Landon raised her and showed her as a bottle kid at the 4-H fair. She can be the sweetest girl, but she is also the herd queen so has her bossy moments. Last year she had twins, Herbert and Janet. I am hoping for twins again because she is such an excellent mother. Maybe this year she could have red with spots? Just saying that would be nice Scarlett!

For Weeks Favorite, I was taking a walk through the pasture to see why my electric fence wasn’t working. JD of course followed me. I think I found out why he bellers all the time. He wants me to be out there with him. As long as I am a few feet from him, he is very quite. Anyway, when I turned to head back to the house, I looked over my shoulder to see where he was (read-make sure he wasn’t running up behind me to head butt me) I realized he watching next door. Neighbor farmer spent most of the day hauling cows and calves to pasture and they were running around across the hay field. How beautiful JD looked in the setting sun.

Watching wistfully

I love sitting down at the end of the day and watching the animals browse around and enjoy their life. Nothing makes me smile more than watching them all be quiet and content.


Horses and goats happy

I love the view from my back yard.

Thank you for joining me again for Friday’s Hunt. If you would like to check out more of Friday’s Hunt, visit Teresa at Eden Hills.




Friday’s Hunt 1.17

Welcome back for another edition of Friday’s Hunt. This week our prompts are the Letter Q, Weeks Favorite, and At Rest.

My Letter Q is our Queen, Scarlett.


She can be a little bossy, she is the main reason that the young girls had to be moved to the new pen. But since she was a bottle baby, raised by my middle son, she will be here for her life. She is sweet and an outstanding mother! I can’t wait to see the babies that are cooking in her belly right now! By the way, Scarlett was born down the road at Eden Hills, our host for Friday’s Hunt so she is the perfect Letter Q!

My Weeks Favorite is a couple different pictures, but they are all of my daughter and her prom date. They looked so nice and it was a great day to take pictures.

Under the crabapple tree
Of course, you have to get the tank in a couple
Old school bells in the back ground
20160423_175044 (2)
Through the bell
Our post office building makes a great back drop

Ok, I had a really hard time picking a favorite. But these are the favorites from each location.

At Rest is another easy one for me, poor Janet! She is my accidental breeding this year. She is only a yearling and I didn’t really mean for her to be bred. But she sure is.



She walks to the food and lays down to eat. The only problem she runs into is she wants to eat with mom Scarlett, who never stays in one place. You just never know who has the better food. So Scarlett runs off to take the next pile and the Janet has to get up and move and lay down again. About that time, Scarlett is on the move again. Poor fat, uncomfortable girl. They are moving inside to a kidding pen the middle of May because I am almost certain they will be my first two to kid this year.

Thank you for joining me for another Hunt. Thank you to Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting each week. If you have a chance, stop over and visit all the Friday’s Hunt blogs. Each week it is neat to see how every person interprets the prompts.

Spring days going by

Today was one of those beautiful spring days when I wanted to get a lot done. So I did. I started the day by taking Madelyn and Niece#2 to school early for Plyos and to leave for an FCCLA trip to the state convention. Upon my return, got the boys up and ready for breakfast and then off to do chores. Everybody, as usual, was up and running around anxiouxly awaiting me.

Zulu, Wynn, Diana, Tawny and Button peaking at me.
Wynona, Diana, Tawny and Button in the back!
Ginger and Zulu with Diana.
GInger on the Balance Beam. She’s getting big.

After chores, I decided to check up on our tummy growth. I think the earliest we will have any kids is after May 1st. Ugh.

Dolly maybe closer to June?
I think Scarlett will be the earliest.
Indi is putting on some weight. Maybe mid-May?
Button is also gaining. Hoping for mid-May.





Diana??? I can’t tell, so she moved back into the buck pen.
Tawny moved into to the buck pen also. They have both gained weight, but that maybe due to being put on full feed rather than actually being DUE!
Janet is my yearling, and I didn’t really want her breed, BUT…that tummy is looking like she might be. So she joins my early watch list with her momma Scarlett.
Of course my faithful follower was there the whole time.

After working on cleaning out the barn, running to the post office, bank, grocery store, gas station, and a bite to eat, I was back at it. I got the fence up and working across the road for the boys. I had hoped they would run and stretch their legs, but no. They barely picked up their heads to look at me. Needless to say they were pretty happy with their new arrangement.

Chevy and Chrome.

Finally after cleaning out more of the barn and working on getting the mower started, Landon was ready to work with his rabbits.

Landon and George.

We are working on leash training so we can try rabbit hopping this year. We even found a couple things to set up so George could try jumping them. He did ok, but was definitely more interested in the grass. Maybe next time. He really didn’t mind the leash and was very good for Landon. Piper even came and licked him a couple times! Over all it was a very productive spring day, and I am feeling it tonight. Think it it about time for bed.

Hope you enjoyed your day!

Pretty Girl Rock

All eyes on me when I walk in


No question that this girl’s a ten


  Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful


 Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful


We are still a couple months away from being due, but some bellies are starting to get round. Sure hope there are babies in there!

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