Friday’s Hunt v1.23

It’s the end of another week and time for Friday’s Hunt! I would like to say thank you to my friend Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting and let you know her On Farm Market is open today! If you are in the area, stop out and check out her soaps, lotion, photography and much more!

For our prompts this week, we have the Letter W, Weeks Favorite, and Rough.

For my Letter W, this week it is Waiting!

Waiting on Indi.
Waiting on Posey, Niece#3’s doe
Waiting on Sassy, front, Chevy’s mom to have baby#2


Waiting on Brother to start chopping Rye
Waiting on my darling Niece#3 to get home.

I am trying so hard to be patient. but I am not good at. I can handle waiting on Brother, he’s working early in the morning until late at night to get things done, but he can only go so fast. I can handle waiting on the does and Sassy, although I am excited to see what they are hiding in there. I am struggling with waiting on my Niece. She has absolutely been the most amazing patient and I could not be proud of her! I am amazed at her strength and how she is doing. We are wanting her home but at the same time wanting her to stay in the hospital where she is getting amazing care and stronger each day. But it is hard to not be able to just run over and check in on her. But our little trooper should be home in the next couple days!

20160603_164912.jpgMy Weeks Favorite is Nephew#2. Nephew#1 is back from school and working with me again this summer. I am truly blessed to be able to work at a job that I absolutely love and often don’t feel like it’s work and spend time with my nephew. Doubly blessed to see this little guy grow up and learn with us. He loved this soft grass. When I pull in Brothers driveway and Niece#5 and Nephew#2 come running out yelling my name, my heart swells!

20160603_174108.jpgRough is what Gina’s life is going to become! Yes, the babies are up and out and about! Even trying pellets and hay. Gina had been able to slip into the other half of the hutch and relax away from the babies. Not anymore. That blurry thing beside her? A baby sneaking a snack.


They aren’t piling up like they had been. They grow so fast.


Won’t be long before they are eating enough that Mom can move to a pen of her own. Madelyn is working on identifying each one by putting a number in their ear so we can start to see who is who and how they are growing and how their personalities are.

I hope you will stop over at Eden Hills and check out the other Friday’s Hunt participants. Have a blessed weekend.

Just another day

Basically, today was just like yesterday. I worked around the yard and the barn until I had to leave to go to baseball games. I think that is probably going to be my schedule until further notice!


First of all the bunnies! Here you can get a good look at all 9. Yes, we lost one that was very little. But 9 big healthy bunnies is fine with me.


Look at this udder! I can’t get a picture of Indi’s because anytime I am around she comes running to me to see if I have a treat!


Ransom is growing into such a handsome young man. I can’t wait to use him this fall and see what he can do. Blaze is still visiting a friends farm doing his buck thing!


Update on my experiments. This is the grass I am growing in the chicken pen for the ducks and chickens. There is a lot of growth in there! I am excited that this one worked. As for the celery I was trying to grow back. Yeah, that didn’t work out. They grew a little, but then the bottoms got very soft and kind of started to stink. I feed them to the chickens. Oh well. May just have to grow some in the garden.


Unless you know who is who, you can’t tell which dog is the 4 month old puppy. Piper is growing like a weed and definitely loves being outside and being lazy in the shade. She also loves when the other two can play with her. They like hanging out together in the goat pen. The big girl goats are tolerating Piper, but they aren’t thrilled with the other two being around.


Besides working in the barn, I got more mulch and put some around my hostas under the cedar tree. Grass has never grown there anyway and weeds tend to cover up the hostas I planted. Maybe this will help.


I only have 6 more flowers to plant. Not sure what I want to do with them? Maybe another container? I did find this pitcher in the barn and decided to us it in my flower garden. Now I have to get the mulch put down here.


Got my golden flame honeysuckle planted and I think I need to be dine planting in this garden. It’s full enough for me. As you can see it really needs more mulch this year. I really thought last year when I expanded it, it was going to be plenty big enough, but at the rate with which my magnolia bush is growing, I think it will need expanded or just to be this size and be done adding things.


Got my hanging baskets for the fairy house up. I made the hooks from #9 wire and I think they turned out pretty neat. I also set out my little table and stools. Not sure it will withstand Piper who loves to run through this particular area!


As for the barn project. I got my saddles and stand moved. I also go the shelves that are staying somewhat organized and my feed and bedding moved out the middle of the walk way. I actually found the floor! Still have more to do, but I am still trying to decide what I want to do about storing feed and where to put things so I can through easier to clean out the interior pens more regularly. Still have a lot to do, but it is getting there. I can’t wait to finally have some more space.

Well of to work I go. We have a couple things to do this morning and then we have elementary track and field day so I better get moving!


In the Barn

Until I go back to work full time, I am really trying to get somethings done around here. Every year over the winter the barn kind of falls apart. My ‘super’ organizational skills lose to the cold and what a mess. I have also decided that I don’t need some of the things that I am storing so out it goes!

First off, we have to check in with the littlest members of our barn.


Day 5 and we are sure starting to see the white coming! Eyes are still closed and Mommy is still crazy protective. They grow so fast, I decided to make a page just to show their daily progress. You can check it out by going to the top of the page and clicking Our Rabbits page. Under that is Babies!


This is one of the things going. Shelves really just give me a place to set crap. SO they are leaving. My escape artist chicken continues to sit on top of the rabbit cages(and then poops on the rabbits), so I decided to put my extra animal cages and rabbit supplies on top of the rabbit cages to deter her from hiding up there. I will show you how that is looking when I get everything organized.

As time carries on with a speed that I cannot keep up with, we should be having baby goats soon. You may remember I put Indi, Button, and Janet in the kidding pen. Yesterday I kicked Janet out. I am starting to think she is just fat? But who knows. I am certain Button and Indi are going to have babies! Their little bags are filling up and things are starting to look loose! I made some adjustments to their pen.


First off, the wire panel that I put up when I built the kidding pen works great for goats, and horses, calves, dogs and pigs. But NOT kids. They squeeze right through. I had put a piece of wire (like chicken wire) across the bottom to keep little guys in, but that had been smashed down by the does standing on the panels. So this was the first adjustment. I just happened to be storing this piece of plywood in the barn. After measuring, would you believe that is was the exact length and size I needed? I drilled 4 holes in it and wired it to the panel and the screwed in to the post at the end. Stand away girls, you can’t smash this down!

Next I had to figure out a way to separate the two does so they can have some privacy.

Brother gave me 3 of dads little hog gates that are way to flimsy for cattle. But they work lovely for goats!


Of course they aren’t long enough to just use one. I could wire to the panel on this side. On the other side there wasn’t any thing to wire a gate up to, so I put 3 fence staples into the wall and wired it up to that. Don’t they look happy?


I tried to get a picture of Button’s udder! I can’t believe how cute and full it looks. They are at most on day 143 today. Goats gestation is usually right around 155 days. I try to not to get to antsy but I am really excited to have some babies on the ground! They both look like their tummies have dropped, but goats, like any animal can trick you into thinking any time and then you are running out checking them hourly and 2 weeks later they finally do something!

After all of this I also tilled the entire garden, and had 3 baseball games last night. Today, Niece#2 is running at the state track meet! Busy time around here. I have to get this barn done so I can get the rest of the pens cleaned out and straightened up. I still have one pen outside to build and a door to figure out how to put in the wall of the barn. That may be what I work on today. I hope the sun is shining where you are!

Doing some things

Seems like the last few days have been spent doing paperwork and not as enjoyable as I like. Paperwork is inside and that is not where I want to be. Today was finally beautiful again and I was out and about. Mostly mowing, which isn’t that exciting, but I don’t mind it.

We did have some excitement Saturday!


Baby Rabbits!! This isn’t a great picture, but they hadn’t been here very long at this time. There are 10, yes 10! baby New Zealand white bunnies there in that pile. For those of you that aren’t familiar with rabbits, the mother will pull her own belly fur just before having kits to make the nest. Then she covers the kits up and that keeps them warm while she goes to eat and drink. Gina is a very good, VERY protective mom. She doesn’t like us messing around so we don’t much. I try to check them once a day, but otherwise try to leave them alone. I am excited she had a good sized litter. They will hopefully all be shown in the fair this year.


While cleaning, I found our own Charlotte’s web! I just thought it looked neat.


Today is the 16th of May. According to when we put the buck in with the does, they should be due the end of this month. Since we have 3 potential first time mommies, it was time that Ransom and Junior moved out of the barn into the buck pen. There is plenty of grass and space out there and the two of them were having a good time running around.

I put Indi, Button and Janet in the kidding pen. I want to watch them and feed them a little more. They also got a pedicure again today and a good brushing.

Indi and Button, and oh look! Another hidden nest.



Went to check out the Marshall County Animals Swap today. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, most of the people had packed up and left. I was pretty disappointed. I will know to go early. I wasn’t really looking for anything, but did come home with 4 baby chicks. We got a New Hampshire Red, Barred Rock, Americana, and a Red Star. Didn’t really need them, but the kids thought we should probably have them!

Finally the last little project. I have been trying to feed the rabbits as much hay as they will eat with a few supplemental pellets and veggies. The problem I have had with hay is they don’t clean it all up and it just makes a stuck mess of the bottom of their cages. So I have a solution I am trying.


This is a tray I bought 2 for a $1 at Dollar Tree. I cut the top slats out and the zip tie it to the cage. They should be able to pull the hay through the cage holes but not the entire amount at once. It is supposed to help keep them busy and big enough to hold plenty so that they can eat anytime. I am hoping it works, we will see.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Just another Tuesday

Well my morning didn’t start out the way I thought it should. JD went a visiting again.

Not a sight that makes me happy

This time he head butted the water tub I was using to keep his hay dry into the electric fence. Guess I will take those out.

I checked on Gina, she is due any day, I think we might be in luck!

Pulling fur is a good nesting sign

No one else is showing any signs of expecting. I am a little frustrated with that.

Then I took a walk to check on flowers and the garden and the rain gauge. We got 0.5″ this round, with more expected tomorrow.

Radishes, Beets, and Kale
Baby Peas!
Landon’s Popcorn Patch
Onions with Cabbage, and Broccoli in the background.
Strawberry Patch (rabbit poop did them well!)
Finally! A potato plant coming through.

I also wanted to check on the containers I planted on Sunday.

My water tank.
Old Chicken Feeder, have to add a few more, just not sure what yet.
There is a bucket under there.
Old water kettle.





Over all, I think the amount of rain has been good for what is growing so far. I hope we don’t see the severe weather they are talking about for Wednesday.


Sometimes I have a little trouble focusing on one thing and staying on task. I tend to wander and lose track of what I was doing or even what I was planning on doing. Yesterday was definitely one of those days.

I did chores and got kids off to school. Cleaned out the guinea pig cage. So far so good. Then I went to the barn to do some more cleaning and organizing. It’s beautiful, so I think I better put a couple bunnies out to enjoy it.

Jersey enjoying some dandelions.
Gina was so snotty, I hope that means she is bred.

I get back to the barn and I found some hoses that I bought last years so I thought I should go find the float I bought so I could hook up the big tank. While walking to the truck, I realized I hadn’t checked my garden today.

OOOO!! Strawberry blooms!!
A real Ladybug!
And another one.


I finally got to the truck and thought about the fact that I wanted to wash my sheets so in the house I go. On the way back out I notice the can of Flex Seal I bought for the horse tank with a small leak. After fixing that, I went back for the float, but the truck was a mess so I started cleaning that. JD started calling to me, so I ended up out in the lot brushing him when Hubby found me to take me out to dinner.

Pretty boy.

Good grief. It’s sometimes amazing to me that I ever actually get anything done. Keep in mind I am always stopping to take pictures!

Random shot of the boys cause they are beautiful.


I did get the float hooked up, some more things hauled out of the barn, and worked on cleaning up our over grown ditch that blocks the view of the road.


We also had to stop and make a trip to Sisters house to meet a special arrival! Some of you may know, 2 years ago in January, Sister and her family woke up to their barn on fire. They lost all their animals. It was very hard for them. Niece #2, #3, and #4 have started rebuilding their little herd. Niece #2’s doe Pollyanna had her kid on Sunday!! We are so excited!

Meet Dash.
Polly and Dash



Polly is being a great first time mother. I know Niece #2 is a little bummed at having one and a boy, we were all hoping for girls to keep! But healthy is always a good thing. If you want to see more, you can check out Sisters farm at 7th Heaven Acres or visit them on facebook. They would love to see you!

The Buns

Another day of introductions! Today it’s the Bunnies turn.  I have been playing with the bunnies the last few days, exercising and trimming nails and giving treats.

The first three are our Holland Lops. They are energetic and fun little critters. This is Hannah.  She is 4 years old and to date our most productive mom and a great show bunny for my daughter. We got her from a girl in Hannah, Illinois.  She is a broken black Holland Lop. We are planning spring babies.


Next we have Dazzle.  She is Hannah’s daughter out of our former buck Chipotle. She is 3 years old and broken pattern black/orange tri.



Then the final Holland lop is Bugs. He is also 3 years old and is considered Blue torte. He will be the be the father of Hannah and Dazzle babies this spring. For more info on Holland Lops click here.



Our next two are both Jersey Woolies.  These are probably my favorite breed of rabbits. They are so quiet and gentle and loving. I love how fluffy they are too. First here is Shimmer.  She is our oldest at 6 and is broken black.  She has been a great little show bunny and is always the one people want to hold.  She will sit on your lap for hours. We are not planning to  breed Shimmer at this time.


Next we have Fluffball, formerly known as Blades-Chase.  Fluffball is 4 years old and considered chestnut.  He is also very sweet but is more active than Shimmer.  He will sit with you for a while, but eventually he will want to be done. Click here for more on Jersey Woolies.


Next we have our New Zealand whites.  These two are our show rabbits and they are a meat breed.  This is Gina. She is 1 and has one litter of 6 so far.  Planning on breeding her this month so her kits can hopefully be shown as fryers for the fair in July.



Then there is George.  He is our buck, 1 also and also goes to shows.  These rabbits are friendly and gentle and get up to about 12 pounds.  Kind of gentle giants. Click here to learn more about New Zealands.


And finally there is our newest member, JerseyBoy. He is 9 months old and is a totally new breed to us. The Beveren is a very old breed. Although uncommon in the United States, the Beveren has a rich European history, as the breed was first developed in Beveren, Belgium during the 19th century. There is a very small number of breeders of these beauties and we are hoping to find a beautiful girl to go with him!


We are so excited about this breed, I may even look for 2 does. I love the blue that Jersey is but definitely like the looks of the black and white! Click here to learn more about Beverens.

And then I have to share with you how helpful Charlie Showcat was while I trying to get pictures of the bunnies. He hates when he isn’t center of attention so often inserts himself I’m the center. Good grief. He is a poser though. He did not want to share the spot light with Hannah. What a guy.