Just some of the critters

I got home the other day and wandering around checking on everyone, so here is a few pictures of some of my loves.

Bluebell(I think Madelyn is going to call her Jewel) and Jersey


I got a new hutch from Sister. It’s big. I can’t move it by myself. So it is currently in the middle of my driveway. But I wanted to clean up cages and sanitize so I moved a few buns to the driveway.

Jelly and Peanut Butter hiding in the back.


They were all hopping and jumping and having a ball. Jelly is making sure I don’t have any treats for her!


Bugs is never very active, but he was hopping around enjoying the space and beautiful day.


George is the reason I brought a few of them out. He runs laps in his cage, so I thought maybe he could use some exercise.

Wynona, Ransom, Wynn and Zulu


I brought the ‘branch’ from Mom’s house and gave it the boer goats as a treat. They loved it.


The horses are out grazing and the big girls and JD are thinking it is totally unfair I let the little goats have a treat and didn’t bring them one.


Sometimes I have a little trouble focusing on one thing and staying on task. I tend to wander and lose track of what I was doing or even what I was planning on doing. Yesterday was definitely one of those days.

I did chores and got kids off to school. Cleaned out the guinea pig cage. So far so good. Then I went to the barn to do some more cleaning and organizing. It’s beautiful, so I think I better put a couple bunnies out to enjoy it.

Jersey enjoying some dandelions.
Gina was so snotty, I hope that means she is bred.

I get back to the barn and I found some hoses that I bought last years so I thought I should go find the float I bought so I could hook up the big tank. While walking to the truck, I realized I hadn’t checked my garden today.

OOOO!! Strawberry blooms!!
A real Ladybug!
And another one.


I finally got to the truck and thought about the fact that I wanted to wash my sheets so in the house I go. On the way back out I notice the can of Flex Seal I bought for the horse tank with a small leak. After fixing that, I went back for the float, but the truck was a mess so I started cleaning that. JD started calling to me, so I ended up out in the lot brushing him when Hubby found me to take me out to dinner.

Pretty boy.

Good grief. It’s sometimes amazing to me that I ever actually get anything done. Keep in mind I am always stopping to take pictures!

Random shot of the boys cause they are beautiful.


I did get the float hooked up, some more things hauled out of the barn, and worked on cleaning up our over grown ditch that blocks the view of the road.


We also had to stop and make a trip to Sisters house to meet a special arrival! Some of you may know, 2 years ago in January, Sister and her family woke up to their barn on fire. They lost all their animals. It was very hard for them. Niece #2, #3, and #4 have started rebuilding their little herd. Niece #2’s doe Pollyanna had her kid on Sunday!! We are so excited!

Meet Dash.
Polly and Dash



Polly is being a great first time mother. I know Niece #2 is a little bummed at having one and a boy, we were all hoping for girls to keep! But healthy is always a good thing. If you want to see more, you can check out Sisters farm at 7th Heaven Acres or visit them on facebook. They would love to see you!

A New Experience

Madelyn and I spent our Saturday doing something we haven’t done before. We went to a Rabbit and Cavy(Guinea Pig) Show in Grinnell.


It was very interesting. I stood and listened to the judge to see what he was looking for in each rabbit and how he decided to place them. There were people from all over! We were fortunate enough to have meet an awesome young lady and her husband who are helping mentor us with getting started in the show circuit and with a new (to us) breed of rabbit.


This is Jersey Boy! Jersey is a pedigreed Beveren. The Beveren is a very old breed. Although uncommon in the United States, the Beveren has a rich European history, as the breed was first developed in Beveren, Belgium during the 19th century. The Beveren was derived from crosses of the Brabanconne, St. Nicolas Blue, and the Blue Vienna. In 1902, within Beveren, Belgium, the first standard was instituted for the “Blue Rabbit of Beveren” with the first exhibition of the Beveren Blue presented in Norwich, Great Britain during 1905.  However, after its introduction into the United States, it was later recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association on December 3, 1925. (Excerpt from or to read more about this beautiful breed go to the American Beveren Rabbit Club)

Madelyn with Jersey in the box in front of her. 1st in his class of senior Bucks.

Madelyn had fun showing him, and although he only won his class, we think he is pretty great. We are currently waiting on a couple of litters from the couple we bought him from for a doe. If you would like to see more of their amazing setup and rabbitry, head over to H&N Rabbitry and Caviery.

Side note about Rabbits shows. I learned that as a fundraiser for scholarships at each show, contestants are asked to bring something to enter in a drawing. People then buy tickets and put in the bag with the corresponding number on it. Guess what Madelyn won?!


Yup! A baby guinea pig! Meet Nygle. I don’t think we wanted another one, but I guess if you have 2 might as well have 3?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

The Buns

Another day of introductions! Today it’s the Bunnies turn.  I have been playing with the bunnies the last few days, exercising and trimming nails and giving treats.

The first three are our Holland Lops. They are energetic and fun little critters. This is Hannah.  She is 4 years old and to date our most productive mom and a great show bunny for my daughter. We got her from a girl in Hannah, Illinois.  She is a broken black Holland Lop. We are planning spring babies.


Next we have Dazzle.  She is Hannah’s daughter out of our former buck Chipotle. She is 3 years old and broken pattern black/orange tri.



Then the final Holland lop is Bugs. He is also 3 years old and is considered Blue torte. He will be the be the father of Hannah and Dazzle babies this spring. For more info on Holland Lops click here.



Our next two are both Jersey Woolies.  These are probably my favorite breed of rabbits. They are so quiet and gentle and loving. I love how fluffy they are too. First here is Shimmer.  She is our oldest at 6 and is broken black.  She has been a great little show bunny and is always the one people want to hold.  She will sit on your lap for hours. We are not planning to  breed Shimmer at this time.


Next we have Fluffball, formerly known as Blades-Chase.  Fluffball is 4 years old and considered chestnut.  He is also very sweet but is more active than Shimmer.  He will sit with you for a while, but eventually he will want to be done. Click here for more on Jersey Woolies.


Next we have our New Zealand whites.  These two are our show rabbits and they are a meat breed.  This is Gina. She is 1 and has one litter of 6 so far.  Planning on breeding her this month so her kits can hopefully be shown as fryers for the fair in July.



Then there is George.  He is our buck, 1 also and also goes to shows.  These rabbits are friendly and gentle and get up to about 12 pounds.  Kind of gentle giants. Click here to learn more about New Zealands.


And finally there is our newest member, JerseyBoy. He is 9 months old and is a totally new breed to us. The Beveren is a very old breed. Although uncommon in the United States, the Beveren has a rich European history, as the breed was first developed in Beveren, Belgium during the 19th century. There is a very small number of breeders of these beauties and we are hoping to find a beautiful girl to go with him!


We are so excited about this breed, I may even look for 2 does. I love the blue that Jersey is but definitely like the looks of the black and white! Click here to learn more about Beverens.

And then I have to share with you how helpful Charlie Showcat was while I trying to get pictures of the bunnies. He hates when he isn’t center of attention so often inserts himself I’m the center. Good grief. He is a poser though. He did not want to share the spot light with Hannah. What a guy.