Friday’s Hunt 3.8

Since tomorrow is Friday and again I didn’t sit down at my computer, here is Friday’s Hunt 3.8. The prompts are the Letter H, Weeks Favorite and Shadow or Chiaroscuro.

For Letter H, I have Haze. We have had some interesting weather this winter and it makes for some interesting haze to start the day. Thankfully the sun has come out regularly so the foggy start doesn’t stick around long.


My Weeks Favorite is the first motorcycle group out riding around. Like I said the weather has been unusual!


For Shadow or Chiaroscuro, I am not sure if this fits or not, but it is one of my favorites. I took it one morning when I had to be at Brother’s house early. The sun was just starting to come up over the corn.


So there is Friday’s Hunt v3.8. Join me right back here for tomorrows v3.9


Friday’s Hunt 3.1

I am forever behind. Seriously, how can you have like 5 Friday’s Hunt’s ready to go and not sit down in time to post them over the weekend for 5 weeks straight? Then almost not get this weeks done before the end of the weekend and miss linking up…again? Good gravy.

This week Teresa gave us the Letter A, Week’s Favorite, and Beginning.

For my Letter A, I have All the older goats.


These are any one that weren’t bred this fall and the two that had kids last spring. Sister and I are taking the girls in to be preg checked at the vet in a couple weeks. I am really hoping Scarlett, Tawny, Indy, and Button are all bred. The younger girls are scheduled to go back in with the bucks this spring, hopefully for late summer or fall babies.

My Week’s Favorite is this one.


This goof had his friend birthday party this weekend. He is always silly and happy and I just love his smile.


For Beginning, I am reposting the first picture I posted on my blog, almost a year ago. Of course it isn’t one I took, but I wasn’t even sure what I was doing with a blog at the time. I still love this saying and try to live by it daily.

Enjoy your week, I am personally looking forward to some slightly warmer temperatures.

Friday’s Hunt v2.21 and v2.22

Again, I appear to have missed an entire weekend and a Friday’s Hunt! So I will be doing another 2 in 1. I am always amazed at how easily I can miss days sometimes.

So to start, we have last weeks prompts, the Letter U, Weeks Favorites, and Nature. I think I struggled to find a Letter U last time around. So for this time around I will use Janet’s Udder.


She’s definitely expecting, but since she is a first timer who knows how long it will take to get those babies on the ground. In the meantime I will enjoy her cute little udder.


My Weeks Favorite and Nature is this one I took looking across my hay field. It’s strange to be half way through November and still have so much green. That won’t last much longer. I however in the meantime enjoying every minute I have to spend outside while the temperatures are so mild. It has just been a beautiful.

So then we are on to Friday’s Hunt for this week. Our prompts are the Letter V, Weeks Favorites, and Thankful.


Sometimes when you are driving for hours on end, it gets a little monotonous. Every now and again I find a rock that needs to be picked up. I get very bored and then I make the rock a pet and don’t want to throw it in the pile. This is Rocky. He came home to live with me after spending 2 days in the tractor with me without a radio. Ok, being very bored might be a stretch for the Letter V, but it’s all I’ve got!


My Weeks Favorite. So after having a few weeks of beautiful, unseasonably warm weather it finally cooled down. There was last Friday, and the wind decided it would blow like crazy. It wasn’t actually all that terribly cold, but the wind was a bit chilly. I was disking that day. I thought the tractor had no heat. So I was in my bibs and stocking hat with my warm, fuzzy mittens on just trying to make it dark so I could quit and warm up. I called Brother to tell him I was going in to get fuel. He said he would meet me there, he needed fuel too. And did I want heat? Did I want heat?! Umm, yeah. This is me after he fixed it. I am now sweating.


I can’t list all the ways I am thankful. My life is so full of blessings every single day. I try to make a point to always be kind, smile more than necessary, hold doors, laugh out loud, call a friend, be understanding, and just let go of what I can’t change. These are the things that help make me happy everyday. Everyone can something to complain about, but these last few years I have really tried to find as many things about each day to be thankful and happy about. I hope each of you has your days full of reasons to be thankful.

As always I am linking up with Teresa at Eden Hills. If you have a chance, stop over and check out the other Friday’s Hunts.


Friday’s Hunt 2.20

Welcome back to Friday’s Hunt! Another week has gone flying by, but as busy as we are right now and with the weather being truly gorgeous for November, I have enjoyed it. This week we have Starts with T, Weeks Favorite, and Rule of Thirds.

Starts with T has to be the Tractor that I have spent the better part of the last two weeks in. I still have a couple days left with it. We have gotten along pretty good again this year.


My Weeks Favorite. I like this one. Even the corn dust is shiny. Brother dumping the combine on the grain cart that I am dumping on the truck.


I am not sure I am very good at the Rule of Thirds. I am really more of a point and shoot and edit it later kind of photographer. These two pictures I did take purposely, trying to get the right image that I wanted. I do think now that Teresa has brought the Rule of Thirds to my attention I will try to pay more attention to it when I am taking pictures.



Thank you again for join me for another weeks Friday’s Hunt. Hope you had a wonderful week and as always, feel free to stop over at Eden Hills and check out the other Friday’s Hunts!

Friday’s Hunt v2.18 and v2.19

You may have noticed that I didn’t get to my last weeks Friday’s hunt! Again! I really need to do a better job at getting these ready ahead of time. Ugh. But I don’t want to completely miss one, so I am putting 2 together! So for last week we have the Letter R, Weeks Favorite, and Black or Orange. For this week our prompts are the Letter S, Weeks Favorite, and Amazing.

The Letter R is for Rambunctious, which is what these guys certainly are! I am so happy I took the day and spent with them. It won’t be long until they are too busy, too old, too something that they don’t want to go places with me. The fact that I get to spend as much time with my nieces and nephews, and my kids get to play with their cousins on a regular basis is one of my greatest blessings. They say your cousins and siblings are your first best friends, hopefully the relationship these three have lasts a lifetime.


My Weeks Favorite is this one. Can you believe this was 2 days before Halloween and we are in t-shirts?! It was a great day, spent with great kids, at a great place.


This is for Black or Orange, although I think it can be Black and Orange. The boys and I took a trip out to Eden Hills Pumpkin Patch and picked the perfect pumpkins. We thought they looked pretty good after we had them caved and the seeds were delicious!


For Letter S I love this Sunset over the beans. Maybe it’s just because I have been out watching so many sunrises and sunsets but they seem especially beautiful to me this year.


This Weeks Favorite is my little herd of young goats and Piper. Piper spends most of her time with these guys. She does such a good job watching over them. She loves her goats. Now I just have to get the older girls to love her.


The scenery I spend my days in is Amazing. There is so much I see everyday and think isn’t that beautiful! I try to enjoy it every single day. I can’t imagine spending my days anywhere else.


Thank you for joining me for another week! I hope you are getting out and enjoying this amazing weather we are having! If you have a chance, don’t forget you can visit all the contributors to Friday’s Hunt by stopping by Eden Hills.




Friday’s Hunt v. 2.17

Welcome back to another Friday’s Hunt! What a beautiful week it has been here in Iowa! We are busy and going to stay busy here the next few weeks so I missed linking up with the rest of the Friday’s Hunters! Bummer, but you can still go check them out at Eden Hills This week our prompts are the Letter Q, Weeks Favorite, and Fall or Spring.

For Letter Q, I am doing Quitting Time. Our Quitting Time is all over the place during the fall. Of course the days are getting shorter, so being up before the sun and going to bed long after it set is not unusually. We are currently working on beans. 3 fields down, 2 more to go.


My Weeks Favorite is of the bright moon, although it was a little hazy, while I was unloading one evening. And of course I love any picture with the M in it!


Fall is the time of harvest around here. These three get to see a lot of action during the fall.

20161020_141850 (2).jpg

Thanks for joining me for another Hunt!


Friday’s Hunt v2.13

Welcome back for another version of Friday’s Hunt, hosted by my dear friend Teresa at Eden Hills. Don’t forget that the Pumpkin Patch is open! For more information or directions please go to Eden Hills Market. It’s really a fun time for young and old alike. Hopefully this rainy weather we have been experiencing will clear up. Back to this weeks prompts, we have the Letter M, Weeks Favorite, Work.

Letter M this time is for Maternity. Again. Yes Rio is pregnant again! I am going to be over run with guinea pigs! I was slow to put the first litter up for sale because, #1 I wanted the kids to play with them because they were cute and fun, and #2 I am terrible at sexing baby guinea pigs. Well, she is going to have more, I would say shortly.


This Week’s Favorite is probably my favorite view in the world. Yup, just the back of my horses head. It means we went riding finally! He was pretty pumped to be out and full of energy. But it, to me is more relaxing than anything else and is definitely my happy place!


My Work this week consisted of this field. Early in the week we had beautiful drying weather and this hay turned out really good. We square baled a little over half of it and got 798 bales. I have to admit, I love raking hay. It’s so beautiful when you are done. I also love square baling. Especially being on the rack. Learning to stack them correctly and being able to do it is something I really enjoy. But I love work that you can see the progress also. You start with a field of hay mowed, by the time you are done, you have a barn full. It’s just beautiful.


Thank you for joining me for another week! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!