Friday’s Hunt v2.9

Welcome back for another Friday’s Hunt. This week has flown by with the start of school and sports and, well you know, life! This week we have Starts with I, Weeks Favorite, and Pink.

I have Intruder for Starts with I. Yeah, I don’t think the guinea pigs are very happy about this situation. Bullseye doesn’t bother them though, he just likes to find the most unusual comfy spot to curl up in. This is may not be his best choice to date.


This is not the first time I have caught him in here. I am betting it won’t be the last time either!

For my Weeks Favorite, how can I leave this out.


I always end up looking forward to the first day of school. After roughly July, we are so out of whack, no routine, no schedule, ugh! I can barely keep track of the days. School gets us back on track and life back in order. I am not sure they completely agree. But these three make up the reason I get up each day and do the things I do. I could not love them more and wish them the best year. Although if time wanted to slow down it sure could, where have my babies gone?

Me and Koda

I wasn’t finding anything Pink. But then it came across Facebook that yesterday was apparently National Dog Day, and on my Timehop that reminds me what I was doing today the last however many years showed this picture of Koda and I on our very last pasture adventure before he got really sick. I guess it was meant to be that I share with you his happy pink tongue. I miss this guy every day. I miss the look in his eyes of total love and admiration and trust. I like the dogs we have, but this old boy will hold a very special place in my heart forever. So Happy National Dog Day Buddy.

Thanks for joining me for another weeks Friday Hunt. Thank you to Teresa of Eden Hills for hosting. Don’t forget to click on the link and check out some of the other participants blogs. Hope you all have a great weekend and if you live around me, stay dry!




You’ve pulled me through some hard times.

Me and Koda
Hope I’ve pulled you through a few.

And just know that I’ll always remember you.


Rest in peace my sweet and beautiful boy. Koda May 22, 2004-March 21, 2016

Linking to Song-ography  with “I’ll Always Remember You” by George Strait


My niece came running in the house this morning to give me this. My cup runneth over. I am truly blessed to have her love me.

Friday Hunt v1.11

It is that time of week when I link up with my good friend down the road for her Friday Hunt! Our prompts this week are the Letter K, Weeks Favorite, and Flower.


The Letter K is for Koda. My darling boy has not been having good days. I noticed last week he wouldn’t go for walks with me. He mostly spends his days laying on his dog bed. The vet has given us a special food to try to get him to eat, with instructions to love him and keep him comfortable. Not a problem. Loving him has always been easy and I will do everything in my power to keep him comfortable.


This weeks Favorite is Diana and Tawny sunning themselves. They remind me so much of Martha and Dolly (their Moms) who were also half sisters. These two have been close since birth, I love the fact that goats have close family bonds that you can see!


Flower is obvious for me! It’s Flower the cat! We got her around my daughters 8th birthday so she got to name her. Apparently we had watched Bambi recently and she decided to name her after Flower the Skunk!

Thank you Teresa for hosting this each week and for getting me excited about blogging! If you would like to join us in the Friday Hunt or just go through the other bloggers interpretations of the prompts, please visit Teresa at Eden Hills!

Thanks for joining me and have a blessed weekend.

Rules, Schmules

I used to have a fairly strict “No Dogs on the furniture” rule. I think it has been relaxed by my children and husband.


Koda is not complaining. In fact, I think he is begging me not to tell him to get down. You can see him peeking and pleading with his eyes! Of course I won’t make him get down. He is almost 12 and moving so slowly, I am worried terrible about my boy. I fear I don’t have a lot of time left.

Me and Koda.jpg

My heart will be shattered when he is gone. I have never had a more loyal and trusting dog. He has recently stopped going with me when I walk, which makes me not want to walk. He just sits and watches me go. It’s so sad when your friend gets to old to do the things he once loved.


Last night doing chores, it was calm out. So nice after the wind we had all last week! I was extremely tired of the wind. I like to walk through the all the animals and play with them a little.

Chrome has to make a big loop around the lot before he will come up to eat. He does this every morning and every evening. He will continue to loop around until the hay is in the feeder.

Aflack and Harly Duck are always out expressing their unhappiness with the snow. They are ready for their swimming pool back! The chickens love their table scraps. They come running when they hear me walk up!

JD and Blaze are always together. I hope that Blaze is getting his job done with the girls and not ignoring them so he can hang with his buddy!

The cats are really impatient. They get fed last or the dogs will help themselves to a cat food snack, so I have to watch where I am stepping because they are loudly protesting me  not feeding them NOW by racing around in front of me!

The young goats are inside and loving their warm little area. Cally and Ransom are settling in with the other 3. Everybody in here loves snuggling and scratches!


Older does are outside with the horses and JD Calf. Thunder doesn’t seem to mind sharing with them and they sure clean up the hay better as a group.


On the other side of the barn, Amirose was the only one that ventured out. She helped me out by taking the hose out of the tub so there was a river. Thanks.


My little man Chevy loves to be right under the door when I throw the hay. He is covered every time. But he is sure growing.


These three are my constant companions. They have to check on everyone and make sure I don’t have anything they want at each stop. Chores don’t take very long but it sure is nice to be able to spend a little time with everybody and not be blown away.

Another snowy day.

Well, I have been waiting for the last couple days to go to town and get new goat feed for the new little guy and gal I brought home over the weekend. The wind has been blowing so hard, I didn’t want to load and unload feed in that. I decided I would go yesterday. Of course, there is a slight chance for snow. So that means it snowed most of the day. I went anyway.


I decided on just one bag. I have to switch the feed slowly anyway so one should last me until I can get more. After the mill, I stopped by the bank and the grocery store for a couple things and decided I would stop in the local restaurant for a bite to eat.


They have really good food and the local Red Hatters were there so the conversation was lively!


The lot was pretty deserted when I got home. Just JD the calf was waiting on me. Everybody else is inside staying warm.


The dogs seem to be the only ones loving the snow.


Of course what these pictures don’t show is after they ran a circle they were right back at the door wanting in again! They are such goofs in the snow! We still don’t have much snow. Hopefully the sun will come back out soon.

Friday Hunt v1.4/v1.5

I am looking forward to learning how to get this all set up.  My good friend over at Eden Hills is doing a Friday Hunt each week and I am really enjoying getting back to taking some picture again.  Of course I am a week behind, so today I am going to try to catch up with last weeks prompts and this weeks prompts!

Last week, the hunt prompts for 1.4 were the letter D, weeks favorite, and beautiful.

Koda, summer 2015


D is for DOGS! We have three mixed up dogs.  First there is Koda.  He is going to 12 years old in May and is a border collie lab mix.  He has been a great dog, with the kids and with the animals.  He loves going for walks through the timber and with me on horse rides.  I worry about him since he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last summer.  But with the meds he is on now, he seems to be happy and comfortable.

Nala, Summer 2015


Nala is going to 2 years old this June.  She is an American bulldog, Doberman, beagle. She is my hubby’s dog although I think she would follow me anywhere! We got her a puppy and she was so generous to get pregnant right away and give us a litter of 8 puppies last January.  Not the plan but that leads us to Bo.

Baby Bo, Summer 2015


Bo is our Boxer/American Bulldog, Doberman, beagle mix.  While the rest of his litter mates were taken to their forever homes, I guess he was meant to stay with us.  He turned 1 in January and he loves the kids.  Especially our youngest who he watches like a hawk and follows everywhere.  I think every kids should have a dog like that!

For this weeks Favorite, I am Trying to work on getting picture from my camera to my computer.  I took this one out in the lot.

Chrome and JD Calf


This is Chrome and our calf JD.  They were at all impressed with my taking pictures as opposed to feeding them!


This a picture I took will walk through the pasture last spring checking cows.  I am at the bottom of one of the steepest hills on my mom’s farm. I just love it and going through old pictures makes me wish we didn’t have big snow storm coming Tuesday.

And now for this weeks prompts!  1.5 is Letter E, weeks favorite, and Sky


E is for everybody.  This is most of the big animals on the farm.


This weeks Favorite is of JD Calf and Blaze Buck snuggling in the sunshine. This was sweetest.  They didn’t even wake up when I walked up to take the picture.


For Sky, I am sharing this one I took in the summer of 2014 while raking hay.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful the sky looked that day with the clouds floating slowly by.

So there are my Friday Hunts versions 1.4 and 1.5.  I am going to try link this one up!  See you soon.