Friday Hunt v1.11

It is that time of week when I link up with my good friend down the road for her Friday Hunt! Our prompts this week are the Letter K, Weeks Favorite, and Flower.


The Letter K is for Koda. My darling boy has not been having good days. I noticed last week he wouldn’t go for walks with me. He mostly spends his days laying on his dog bed. The vet has given us a special food to try to get him to eat, with instructions to love him and keep him comfortable. Not a problem. Loving him has always been easy and I will do everything in my power to keep him comfortable.


This weeks Favorite is Diana and Tawny sunning themselves. They remind me so much of Martha and Dolly (their Moms) who were also half sisters. These two have been close since birth, I love the fact that goats have close family bonds that you can see!


Flower is obvious for me! It’s Flower the cat! We got her around my daughters 8th birthday so she got to name her. Apparently we had watched Bambi recently and she decided to name her after Flower the Skunk!

Thank you Teresa for hosting this each week and for getting me excited about blogging! If you would like to join us in the Friday Hunt or just go through the other bloggers interpretations of the prompts, please visit Teresa at Eden Hills!

Thanks for joining me and have a blessed weekend.


This face!


Happy 8th Birthday to my Little Man!


I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.


“Working” on the combine.

2015-12-06 13.22.07

I am amazed at the young man he is becoming. So handsome, kind, loving and smart.


I hope this year is filled with fun and happiness for you buddy! Love you forever.






Sunny Day!

Finally had sunshine last week!

Blaze, Dolly, Thunder, and Indy


Everybody was out basking in it!


Of course JD is always out yelling at me!

The cats were even out of the barn, but they are not good at having their pictures taken! Bullseye kept running to me and Flower kept looking behind her see what the dogs were doing.


Last night doing chores, it was calm out. So nice after the wind we had all last week! I was extremely tired of the wind. I like to walk through the all the animals and play with them a little.

Chrome has to make a big loop around the lot before he will come up to eat. He does this every morning and every evening. He will continue to loop around until the hay is in the feeder.

Aflack and Harly Duck are always out expressing their unhappiness with the snow. They are ready for their swimming pool back! The chickens love their table scraps. They come running when they hear me walk up!

JD and Blaze are always together. I hope that Blaze is getting his job done with the girls and not ignoring them so he can hang with his buddy!

The cats are really impatient. They get fed last or the dogs will help themselves to a cat food snack, so I have to watch where I am stepping because they are loudly protesting me  not feeding them NOW by racing around in front of me!

The young goats are inside and loving their warm little area. Cally and Ransom are settling in with the other 3. Everybody in here loves snuggling and scratches!


Older does are outside with the horses and JD Calf. Thunder doesn’t seem to mind sharing with them and they sure clean up the hay better as a group.


On the other side of the barn, Amirose was the only one that ventured out. She helped me out by taking the hose out of the tub so there was a river. Thanks.


My little man Chevy loves to be right under the door when I throw the hay. He is covered every time. But he is sure growing.


These three are my constant companions. They have to check on everyone and make sure I don’t have anything they want at each stop. Chores don’t take very long but it sure is nice to be able to spend a little time with everybody and not be blown away.

Friday Hunt 1.6

This week for our Friday Hunt with my dear friends at Eden Hills are the letter F, negative space, and weeks favorite.

For the letter F I decided to go with Flower the Cat.  Flower is one of our beloved barn cats that sometimes thinks she should sneak in the house.  She is momma to 2 of our other beloved barn cats.  We got her as kitten for my daughters 8th birthday making her 6 this year.  I had make 5 appointments to get her fixed due to continually getting knocked up again!  Finally had to put her in the house with a litter of kittens and wean the kittens out of the house to get it done!  But we are glad we have her and her boys to keep mice and things out of the barn and our other animals feed.  She’s not a poser, but her she is telling her youngest son Charlie to back off.


Negative Space was a little tricky for me.  But I took this picture this week out of my hay mow door.  I could probably sit up there looking at this view for hours.


Favorite is this one I took last night at our family get together.  The kids were playing duck, duck, goose.  My cousins kids, siblings kids, and my kids, along with one of my cousins grandkids and her daughter in law are all there.  Filled my heart to watch them all playing together and having a ball.  We don’t get together as often as we used to so it is always fun to see everyone and let the kids play.


Then to finish, I wanted to share our new little friend.  This is Rio Grande.  She is our new guinea pig and such a doll!  We got her because our other guinea pig passed away recently and Turbo has never been alone.  We noticed he was losing weight and not eating or coming out of his hut.  I was worried he was sad or lonely, so we went looking for friend.  Happy to note, that they not only seem to get along well but he was out of his hut most of the day and we saw him eating more than in recent days!

We currently in a blizzard warning, hopefully it turns out as “bad” as last weeks.  Hope you are all safe and warm!  Have a wonderful week!