Goodbye Junior

Junior got big and it was time for him to move on. It’s hard sometimes to sell a little one that you raised, but Denton was a trooper. We all decided it was time. He was being a little rough with some of the smaller goats. He was definitely not a fan of Piper.

So off to the sale barn we went.


Since we just had him to go, we used the big kennel. He wasn’t very happy about this.


Once we got to the sale barn though, he was very interested in all the other sheep!


He barely wanted to stand by me after he saw all the others like him. I think he was pretty pleased with this trip.

Baa Baa White Sheep

Have you any wool?


Actually yes, he does. Junior got his wool cut Thursday. I have some of the most amazing friends! I wasn’t sure how I was going to get Junior ready for the fair. I can trim goats myself, but I know nothing about shearing sheep.


Well, that is until that night. I learned a lot. I put a plea on Facebook for anyone that knew how shear a lamb. One of my good friends came up and offered to help me out. He had a stand and clippers and offered to come Thursday night. Then the hot streak came. I was getting worried about Junior, but then I had to worry about my friend having to shear a sheep in this heat. I am thankful for the breeze we had. It sure helped.


He looks so funny with his fuzzy head. But my goodness what a difference. I learned that I should have probably clipped him sooner, just a rough clip so that when my good friend got here its simply a trim job. He also showed me where I should have banded his tail. I love when people are willing to share their knowledge.


Junior did a great job standing through the ordeal. Then my good friend even helped show Denton a little about how to walk him and helped him work on how to show! That was more than I could have asked for. Besides that I got to sit and chat with his wife and dad. I can’t say how much I appreciate them coming to help us!





And Junior looks pretty darn handsome!

So today

Well today was one of those cruddy, almost sprinkling, blowing like a hurricane and cuts right to your bones, wait it’s sunny, no it’s raining, kind of spring days. So, FINE, I will do some house work. Whatever, that is so boring. But I did of course have to spend some of the day in the barn. I snuck out once when the sun was shining and played with Piper. She went in and meet the really big guys.

20160404_182338.jpgThey followed her all over and she sniffed them. Piper loves all her animal friends.

Here are the baby lambs, they are doing great in the barn. They didn’t get to go outside today, but they are eating really good and growing fast!


Can you tell which one of the goats in this pen was a bottle baby last year? Blaze Buck likes to try to help out whenever we come in to feed the babies. He thinks he wants to try that bottle too. Since I won’t let him around me, he nibbles on me instead. Goof.

Anyway, here is to a better day to play outside tomorrow!