Just a little bit of everything

I did so good the first year of blogging keeping up with things and posting everyday. Lately though, I feel like I barely sit down and if I do, I don’t sit down with my computer. Then my computer got sick. I mean some kind of crazy virus that didn’t allow us to log in. My boys freaked out. I had no idea what to do. Thankfully my youngest Denton found what is called a FIXME STICK. It plugs into to your USB port and then cleans your computer. Again, thankfully, it worked! We can now log in and use the computer.  So here is a little bit of an update about what has been going on.


Town Celebration have started! Rose Festival Parade in State Center.
Thanks to Squeaker for having 5 more babies! They are growing and adorable, but need to find new homes. Soon.
We have been getting everyone out regularly to exercise and eat grass.
Thank heavens we didn’t get all the stupid Musk thistles last year. I was worried we wouldn’t have anything to do.
Raspberries have gotten ripe with all the heat and rain in early June.
Speaking of rain, got caught on a walk and was waiting for it to stop. So took a couple pictures of the beautiful drops.
Dolly was indeed bred. She had one large buck, our last Blaze baby.
And just duplicated herself. Seriously, they are identical.
Took Piper with me for company one day. She loves exploring and was exhausted by the time we were done.
I took Landon for company too. But I made him work. He’s pretty good help when he isn’t complaining.
I have seen more wild life this year than any I can remember. Baby deer, big deer, pheasants, turkeys, coyotes, wide variety of birds, and even a few babies!
I love these flowers. Instead of trying to take mom flowers that have wilted by the time I get back to her, I send her pictures of her bouquet. 
Another cool nest we found another day. Couldn’t believe how neat the nest was wound onto the plant. 
The garden is growing, but so are the weeds. Grrr…
Our Wednesday nights are busy with Guinea Pig Agility classes…
and Rabbit Hopping. This is not hopping so much as breaking. Miss Kitty lays out like this when she has had enough!
The kids are busy training their animals for fair. Raider the lamb is not loving his halter!
Our 8th annual Petting Farm at Collins Days Celebration. The 4-H kids did a wonderful job with their animals and posters for it!
There were a bunch of pictures of the parade, but here is our new sign for the club carried by two of our members. I truly love these kids and what they do.
Finally, I took Landon last Sunday and dropped him of at his Naval League Cadet Corp Basic Training Orientation. For a WEEK. No phone calls, no letters, no contact, unless there is a medical emergency. Since we are about half way through Friday and his graduation is Saturday at 0930, I assume he has made it through. I have missed him terribly and can’t wait to see him and hear all about it. I am so proud of him but this mommy likes having her kiddos at home with her!

So that pretty much gets us through the month of June. It’s been busy and I hope I have a chance to get back on here again before July is over, but if not, be well and enjoy the beauty that is all around you!



Checking fence

Brother asked me to check the South Farm fence. Since there was nothing else real pressing to get to, I took the dogs.


I took all three. One baled out before I got the tailgate down. She was a little excited. The other two just stood there like come on, let us out!


Oh happy dogs! They just love adventures. I planned to just walked the perimeter. They ran an extra couple miles, just checking things out.


We found a place where deer had been bedding down.


The fall weeds are blooming. We came across these little yellow ball flowers.


They are actually very pretty up close!


With as many pictures as I take of pretty weeds, I really should start learning the names of them.


These little white ones were super tiny! But up close they were cute!


They were so small. About half the size of my pinky nail.


And yet another one. The pasture was full of pretty flowering plants. It was also full of other things.

20160902_183541 (2)

While the webs are pretty cool, they were everywhere! Of course there haven’t been any cows in this pasture recently, so they have had the run of the long grass. My kids would have been having a fit. I thought it was awesome to watch them drop out of sight at the first movement of the grass around their web.


The dogs were just happy to running and jumping and playing and exploring all the smells.


Nala wanders off alone a lot, but she always finds us.


Bo exhausts himself doing the boxer bounce through all the tall grass and eventually ends up following me in my path so closely he trips me up.


Piper is uncoordinated and ends up lagging behind. But she seems pretty happy to lope along at her own pace.


Worst thing about walking a pasture in the fall? Burrs. I swear every plant out there has burrs on them. I still don’t have them all off my tank top. I may just give up and throw it away. I don’t love burrs.


By the time I got to the top of the hill where we left the truck, the dogs had given up on me all ready.

20160902_185307 (2)

They were ready to go take a nap for the rest of the day.

Oh and the fences were all good!


Piper might not end up being the best guard dog. She still likes to play and ram around I worry about leaving her unattended. A lot of that has to do with Madelyn and her fear that all dogs are going to kill her animals, which comes from a neighbors dog escaping and killing all of our rabbits years ago.

In the meantime, I am really enjoying this pup. She is eager to please and just kind of has a doopy personality. She might just end up a great pet!


We have been working on leash walking. She does a pretty good job. Except she likes to circle me. Which is really basically tripping me. And she likes to walk in front of me. Again, basically tripping me. But we are making progress and she is loving our adventures.

A Ruff Life

Hmm, what’s going on over here?


What about over there?


This is hard work.


I love this grass.


Yup, it’s really hard work to be Piper Puppy.
Sometimes I am so busy, I have to stop and smell the flowers.
I have been getting my feet wet and learning my job.
And taking nightly patrols. I will protect you Bullseye.
Sometimes Bo comes too. We are very good at barking at things we don’t recognize.
I love this Ruff Life!

Day Off

I took the day off to run an errand that “just had” to be done. Madelyn and Niece#2 passed drivers ed and wanted to get their school permits. Sister and I wanted them to get their school permits. So this happened…

Niece#2, Niece#3 and Madelyn are off.


Yes, immediately, they wanted to drive back to town to a softball game. Well, like ripping a Band-Aid off, I guess they were going to have to go at some point. They made it there and back, so I guess that is that.

We also got all of our projects signed up for the 4-H fair coming up next month. Now to complete them all. That was one of the things we worked on when we got home.



Goat hair cuts. This is not the most fun job, but it sure cools them down and since these girls are on full feed, it is important to keep them cool.

Zulu was a total fluff ball!
Much better

They were panting pretty hard when I started trimming them. Once I would get one side done, they would be breathing calmly. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, I only got Ginger, Zulu and Callie done today. Wynn and Wynona will have to wait. I also used this time to worm the girls and update their vaccinations.


This goof was standing in the buckets of water I filled to water the animals inside. Keep in mind she is about 3 feet from the kiddy pool I have filled for the dogs to lay in!



Finally to end the day, I had 2 games, finally together at the same field. Both boys played pretty well and I didn’t get a picture because I was yelling, but Landon had a great hit to the outfield! Baseball season is winding down, only a week left before tournaments start.

Does anyone else feel like summer is going to fast?

This week.

Holiday weeks always throw me off. Monday and Tuesday felt like Sunday to me. I have no idea what day it is! Tuesday was spent at the hospital with Niece#3 having surgery. Everything went very well and she is doing amazing in her recovery. I think she might be a little tougher than even we thought!

Madelyn and Niece#3

Her smile says it all! I am so proud of how she is handling this tough road to recovery she is on. She had what is called Pectus Excavatum(I am not entirely sure that is spelled right) which is basically when your rib cage grows kind of caved in. They inserted a metal bar under her rib cage and popped it out. Now she has to be really careful not to twist, bend much, use her arms to lift herself, so she is pretty dependent on help for about the next month. But her cheerful attitude and spirit are showing what an amazing young lady she is!

Wednesday sent me back to work. Brother was trying to get ready to mow rye and hay so Nephew#1 and I were to get pastures ready for cows. This means walking fences, fixing what we can with what we can carry, looking for thistles that need cut, and getting fencers up.


Yeah, it’s not the worst thing to have to walk around in this. It has been warm, but not to bad. The pastures look great and we didn’t find to much in too bad of shape yet. We worked a small group of cows and calves yesterday and got them out on pasture. I don’t get a lot of pictures of that because you can’t hold a camera and catch cows in the head gate!


We did find a few of these. Yuck. I do not like musk thistles. They are terribly invasive and our job is to find them all and pull the heads off and put them in a feed bag and then spade the plant. This is not my favorite job but is one that has to be done and done well! Each of those beautiful flowers can release hundreds of seeds, which will be terrible!


I brought Bo and Piper with us while were checking fence and getting thistles. They loved racing around and playing in the creek. I think they were pooped by the time we got home. I really like when I have a chance to take them. I was really excited at how well Piper listened and stayed with us. Bo is doing a pretty good job of teaching her.


I did have to check a group of cows at Mom’s. Just walk through and make sure everyone is there and ok.


This little guy was hiding by the tree and luckily I was walking that way or I would have missed him.


It’s easy to see why I love what I do. I am forced to be out in this! Even though some of the work is less than glamourous, just a few minutes here and I don’t even think about the times I am exhausted or sore or struggling to learn something.


Brother and Dad’s good friend Dave spent the day mowing the rye field. Once we get it chopped or baled, Brother will plant it to beans. Friend Dave loves helping and we love having him around!


And then there was my proud moment of the day. I have hauled and spread manure before, but today Brother said clean out the silage pit. Ok! I love learning and doing new things and while for some this might not be a big a deal, I am pretty proud of how it went. I only spilled a tiny bit off the side and even was able to use the loader to only get enough to fill the very back of the spreader. Of course Nephew#1 was helping line me up and I did some lowering when I should have beenĀ raising with the bucket. I am excited I have to do it again today. The more you learn, the more you know!


Finally these little guys are still growing like weeds! The baby goats are doing very well also. We are still patiently(ok that is a total lie) on Indi who does not seem in to big a hurry to show us what she is hiding in there!

We are also waiting on Chevy’s mom who was due yesterday to have her 2nd colt! I can’t wait to see what she throws this year. We also recently discovered the doe Niece#3 bought this spring is bred and I think she could be due anytime, so come on babies!

I hope you are having as beautiful weather as we are. Have a great day!