Friday’s Hunt v1.22

It’s time for my late Friday’s Hunt again! I am glad I took too long getting to it because we have super exciting news! The prompts this week are the Letter V, Favorite, and Sunshine.

For my Letter V it’s going to be a stretch! We are VERY excited to say we have BABIES!

Buck#1 and Buck#2 It’s hard work being born!


Their spots and color! Oh my.

Yes, Button is a mommy. She had two beautiful bucks! She had them all dried off and even though we had to help get them latched on I think she is going to be a good mommy. She is a little unsure of what they are doing. These are our very first Blaze babies and I am thrilled with him as a daddy! Although I think the red came straight from the Eden Hills bloodline!


Of course my Favorite is this face! The babies don’t have names yet, but this is so stinking cute!


We did have to do an emergency clean out of the pens since I hadn’t yet gotten that far. It’s done now!


Now we are waiting on Indi. She is just looking for food.


Here is my Sunshine. Piper is under my feet where ever I go. She just loves to be right in front of me or right behind me checking out whatever I am doing. With the last week supposed to so rainy, I was out every minute there was sunshine and got a lot done!

If you have a chance to stop over at Eden Hills and visit the rest of the Friday’s Hunts! I hope you have had a good week and have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday.

The best day

Sometimes I think today actually competes with Christmas. Yes it is that time of year! THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

The final trip home.





Their faces basically say it all! I already picked up Madelyn and Niece#2 earlier when they were done with tests. We had a picnic since it was beautiful and this is going to have be our new tradition!


Of course the pool had to filled because it summer now. Neighbor kids came over and an epic water fight ensued.


Piper even got in on the fun. I think she likes the pool, and I hope she will continue to use it through the summer.

Meanwhile, I working on the  barn and garden before the next round of storms head in.


I got the middle cleaned out so I can start on the pens!

Wynona, Wynn, and Zulu laying down. Cally and Ginger eating.

I got the girls pen cleaned out today. They are so content. It is really a rough life to lay down, eat, drink, start over.

Getting treats!

Oh yummy! After I got done with their pen, I picked up a bunch of leaves that blew down last night. The goats all got some, but most ate them so fast I basically took a bunch of pictures of them eating my hand!

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and cabbage all done.


All the bedding/hay and straw that was left behind by the goats and rabbits has made its way to the garden. This is how I mulched my garden last year. It sure works good and helps use up some of the hay they waste while benefitting the garden!


I planted the pumpkins, cucumbers, and zucchini today. I planted them around tomato cages that I am not going to be using. I am hoping to train them up the cages. I have no idea if it will work or not, but I thought it was worth a try. I put fresh saw dust right around the plants in case there was to much manure in the bedding. It should be all mulched by the time I am done with the other kidding pen and the dog pen, which is completely full of hay chaff.


I also weeded the rhubarb, asparagus, iris and apparently raspberry patch!


About 3 years ago, a friend of mine that lives in Michigan, brought me a couple starts from his wild raspberries. I didn’t honestly think in the mess of weeds that they had survived. Turns out they did, and they seem to be thriving. I am very excited to see them!


Back in the barn, the bunnies are all opening their eyes and getting their ears up. The kids are wanting to hold them regularly. The only minor problem with that is Gina is a little protective and really doesn’t anyone messing with them.



This is why I never throw things away. I went to the scrap pile and found a piece that fit almost perfectly. I had to take off a half inch on one side. Then because I was using screws I already had I had to attach a chunk of 1 x 1 to make sure the screws were not exposed. I then found some tiny wood staples so that I could attach a piece of twine to so that it could be opened and closed without sticking your hand in the hutch. It works pretty good and causes Gina less stress!


These three goofs came running in to see what was making all the noise. Or maybe they thought they needed treats too? Who knows.


I worked on weeding the peas and pulling more radishes until the clouds started rolling in about 7. I stayed until the sprinkles started. Hopefully everyone is staying safe. We had some strong winds north of us last night, but still nothing like way south of us in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Hope you all enjoyed your day wherever you may be, I know I sure did.

Just another day

Basically, today was just like yesterday. I worked around the yard and the barn until I had to leave to go to baseball games. I think that is probably going to be my schedule until further notice!


First of all the bunnies! Here you can get a good look at all 9. Yes, we lost one that was very little. But 9 big healthy bunnies is fine with me.


Look at this udder! I can’t get a picture of Indi’s because anytime I am around she comes running to me to see if I have a treat!


Ransom is growing into such a handsome young man. I can’t wait to use him this fall and see what he can do. Blaze is still visiting a friends farm doing his buck thing!


Update on my experiments. This is the grass I am growing in the chicken pen for the ducks and chickens. There is a lot of growth in there! I am excited that this one worked. As for the celery I was trying to grow back. Yeah, that didn’t work out. They grew a little, but then the bottoms got very soft and kind of started to stink. I feed them to the chickens. Oh well. May just have to grow some in the garden.


Unless you know who is who, you can’t tell which dog is the 4 month old puppy. Piper is growing like a weed and definitely loves being outside and being lazy in the shade. She also loves when the other two can play with her. They like hanging out together in the goat pen. The big girl goats are tolerating Piper, but they aren’t thrilled with the other two being around.


Besides working in the barn, I got more mulch and put some around my hostas under the cedar tree. Grass has never grown there anyway and weeds tend to cover up the hostas I planted. Maybe this will help.


I only have 6 more flowers to plant. Not sure what I want to do with them? Maybe another container? I did find this pitcher in the barn and decided to us it in my flower garden. Now I have to get the mulch put down here.


Got my golden flame honeysuckle planted and I think I need to be dine planting in this garden. It’s full enough for me. As you can see it really needs more mulch this year. I really thought last year when I expanded it, it was going to be plenty big enough, but at the rate with which my magnolia bush is growing, I think it will need expanded or just to be this size and be done adding things.


Got my hanging baskets for the fairy house up. I made the hooks from #9 wire and I think they turned out pretty neat. I also set out my little table and stools. Not sure it will withstand Piper who loves to run through this particular area!


As for the barn project. I got my saddles and stand moved. I also go the shelves that are staying somewhat organized and my feed and bedding moved out the middle of the walk way. I actually found the floor! Still have more to do, but I am still trying to decide what I want to do about storing feed and where to put things so I can through easier to clean out the interior pens more regularly. Still have a lot to do, but it is getting there. I can’t wait to finally have some more space.

Well of to work I go. We have a couple things to do this morning and then we have elementary track and field day so I better get moving!


Vets Home

For the last 5 or so years I have spent a Wednesday in May at the Iowa Vets Home in Marshalltown doing their Jerry’s Farmyard, a petting farm for the residents and local school children. Today was that Wednesday.

Of course, today we were under the threat of severe storms and so because of the forecast they set up inside. This was new, but the petting farm must go on.

Jersey went with us, along with Bugs and George. And all 3 guinea pigs.


A bunny from another farm, and Josie the Weiner Puppy.


Ginger and Junior went along for the day.


There is always the chickens, and Piper joined us.
An adorable baby calf came.
The pigs who joined us for the day.
And it wouldn’t be Jerry’s Farmyard without Captain an Pearl!


We have gotten to know a few of the regulars. There is a few of us that come back every year. Captain and Pearl and their owners have been there every year for as long as we have been coming. They even go in the elevators and visit floors that the residents can’t get out and visit the petting farm. They are the best ponies I have ever been around!

Madelyn sharing George with a resident.
Some of our younger guests waiting to pet a pig.
Volunteers from an FFA club came and held animals for the residents to pet. Here is where Ginger spent the better portion of her day.


Sometimes you have to hold your rabbit and your lamb!
Madelyn and the FFA girls sharing the animals with guests.
Meeting Captain.

The residents love this day and we hear a lot that it is one of their favorite days also. Their smiles and shared stories of when they were kids or when their kids were young and the animals that they raised. Many of them grew up on farms and raised many different types of animals themselves. This is what I love about the day!

Everyone, including the animals were very tired at the end of the day. Piper was so good all day, but she kind of struggled to find a comfortable place to lay down and take a nap.

Maybe I should climb over to the back seat.
I don’t know maybe up here there is something.
Yes up here might do.
Found it.
Yup, perfect.

Not sure Madelyn thought it was perfect as Piper did, but when your 40 pound puppy is tired and wants to lay somewhere, what can you do?

It was a wonderful day, and thankfully we didn’t get much for rain and no severe weather here. I love going to the Vets Home. It is special place full of special people. Visit or volunteer sometime if you can.

















Doing more Redoing

So it was gorgeous again yesterday and today. I was at it again. Since I only have so much time to use the borrowed tools, I wanted to get everything done I needed to do with them.


I got both wooden posts set and all the t posts pulled and panels taken down.

What is this?


 We don’t generally keep geese, and we aren’t keeping these guys either. I think the parents are confused. They got themselves in a corner and could not seem to figure out a way through. I shut the dogs up, and herded them back out into the empty yard. They continued on through the front yard.


They headed out in the street! Luckily that guy in the truck just happened to be Hubby. He saw them and me and stopped to let them pass. I think the parents are a little confused. Not sure they no where they are going!

Of course I did have some help with most of my jobs.

JD the very useful calf.


I didn’t get a picture of him while he was standing right where I was working because I was chasing him out of the way. But I did have to laugh at him. Cattle love to reach through fences.

The grass is obviously better on the other side.


Even though this is what is on the other side of him.

I think there is enough grass for one calf in the pasture. But he tends to be a typical difficult calf.


Dang it. I guess it is finally time to get out a new pair of gloves. Maybe it’s time I let these two pairs go?

My daughter thinks I have a problem.


The dogs were also a big help today.


If taking breaks and laying around are considered help!


Piper went to the vet again yesterday to finish up her puppy shots. She is now 37.1 pounds and has her very own rabies ID tag. She did a lot better riding in the truck, but still wants to lay on my lap, which isn’t going to work much longer! Her personality is so sweet and I love her just a little more each day.

My day yesterday ended with 2 baseball games watching my two favorite players

Denton’s PeeWee team won their game.
Landon’s Minor team won their game also!

It was actually a little chilly to sit out in the wind and watch baseball, but the boys were excited and had a great time, so that makes it worth it.

Feeling Frisky

Spring brings out the frisky in the animals. I got the fence fixed so that I can turn out JD and the horses.

Thunder was really feeling her oats.
Bo got a little concerned this time around.


Everybody getting involved.


Chrome and Thunder.



Chrome and Chevy.


My Boys


Here they come.

Ignore the dandelions, they will be going away very shortly. I love watching them run. I also got some work done on my goat play place.


Ok, well, maybe not new, but new to us. This is the ramp that Dad built to load hogs. As I told you before, Brother is converting all the old pig pens into cattle pens, so I re-using a lot of Dad’s stuff for the goats. This ramp is perfect for the goat play place. Dad built it pretty sturdy for the hogs, it’s actually fairly heavy. I think it will hold up well with goats jumping around on it.


I built the play place a couple years ago with scrap wood. The bottom level fell apart so I replaced the top of it with an old barn door I found. It is way more stable now.

Big girls and JD.

I turned the girls out on the grass. They didn’t run around so much. Mostly went to eating. JD didn’t get into the horses running around either. He just put his head down and ate.

Nala and Piper got into the excitement. Not much difference in their size anymore.

My day ended by shivering through a track meet. It was the first home track meet on our newly resurfaced track!


We won! Madelyn and Niece #2 are both on the team. Niece #2 won the 3000 meter race! Madelyn PR’d (Personal Record) in the 3000, getting 4th! Then she ran the 1500 meter and PR’d again. It was a great race, she came from 5th to get 2nd place. I am so proud of these two girls. Their strength and determination is a beautiful thing to see. Congratulations Trojans!

It was a lovely day and a perfect ending.


My neighbor that always tilled my garden moved away. I was worried I would have to get Mom’s old walk behind to till it.

Nope! I really have the most amazing people living around me. Not surprising, when you figure this is my dear friends uncle! What neat guy. And he has an awesome tiller.


It took him about 20 minutes to till the whole thing, twice.


Oh happy day!



I am extremely thankful because now I can play in the dirt!