Rio did it again

I have been checking Rio morning and night, because she was huge and I thought she was getting close. Today was the day.


There is extra little butts in there. So I got them out to see what we have.


4 more babies! This has got to stop! We are now up to 10 guinea pigs and I would really like to get down to 1, maybe 2.


As we learned with rabbits, I am terrible at sexing small animals, so we will call them Baby 1-4. Although I think my youngest and Niece#4 have already named them all. This is Baby#1.


Baby#1 again. I think it might be a boy?


I love this one. Baby #2. It’s color is so adorable.


Yeah, might be in love with this face. I think it might also be a boy?


This is baby#3, I think Niece#4 named it Cocoa. It looks exactly like Nygel.


Baby #4 is kind of a daredevil. It kept trying to jump off the table and wouldn’t sit still. I think they maybe about the craziest thing I have ever seen. So fun. Anybody want a guinea pig or 6?

Friday’s Hunt v2.13

Welcome back for another version of Friday’s Hunt, hosted by my dear friend Teresa at Eden Hills. Don’t forget that the Pumpkin Patch is open! For more information or directions please go to Eden Hills Market. It’s really a fun time for young and old alike. Hopefully this rainy weather we have been experiencing will clear up. Back to this weeks prompts, we have the Letter M, Weeks Favorite, Work.

Letter M this time is for Maternity. Again. Yes Rio is pregnant again! I am going to be over run with guinea pigs! I was slow to put the first litter up for sale because, #1 I wanted the kids to play with them because they were cute and fun, and #2 I am terrible at sexing baby guinea pigs. Well, she is going to have more, I would say shortly.


This Week’s Favorite is probably my favorite view in the world. Yup, just the back of my horses head. It means we went riding finally! He was pretty pumped to be out and full of energy. But it, to me is more relaxing than anything else and is definitely my happy place!


My Work this week consisted of this field. Early in the week we had beautiful drying weather and this hay turned out really good. We square baled a little over half of it and got 798 bales. I have to admit, I love raking hay. It’s so beautiful when you are done. I also love square baling. Especially being on the rack. Learning to stack them correctly and being able to do it is something I really enjoy. But I love work that you can see the progress also. You start with a field of hay mowed, by the time you are done, you have a barn full. It’s just beautiful.


Thank you for joining me for another week! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Seems like I have been busy lately! The boys have been having tournament games each evening. So far Denton’s Peewee team has won 2 rounds and are now heading to the semi-finals. Landon’s team plays their 2nd round game tonight.

I have been working out in my garden lately. Sometimes I think I only grow a garden to raise treats for my goats. They love weeds. And I can grow some amazing weeds.

Button, Indi and babies.

This year, after I planted my onions and potatoes, I tried doing them two different ways. The potatoes I mulched immediately. The onions I put preen down, then about a week later I tilled between the rows and put preen down again.

See the difference?

Definitely think I am going to use the preen a little more liberally in the future. I can’t even find my potatoes. Have about 5 weeds in my onions. I am going to keep on weeding a little each day. I am making pretty good progress and the goats are very happy with me!

My boys, Fall 2015


I have been trying to retake this picture. They are not cooperating.


Chevy likes to try to eat the camera. Chrome likes to walk away from me. But at least you can see that Chevy has grown, grown a lot actually! I think he’s a real beauty and what an ornery little bugger.


He’s a little hip high right now, but that will even out eventually  He is getting some little spots.


He’s got a great butt. Which I love a guy with a great butt 😉


JD is growing as well. I think he is happy that Blaze is back.


This is what they do. Hang out together. JD doesn’t beller as much now. I think he was lonely. But lonely for a certain friend.

We did have a little excitement this week. Remember I told you I was pretty sure Rio guinea pig was pregnant. Turns out, I was right. Very pregnant.


She had 3 on Tuesday. Madelyn called freaking out! She of course loves the babies. They are stinking cute.


She had quite the variety of colors. I am excited to see them grow. Always interesting watching how new mothers act with their new little ones. Such fun!

Friday Hunt 1.6

This week for our Friday Hunt with my dear friends at Eden Hills are the letter F, negative space, and weeks favorite.

For the letter F I decided to go with Flower the Cat.  Flower is one of our beloved barn cats that sometimes thinks she should sneak in the house.  She is momma to 2 of our other beloved barn cats.  We got her as kitten for my daughters 8th birthday making her 6 this year.  I had make 5 appointments to get her fixed due to continually getting knocked up again!  Finally had to put her in the house with a litter of kittens and wean the kittens out of the house to get it done!  But we are glad we have her and her boys to keep mice and things out of the barn and our other animals feed.  She’s not a poser, but her she is telling her youngest son Charlie to back off.


Negative Space was a little tricky for me.  But I took this picture this week out of my hay mow door.  I could probably sit up there looking at this view for hours.


Favorite is this one I took last night at our family get together.  The kids were playing duck, duck, goose.  My cousins kids, siblings kids, and my kids, along with one of my cousins grandkids and her daughter in law are all there.  Filled my heart to watch them all playing together and having a ball.  We don’t get together as often as we used to so it is always fun to see everyone and let the kids play.


Then to finish, I wanted to share our new little friend.  This is Rio Grande.  She is our new guinea pig and such a doll!  We got her because our other guinea pig passed away recently and Turbo has never been alone.  We noticed he was losing weight and not eating or coming out of his hut.  I was worried he was sad or lonely, so we went looking for friend.  Happy to note, that they not only seem to get along well but he was out of his hut most of the day and we saw him eating more than in recent days!

We currently in a blizzard warning, hopefully it turns out as “bad” as last weeks.  Hope you are all safe and warm!  Have a wonderful week!