Brother had a field of grass hay down. I was sent out to rake it. It’s a hilly field, but all was going well.


I was going along and having good luck until…


I lost steering on the M. I got stopped and did some looking around after I called for Brother. Yeah, this is a problem. It’s supposed to be attached to the steering and move the wheels when you turn the steering wheel. Now what? Thank goodness Brother is so handy. He and SIL to the rescue. We got it loaded on the trailer and taken to the shop. Since the H wouldn’t stay running I went back out with the 560 to finish raking. It doesn’t exactly drive as well for raking as the M does so I didn’t get to take any pictures with it. Thankfully, Brother came back with the M fixed before to long!


Once done, we got started. I drove the baler for Brother until SIL got there to take over. Then Big Nephew and I were on the rack together. I didn’t mind the hills, except when we had a slick rack.


Once Brother got done loading the flatbed with the hay we were baling, I got moved to shagging racks. Brother and Big Nephew are a pretty good team loading.


We got done with the square bales and Brother finished up with round bales.


Unfortunately, my gloves didn’t make it through the first round of square baling. Had a minor blow out. Oh well, I have two more pairs waiting in the truck!

Happy 4th of July

I love the 4th of July! It’s about my favorite holiday. We tried to make the most of the weekend.

Tailgating before fireworks Saturday.

We thought maybe a picnic before watching a local fireworks show would be fun. I let Casey’s make the food! They love when I let them get pizza!




We took popcorn with us Sunday night. They were very good little local shows and I enjoyed the break. The kids enjoyed doing something different.


Of course we had a little fire waiting for us for when we got home.

On the 4th we went to Sisters and Niece#3 made us delicious porkchops! We then played games in the yard and had a ‘fireworks’ display of our own.

Niece#1, Madelyn, and Niece#3 being silly
Our photographers getting sparkler shots
Even the ‘bigs’ had a little sparkler fun.
Both Big Nephew and Little Nephew playing with sparklers!

It was a really refreshing relaxing evening. I love being able to spend time with all the family there. We are very blessed to live so close and be able to have holidays like this.





I hope you all have had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

Why I don’t like thistles

Possibly 10 feet tall?

Big Nephew isn’t small. Not small at all. He is big guy, about 6″3″ tall. He is on level ground with this one.


Yup, all thistles. We may or may not have missed this patch last year and it got trampled by the cows. It came back with a vengeance. So did we. After filling one 50 pound feed bag full with buds, we called in reinforcements. Sister brought 3 bags and Niece#2 and #4. After we worked 2 hours, they helped us finish the other half in about an hour and a half.


Yeah, there was even more than I took pictures of. On the back side and through the middle of this patch there were about as many laying down as there were standing up. We won’t miss this spot ever again. It haunts our dreams. But nothing is better than walking away and looking back and seeing grass (in this case just a dirt spot) but who cares as long as there are NO THISTLES!!

Friday’s Hunt v1.24

Welcome again for Friday’s Hunt with my dear friend Teresa at Eden Hills. This week our prompts are Starts with X, Weeks Favorite, and Wet or Water

Starts with X is Xerothermic. That is what we have been this week. It means Dry and Hot. Dry and hot is good when you are wanting to bale, not great when you want to chop. So we baled up the rest of the rye Brother had down.

Brother baling while I move them off the field or into stacks of 7 to haul off later
Loading Big Nephews trailer
Waiting in line to unload.
All of us in one. Brother unloading SIL, The Friend in the skidloader behind me, Big Nephew’s load in the corner of the mirror.

Thankfully we got all of them off the field before it rained last night, which according to the weatherman it wasn’t supposed to do! But I think Brother wanted a little rain on the field before he planted the beans, I just hope he can get them in and we don’t get into a really rainy cycle.






For my Weeks Favorite, say hello to my little friend! Big Nephew and I were spading thistles and we saw 2 deer, a coyote (in the middle of day which kind of surprised me) and then this little guy. I love nature!


I found the electric fence wasn’t working and that means walk the fence and figure out why and fix it. It didn’t take long to find the south gap down. Looks like a deer missed a jump. Luckily I had my mud boots on. So into the creek I go.


Wouldn’t you know, I found out that not only was the fence still working once I got it out of the Water,(OUCH!)but suddenly my foot was Wet! Yup I have a leak. Time for new boots!

Hope you all had a wonderful week! If you would like to join the fun of Friday’s Hunt or just check out the other entries, stop on over to Eden Hills .

Some days

Went trucking the other day. Hauled 3 anhydrous tanks back and brought back 2. Then had to go get seed beans so Brother is all ready to plant the rye beans.


Had a little bit of a line. I did think it was kind of funny that all three of us were women.


All tied down and ready to go get feed additive for the calves.


Brother is making good progress on the rye bales. There is going to be a bunch! Which means…


Moving Bales!


At least the 3388 has air and a radio. I can do without the radio, but if it is going to be over 90 with high humidity I am pretty happy with air!!


Niece#2 and Madelyn came over to help weed Mom’s garden. They worked really hard and had it done in no time.


Big Nephew mowed while he waited on us. We have pretty good kids. Mom’s garden is looking really good. Which I should probably finish up here and tend to mine for a little bit!


Niece#5’s bottle calf. Madelyn loves her! I didn’t get pictures of it, but Brother had a calf that was a little down, so he showed me how to tube a calf and I did pretty good. My vet thought learning to tube a calf might help me learn to tube a goat eventually. I absolutely love that Brother is so patient in teaching me new things when it would be easier to just do it himself.


Our day once again ended at the ball park, watching storms go just to the east of us. The towns around got poured on and we got nothing. While rain would be ok for gardens, I would prefer it waited until Brother got everything baled. I hope you are having a wonderful week.


Sunday Funday

We were supposed to chop rye Sunday. However, with the wind and the dozer on the fritz, I ended up with the day off. Well, sort of!


To start with, while I was waiting to find out if I was going to work, I picked strawberries. I am going to have a bumper crop, I just hope I can keep up.

little Nephew


Even if I don’t have to work, SIL and Brother do, so we got to have little Nephew and Niece#5 over to play! Since they were here I decided I should get Niece#4 and we could play and have a picnic!

Niece#4 with little Nephew with Jersey

We made some temporary pens to let the rabbits and baby goats play outside. This also gave the kids the chance to play with everyone.

Denton making Fluffball a baseball player.
George went running and jumping like crazy.
little Nephew decided this one is his.
Getting some love.
Button and Sonic

Denton finally did decide on names. Sonic and Mario are our boys.

Button and Mario


Because the strawberries are ready, that means Strawberry Shortcake!!

I think it was a hit.

This guy can eat. He might give Big Nephew a run for his money at the table one of these days!

These are days I will always treasure. It isn’t long before kids are grown and gone and you just don’t get to spend this kind of time with them. I love being able to do this with them. It sure made my weekend about perfect.

Friday’s Hunt v1.23

It’s the end of another week and time for Friday’s Hunt! I would like to say thank you to my friend Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting and let you know her On Farm Market is open today! If you are in the area, stop out and check out her soaps, lotion, photography and much more!

For our prompts this week, we have the Letter W, Weeks Favorite, and Rough.

For my Letter W, this week it is Waiting!

Waiting on Indi.
Waiting on Posey, Niece#3’s doe
Waiting on Sassy, front, Chevy’s mom to have baby#2


Waiting on Brother to start chopping Rye
Waiting on my darling Niece#3 to get home.

I am trying so hard to be patient. but I am not good at. I can handle waiting on Brother, he’s working early in the morning until late at night to get things done, but he can only go so fast. I can handle waiting on the does and Sassy, although I am excited to see what they are hiding in there. I am struggling with waiting on my Niece. She has absolutely been the most amazing patient and I could not be proud of her! I am amazed at her strength and how she is doing. We are wanting her home but at the same time wanting her to stay in the hospital where she is getting amazing care and stronger each day. But it is hard to not be able to just run over and check in on her. But our little trooper should be home in the next couple days!

20160603_164912.jpgMy Weeks Favorite is Nephew#2. Nephew#1 is back from school and working with me again this summer. I am truly blessed to be able to work at a job that I absolutely love and often don’t feel like it’s work and spend time with my nephew. Doubly blessed to see this little guy grow up and learn with us. He loved this soft grass. When I pull in Brothers driveway and Niece#5 and Nephew#2 come running out yelling my name, my heart swells!

20160603_174108.jpgRough is what Gina’s life is going to become! Yes, the babies are up and out and about! Even trying pellets and hay. Gina had been able to slip into the other half of the hutch and relax away from the babies. Not anymore. That blurry thing beside her? A baby sneaking a snack.


They aren’t piling up like they had been. They grow so fast.


Won’t be long before they are eating enough that Mom can move to a pen of her own. Madelyn is working on identifying each one by putting a number in their ear so we can start to see who is who and how they are growing and how their personalities are.

I hope you will stop over at Eden Hills and check out the other Friday’s Hunt participants. Have a blessed weekend.