Friday’s Hunt v2.23

I am trying to get my Friday’s Hunt done at the right time this week! It’s been kind of a busy week around here and a little crazy so bear with me! This week our prompts are the Letter W, Weeks Favorite, and Machine.

For my Letter W, we got a couple little surprises this week. Started Wednesday night. I was up town dropping a couple things off and when I walked out to get in my truck, I saw a kitten run across the street and under a car! Thankfully it was being driven by a dear lady from here in town who also saw it. She stopped and shut the car off and we got down on our hands and knees to look for it. We finally found it in the tire! I was able to get my hand through the tire and get ahold of it and pulled the little stinker out and so…


Meet Wednesday. I checked around to see if she belonged to anyone, but no one seemed to know where she came from. So unless someone claims her, I guess she will be ours.


She seems healthy. But she was extremely hungry, so a little goat milk and cat food and with a belly full, she came home to live in the laundry room for now until she figures out the litter box.

My Weeks Favorite makes me squeal with delight! I have been watching fat Janet for months thinking she was pregnant. She finally bagged up, as I showed you last week. This morning I went to the bathroom and thought ‘Gosh, Janet looks thinner than yesterday.’


She was! Two big babies thinner! After I ran out the barn, I nearly fainted seeing the two off them all dry with full little tummies. And oh, their colors!


I could not be more happy! She is a wonderful mother just like her mother Scarlett! They are all direct descendants from Eden Hills, our wonderful host!  I have a feeling these girls will be here a while!


She is very concerned with them right now, so I let her be. They are just so big and healthy!


Can you believe two girls?! That hasn’t happened ever for me since I have had goats. Oh my gosh, I am so excited. Landon went out and meet them and then named them, since they are his. So meet Gemstone (Dark) and Diamond (Light).

For Machine, I have to include my favorite. I spend a lot of time with this old M. It’s one of my favorite machines. I know it’s one of Brothers. Grandpa bought this tractor originally, I don’t know when for sure. But I do know he had it converted to a propane. Back when Grandpa had it converted, propane was pretty cheap. So a company converted it and to pay for it Grandpa had to pay $0.06 a gallon instead of $0.04 a gallon to pay it off. Him and dad used it for many years. Then Grandpa donated it to the school to be rebuilt. After a couple years of not hearing anything he asked Brother if he would go get it. So Brother and Dad took a flatbed trailer into the school to pick it up. Of course, little did they know, they were actually going to pick up 4 tires, a steering wheel and a bunch of boxes of parts. Brother took it all home and rebuilt it, and has used it ever since. I guess all of that makes it pretty special to me.


Thanks for joining me for another weeks Friday’s Hunt. As always, please if you have time, stop over to Eden Hills and check out the other Friday’s Hunt! Have a great weekend!

Are there babies in there?

I have been noticing lately that there is some unusual looking bellies in the barn yard.


Dolly has rounded out and bag appears to be filling up.


Diana appears to also be filling a little bag and getting round.


Even Janet has more of bag than she has.

I had the bucks in with them in June so they could be due the 1st of November until the 19th of December. Not really my ideal time to be having kids, but with so many of my does not getting breed this spring I wanted to try to get some kids on the ground. I guess we will see how this works.

Why they are fat

My darling Scarlet. She is my beautiful herd queen, the protector of the ‘big’ girls, terrorizer of the ‘little’ girls and half the time the boys, and a total glutton.


I thought for sure that she and her daughter Janet were pregnant this spring. Again this summer. And even sort of thought they were again this fall. I am starting to think they are just fat. And I think I figured out why.

Each morning when I feed JD the calf his grain, I bring the girls in and give them a little grain. In the evening, I give them a little hay. I probably wouldn’t have to do this if Indi would not slip through every pipe gate on the farm whenever someone is eating on the other side.


Diana, Dolly, Indi, Tawny, and Button

I have 7 goats in this group, ranging in age from Dolly who is 5 to Janet who is a the lone yearling.  I have 3 feeders in this pen. Here you see 5 at one.



Janet and Scarlett


Here are the other two. Guess who the herd princess is? Yes Janet. She is bossy just like her mother. Janet gets one to herself, and Scarlett gets one for herself. Good Grief ladies. You can share. So then I went back in the evening.


Tawny, Indi, Diana, and Dolly


This time, Button isn’t even allowed up to eat. She just hangs back in the corner. Meanwhile…


Here we see Scarlett has pulled an entire flake of hay down and is enjoying it herself while daughter Janet is in the middle of the feeder. All four other girls that are allowed to eat there are crowded in the corner.

I guess it isn’t really a mystery why they are so fat.

Finally More Babies!

Indi sure had my daughter in a tizzy! She looks so forward to having babies and Indi is a 3 year old who didn’t settle last year. Of course Indi is her pride and joy so having to wait another year was almost too much!! Well, thankfully, the wait is over!


Indi gave us twin boys on Friday. One looks just like mom and the other reminds me an awful lot Janet as a baby!

Scarlett’s 2015 babies, Janet and Herbert
Button’s 2016 babies Sonic and Mario

Are you seeing the same color theme I am? All three of these does, Indi, Button, and Scarlett have direct ties to Eden Hills goats. I am starting to think that while my buck Blaze is a nice compliment to the does, the color scheme and spots come from the girls! Either way I couldn’t be happier! This is what we have been working towards. Loud coloring with unusual markings focusing on black, but the red is just fine!

Indi is proving to be a really good mother, which also makes me happy. Although I will milk most of the does, I prefer to let them raise their babies themselves.

Indi’s Buck#1, looks just like her as a baby!
Indi’s Buck#2, just a fancy little guy!

At least Madelyn can stop being mad that Indi is keeping them from her! They are just too cute!! I will try to keep updated pictures of the kids under the Goat page at the top under 2016 Babies.

Friday’s Hunt 1.17

Welcome back for another edition of Friday’s Hunt. This week our prompts are the Letter Q, Weeks Favorite, and At Rest.

My Letter Q is our Queen, Scarlett.


She can be a little bossy, she is the main reason that the young girls had to be moved to the new pen. But since she was a bottle baby, raised by my middle son, she will be here for her life. She is sweet and an outstanding mother! I can’t wait to see the babies that are cooking in her belly right now! By the way, Scarlett was born down the road at Eden Hills, our host for Friday’s Hunt so she is the perfect Letter Q!

My Weeks Favorite is a couple different pictures, but they are all of my daughter and her prom date. They looked so nice and it was a great day to take pictures.

Under the crabapple tree
Of course, you have to get the tank in a couple
Old school bells in the back ground
20160423_175044 (2)
Through the bell
Our post office building makes a great back drop

Ok, I had a really hard time picking a favorite. But these are the favorites from each location.

At Rest is another easy one for me, poor Janet! She is my accidental breeding this year. She is only a yearling and I didn’t really mean for her to be bred. But she sure is.



She walks to the food and lays down to eat. The only problem she runs into is she wants to eat with mom Scarlett, who never stays in one place. You just never know who has the better food. So Scarlett runs off to take the next pile and the Janet has to get up and move and lay down again. About that time, Scarlett is on the move again. Poor fat, uncomfortable girl. They are moving inside to a kidding pen the middle of May because I am almost certain they will be my first two to kid this year.

Thank you for joining me for another Hunt. Thank you to Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting each week. If you have a chance, stop over and visit all the Friday’s Hunt blogs. Each week it is neat to see how every person interprets the prompts.


On such a beautiful day, I decided it was time for the new little girls to meet the other little girls.

Wynn and Zulu


They loved it! They have been bouncing and jumping and climbing all day!



They smelled all over and taste tested everything.


So many things to look at!



What a big girl playing and trying to keep up with everyone!

Cally, Ransom, Tawny, Diana, Wynona, Janet, Wynn, and Zulu. Of course Ginger is climbing my leg!


I think that they are going to get along very well!