After being gone

Scarlett Buck Jeff

Well, I will start with before I left actually! A couple days before we went on vacation Landon discovered that Scarlett had a baby!

I went out and checked and since she was still pushing, waited and it wasn’t that long and…


Spotty doe! Her name is Jacy.


Yup! Twins. I was relieved because they had a couple days to get going before we left for a week.


Jacy in the back, Jeff in the front


Then since we were going to be gone to save people the trouble, we moved Scarlett and babies, Indi, Button, and Tawny to 7th Heaven Acres so that Niece#4 and Sister could care for them and check the other 2 does that are due any time. Tawny went along for the ride because after being in with the bucks for over a year and still not getting bred means she needs to go to the sale barn.


Scarlett and babies settling into their vacation home.


Indi, Button, and Tawny settled into to their vacation home.

Sister had a goat that need to go to the sale as well, so she was kind enough to take Tawny for us that week.


Indi’s buck Xavier


They were also kind enough to care for Indi, who decided to kid while were on our way to the airport! I mean why wouldn’t she? I have only been doing barn checks for the entire week before we left through the night.


Xavier and Ziggy


I am really not all that upset because she has proven she is an excellent mother and had wild colors again so we are happy. Another buck and doe for us. So we returned from our trip and got everyone moved home and settled back in. It is spring so it’s time to start thinking about fair. Since this is Denton’s last year as a Clover Kid, that means bottle babies.






We got these two from my friend Deb and they took right off. Unfortunately, Jazzy took a turn for the worse and despite the vet and I trying everything we couldn’t save her. The next day, my friend Michael came walking up to me and said ‘I have something for you’


Dear friend Alishia really wanted to claim him for her own!


Not a goat but he had a lamb that no one would claim. They are his dad’s and his dad is on vacation currently so I brought him home to bottle feed as well. Meet Raider the Lamb.

Then we had some excitement at Sister’s farm! Prim, Niece#4’s bottle goat from a couple years ago had her first kids! Triplets!! They are tiny, adorable, and doing great! They all pretty much look exactly like the one that Neice#5 is holding! Niece#4 got 2 bucks and a doe. She was so excited she could hardly breath!


Niece#5 and Leia with Denton looking on. The bucks are Hans and Luke.
Neice#3 and LittleNephew checking out Polly’s buck

Then more excitement at their farm. Polly, Neice#2’s Alpine doe had twins! A beautiful buck and an equally beautiful black doe! She has named her doe Layla and was unsure of a name for her little buck.

Then we come back to our place for more excitement of the spring! Button was still expecting and she sure surprised us!! Landon called me in a panic. ‘Are there supposed to be 7 babies in with Scarlett?’ Umm, no unless someone had new babies!


And someone did! Button gave us a variety pack of color in her triplets! 2 does and a buck for us!


Button’s does Royal
Button’s buck Laker
Button’s doe Mystic

So far, other than some wonky legs that first day, they are all doing well and appear to be getting enough from mom! I will watch them carefully to ensure that their tummies stay full and they are growing without supplemental bottles.

After the triplets were born, the kidding pen seemed a little full with Scarlett, Indi, Button and 7 babies vying for spots to lay down and eat. Scarlett’s kids were bigger and doing great so I kicked them outside.


Jeff and Jacy


They could not be happier! Oh the bucking and kicking and jumping that is going on out there! They are absolutely adorable and so much fun to watch. Indi and her two will probably join them after this next round of rain.


Not a great picture, but Pearl is the black and Diamond is the light

Meanwhile, since I was moving around, I figured it was time to wean these two. Janet and Diana had pretty much already done the weaning, but I would like the two does to dry up and put some weight back on before rebreeding. So these two are in with the bottle babies to eat and grow.

Now that everyone that is currently due has kids on the ground, I only have to find a bottle doe for Denton. I really want him to have the chance to have a doe like Scarlett that Landon raised. He’s pretty sad about Jazzy, because she just a doll, but unfortunately with farming, things go wrong sometimes for no reason at all. This should catch you up on the babies for now. I will get out and get more updates on everyone else soon.




Friday’s Hunt v3.9, v3.10 and v3.11

I am still doing so well at keeping up! I really planned on getting some pictures taken while it was nice out. But then I got busy cleaning out pens and trying to get feet trimmed and just didn’t. So here is v3.9 with the prompts Letter I, Weeks Favorite, and Nose.


Well there is always Indi. She is due here in the next couple weeks. I really thought that she had been breed and was due the 9th. But, obviously not. So hopefully she has some babies soon, since we are leaving for vacation the 21st. She will be moving to Sisters this weekend either way.


My Weeks Favorite from that week is this one from Denton’s Birthday gathering. They get so excited about Gramma’s red cake!


This guy is always nosing his way into everything. Even though this picture was taken back in the fall, he constantly poking his nose around. I love him for it. I hope this means he will be curious and go everywhere!

The next week, for v3.10 our prompts were the Letter J, Weeks Favorite and Birds or Wings.


The letter J is for me. Just Jennifer. Not very exciting but hey, it’s the letter J!


My Week’s Favorite is this one of the baby guinea pigs. They are so stinking cute and fun to play with. I think the kids finally decided on names for everyone. The redish and brown one on the left is Skipper, next to him(kind of blurry) is Slade, who Madelyn thinks she would like to keep. Then the mostly white one in front is Saber and Denton has taken him as the one he wants to keep. In the back the mostly brown one, our only female(I think) is Sinnamon. That one Landon has picked as his. Normally I wouldn’t even consider keeping any more, but due to Gizmo’s injuries I don’t think he will be able to do any guinea pig agility at the fair. Yes, it is a real thing and now a class!! I can’t wait because I think it is going to be hilarious! Squeaker is Gizmo’s companion and I don’t know what to do about the having babies until I figure out for sure who is boys and who is girls. So for now we are keeping a few of these guys to take to the fair.


I think she loves her birds. This will probably be one of my all time favorite pictures of Niece#5 and her chickens!

Now we are finally to v3.11 for this week. Our prompts are the Letter K, Weeks Favorite and Drink.


Letter K…Kids. I know there are kids coming. I am starting to worry about when. I was really hoping the kids would be on the ground before we leave. Now that is got cold again, I am not wanting them to come now because of that. However, I feel bad taking them to Sister’s house and making them do all night barn checks while I am on vacation. However, at some point, there will be kids.


This Week’s Favorite is Niece#4 and Miss Kitty the rabbit learning to bunny hop! Miss Kitty is our new lionhead bunny and full of spunk and sass. I am really enjoying these new additions. We also got a blue lionhead buck, but he couldn’t go to bunny hopping due to Denton being sick. Hopefully next time they can both go. Niece#4 is doing really well with her bunny and looking forward to taking her guinea pig Cocoa (Squeakers sister) to the fair as well.


Before it snowed, I cleaned out the pool for the ducks. Not only did they enjoy the Drink, but also the bath. It was a great and happy day for them. They aren’t as happy with the snow and block of ice in their pool.

Well, thanks for joining me for some Friday’s Hunts. Thank you to Teresa at Eden Hills for letting us join her again! Have a great weekend.


Just some of the critters

I got home the other day and wandering around checking on everyone, so here is a few pictures of some of my loves.

Bluebell(I think Madelyn is going to call her Jewel) and Jersey


I got a new hutch from Sister. It’s big. I can’t move it by myself. So it is currently in the middle of my driveway. But I wanted to clean up cages and sanitize so I moved a few buns to the driveway.

Jelly and Peanut Butter hiding in the back.


They were all hopping and jumping and having a ball. Jelly is making sure I don’t have any treats for her!


Bugs is never very active, but he was hopping around enjoying the space and beautiful day.


George is the reason I brought a few of them out. He runs laps in his cage, so I thought maybe he could use some exercise.

Wynona, Ransom, Wynn and Zulu


I brought the ‘branch’ from Mom’s house and gave it the boer goats as a treat. They loved it.


The horses are out grazing and the big girls and JD are thinking it is totally unfair I let the little goats have a treat and didn’t bring them one.

Trying to win

Indi and I have been having a battle for years now. She refuses to stay in. REFUSES! I get so mad when I walk out and find her in the hay field. Not only does she get through the electric fence, but if I shut them in the lot, she squeezes through the gate, then darts under the electric fence and into the hay field. I will not loose this battle.

Yeah, yeah, she’s cute.

But she is aggravating to say the least. I haven’t figured out completely how to stop the sneaking through the pipe gates at the end of the lot without replacing them. I have found what I want for gates when I do replace them which will happen one day.

20160831_173859 (2).jpg

I did temporarily patch the pipe gates with twine so she can’t slip through. She is confused for the time being.

But first and most importantly, to keep her in the pasture and out of the hay field.


Keep in mind when I built this fence originally this was just for horses. And for some reason my horses completely ignore the electric fence as far as they know it’s there so it doesn’t even need to be on and they won’t bother it. But now that we have goats, it needs fixed. I wanted to put up woven wire fence, but doing that alone, is well, not going to happen. So what I can do, is build more electric fence. That will surely stop her. Won’t it?

First up, Brother is always saying that if they (animals, although he is usually talking about cows) sense that the fence is on they will leave it alone. But you often have to make sure there is nothing like tall grass or weeds on it, especially if it is dewy or wet that would short it out. So I got Brothers string trimmer and cleaned up under the fence.


That’s better. And I discovered that my fence is longer than I thought remembered. Then on to more and not so janky (yes that’s a made up family word) insulators. I got one package. That is not going to be enough. Neither is the one roll of electric tape I got.


I got 4 strands done. Not enough. So back to the store I go.


That should do it. Now I have to not only add the extra insulators to the post that are already there, but I also have add about 9 posts. Here we go.


We loaded the truck and took it so we didn’t have to keep walking back and forth and we definitely couldn’t carry everything. I was lucky enough to have Niece#4 who loves to help! She mostly guarded me from a pest that wouldn’t leave us alone.


Do you ever feel like you are being followed? He was in an ornery mood and thought it was great fun to headbutt the truck. Niece#4 kept him under control with the cattle paddle.


He finally left to eat, so we got the posts added. We then got the other two strands put up with all the new insulators. Niece#4 got really good and putting the pins in the insulators.

After we got everything working, I turned the girls back out into the pasture.


I think the little girls were kind of hoping they would also get to go out in the big pasture. Sorry girls, not yet.

I will watch the next couple days to see if this will stop Indi. It should.

I hope.


Friday’s Hunt 2.9

Welcome back for another version of Friday’s Hunt! Thanks again to Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting. This week our prompts are Starts with J, Week’s Favorite, and Surprise.

Starts with J is JD, again. He’s such a goof most of the time. I need to brush him and clean him up, but I still think he’s a pretty good looking boy.


My Weeks Favorite is of the Cross Country team huddled before they run. This is an amazing group of girls and I am proud that my daughter gets to be a member.


Surprise! What are you doing up there? Indi made me angry by getting out, again. Not in the hay field but was trying to get to JD’s food. Which, he needs to eat all of so I can make sure that he isn’t off feed, but also I put an extra protein that is for cattle (NOT GOATS INDI!). So she went into goaty jail for a little bit. She was not happy. Someday, maybe she will learn.


Thank you for joining me again for another weeks Friday’s Hunt! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Fair 2016, Saturday-Day 2

Saturday dawned sometime an I missed it because I was busy getting everyone loaded and moved around. I brought Chrome and Chevy home and put them in the pasture at home with Thunder Pony. They tore outta there. I shut JD in the lot so that my friend that’s doing chores for me can feed him alone.  Then I had to unload the trailer so I could load the trailer. When I finally got around to loading goats, I was dripping with sweat.

I got the boer does loaded, but noticed that Ginger didn’t seem to be acting right. So we decided not to take her with us. I treated her the very best that I knew how but it was apparently to late. Ginger passed in my arms this morning. My heart was broken and even worse I had to let Denton know and still pack the trailer and get to the fair. What a way to start the morning.

Then I loaded the Nubian’s. I had to wean the 4 baby boys and sort everyone. Then the 10  bags of sawdust. Finally I added Niece#2’s buckling Dash to go back home to be a buddy to their new goat Jessi.

Next came the rabbits. We only left 6 home. That means we brought 14. Niece#4 has 2 she is showing, Madelyn brought 6, and Landon brought 6. I didn’t have enough cages, but I made it work.

Then I had to load the guinea pig, after weaning her three babies. They were making a bunch of racket when we left. Mind you this whole time I have been looking for Charlie the cat. He was no where. I mean no where!! I knew Madelyn was going to be devastated if I didn’t find him. After already crying and telling Denton about his goat, now I had to call Madelyn and tell her I am not bringing the cat.

Well, I had to leave. I had to get Sisters kids goats loaded.  We only have so much time in the morning to get all the animals checked in and the other projects, so I left without him. I told the boys to look everywhere for him. Seriously, EVERY INCH of our property. We got the goats at Sister’s loaded and just about to drive out, when Landon called and had not only found him but shut him up! I raced home to get him. I am glad I did!

Are you kidding me?


Of course the train not only caught us, but stopped completely. We backed up and turned around and found another way into town.

The morning started with Rabbit Hopping for Niece#4. She and Lucky received a blue ribbon. They had fun their first year and we are looking forward to training a few more in this. I will try to get a picture of her and Lucky with their ribbon, but if you know my Niece#4 she is hard to get to stand still very long.

Niece#4 running away from us again.


Next up the cat show and small pet show. Keep in mind that Charlie is just a barn cat. No special treatment or extra grooming. The cat show is judged on a point system. 75 points go to the child and their knowledge of their pet. 25 points go to the cat and their health and condition. Charlie got docked a point for being overweight, but otherwise they did really well.


For some reason, as soon as we put Charlie into the pet taxi, he becomes a complete show off. Basking is all the attention and stays perfectly calmly on the show table.


Yup, Champion Cat again! I am so happy we found him in time. Great way to start off the fair for Madelyn.

Next up was the Small Pet portion of the show, in which Rio was entered.


In this, you can enter almost any small pet. Birds, hamsters, lizards, etc. This year there was a gerbil, guinea pigs, and a lizard. Again, this show is judged 75 points to the child and their knowledge and then 25 to the pet. Rio is now a Reserve Champion Small Pet!

It’s hard work being a winner.


We tried to take him out, but he preferred to wait in the taxi. Most cats come bolting out as soon as you open the door, not Charlie, he just lays there watching.

In the meantime, we got everyone unloaded and checked in.

Boer does settled in.


Nubian girls relaxing. Not their first fair so they settled in quickly.



After weaning Indi, we now have to milk her morning and night. Not actually the best plan to teach a goat to milk at the fair, but we will make it work.

Niece#4 checking waters. Very important in the heat.


The rabbits all have their own cage this year. Which is nice, but I didn’t plan on that so had to get some new water bottles and feed pans! Oh well that’s just another thing that we will make work!

After a long, very hot day, we got cleaned up and off to bed.


Mom’s camper isn’t big, so the boys take turns sleeping under the table. As long as everyone gets some rest it really doesn’t matter.



Finally More Babies!

Indi sure had my daughter in a tizzy! She looks so forward to having babies and Indi is a 3 year old who didn’t settle last year. Of course Indi is her pride and joy so having to wait another year was almost too much!! Well, thankfully, the wait is over!


Indi gave us twin boys on Friday. One looks just like mom and the other reminds me an awful lot Janet as a baby!

Scarlett’s 2015 babies, Janet and Herbert
Button’s 2016 babies Sonic and Mario

Are you seeing the same color theme I am? All three of these does, Indi, Button, and Scarlett have direct ties to Eden Hills goats. I am starting to think that while my buck Blaze is a nice compliment to the does, the color scheme and spots come from the girls! Either way I couldn’t be happier! This is what we have been working towards. Loud coloring with unusual markings focusing on black, but the red is just fine!

Indi is proving to be a really good mother, which also makes me happy. Although I will milk most of the does, I prefer to let them raise their babies themselves.

Indi’s Buck#1, looks just like her as a baby!
Indi’s Buck#2, just a fancy little guy!

At least Madelyn can stop being mad that Indi is keeping them from her! They are just too cute!! I will try to keep updated pictures of the kids under the Goat page at the top under 2016 Babies.