Cleaning out the bin

Today Brother was finishing hauling corn from the bin at Mom’s. Since he is the trucker, that leaves me as the cleaner outer. Ok, maybe cleaner outer isn’t actually a word or a position, but I am going with it.

He of course had everything set up, because he and Mom had been hauling out of this bin since last week.


Bin to the auger. And here you can see my watchers. Mom and Niece#5 are tasked with watching me and the grain cart.


We fill the grain cart then when Brother returns he fills the truck and goes again while we continue to fill the grain cart.


Doesn’t seem like much left.


The sweep auger does most of the work. It takes the corn to the auger out of the bin. I just have to make sure it is still going around, and clean up behind it.


It’s not the best look, but it sure helps with the dust.


My watchers took their job pretty seriously. Checking on me regularly.


It didn’t take long to get it cleaned out.


Once done, I sweep the floor up and the bin is all clean.


Once we got everything covered and put away, I headed home to clean up.


Because it’s that time of year! First Cross Country meet of the season. There she goes! Madelyn ran really well and placed 4th on her team. I am so proud of her. I should also mention that I am really proud of Niece#3. After her surgery and long recovery, she has been cleared to run. This was her first high school meet and the first time this season she ran the whole 3.12 miles. And she did it! Ran the whole thing and finished! Good job girls.



Moving Bales

Some jobs just have to be done. They take time and are kind of the same thing over and over. Like today. We were moving bales from the farm by Sisters house to Brothers House. Start by unloading the back of the trucks so the flatbeds can be hooked up. Load the skidloader, and off we go. Load both trailers.


Brother drives the skidloader, I drive both trucks. After they are loaded, he gets out and takes one and I take the other home. The first two loads we left at the farm we were at for later.


Once we get home, he gets on the 706 and unloads. He is getting quite the pile stored up. But these have to not only feed his calves he weans, but also all his cows, spring and fall herd, all winter.


This is what he had before we started unloading.


And all those on the other side of the dually. While he unloads, I unstrap the trailers and then move the trucks and bring the other one up. Only one minor mistake today. I was watching my trailer so I didn’t run down too much of his hay field that is right beside me and bumped a bale. I think I cracked his bug shield, but he isn’t convinced it wasn’t already. I hate when I do things like that!


Repeat the same process, there were 62 bales putting 8 on the dually trailer, 7 on the grey truck trailer, so we had to load and unload 4 times. Brother had to go back and get one last bale and the skidloader, but he did that after supper.

We did have a couple little helpers today. Little nephew is trying to ‘jump in’ the truck.


Niece#5 was my copilot. She is loving having to help farm. Brother is going to have some really great helpers!


Niece#5 picked me some beautiful flowers. I was supposed to keep them, so I stuck them in my hair. Because she says ‘everyone should be pretty, even when they are sweaty and gross’. I think she has a point!



A short day

I should always know better when Brother mentions ‘should be a short day tomorrow’ that it will NOT be a short day tomorrow. The last couple years working for him, I have noticed that what he plans and how that actually works out aren’t the same thing. When you are relying on the weather and animals and equipment and even people to cooperate, just plan on everything taking about twice as long!

So here was the plan originally. Move the cows at the Darwin 60 to the front part of the pasture and then run to Prairie City to pick up 1500 pounds of creep feed and put 500 pounds at the Maxwell 60 and 1000 pounds at the Darwin 60(these are the names we use to know which pasture of cows we are talking about). This does not sound difficult. The first 10 minutes went pretty smoothly.

The cows at the Darwin 60 were ready to be moved, waiting at the gate for me. So I counted everyone, checked eyes and opened the gate. They ran happily into the fresh green grass and yeah! Job one done. Now I just have to put the wire up to keep them out of the back section of grass. Since it was previously broken I had to try to unwind the wire so it would reach until I got back. This is were the day fell apart. The wire broke. Of course I had taken all the wire out of my truck to work on fence at home. Oh well, I will be back in like an hour with feed, so patch it up and off I go.

I am still feeling pretty good about the day at this point. Just added a little extra work. I get to Mom’s and get everything I can think off to fix the fence and head off to get Brothers truck. I can’t use mine to get 1500 pounds of creep feed. My half ton is too wimpy, so I usually use his or Mom’s 3/4 ton. As I am loading my fencing equipment into the back of his truck he yells ‘don’t take that yet’. So I wait, and then help him while he changed the U joint. When he gets that done, we loaded mineral for one pasture and I drove him to the field where he was mowing hay.



While there I realized that I didn’t get mineral for the other pasture so I had to head back to Brothers house. By this time it is almost 11:30. I head for Prairie City creep feed.


Job #2 done. I have the feed. Now to deliver it. This shouldn’t take me long. I head back and go to the Maxwell 60.


I got the 500 pounds put in and the calves were pleased. One brave soul even went in while I was there.


Then I checked the cows and calves over as they headed back out to graze.


Even calves have meals on the go.

I then head to mom’s at 1:30 to eat dinner. After I got done, I went and got back in the truck to take the other 1000 pounds of creep and just get down the road, when Brother calls and needs the little air compressor full of air, hose, blow gun, crescent wrench, shop towels and hand cleaner. I am thinking there is a problem. So I turn around and head back to Mom’s and load up with the things he needs. I head back out the driveway and get a text adding the small needle nose pliers. Back to the shop I go.



I get to the field and thankfully he is still mowing. So it must not be a serious problem. Turns out that the power steering isn’t working. He didn’t seem to be able to use field modifications to get it working so I loaded up the tools. He tells me there is a cow out in the hay field by the pond. See if it is ours and if so figure out what the problem is. So instead of going to dump creep, I go back to find the cows. Sure enough, she is ours. Ok, now what?

I go to where the cows are and count the rest, and discover the fence is indeed not working. Go to the source, the fencer. When I get there, I notice immediately that there is no ticking coming from which usually means it’s been struck by lightening. Great. Back to Mom’s for a different fencer.


Ok, back to the pasture to hook this guy up. With that done, the fence was working again. Now I still have a cow in the hay field and the rest need moved to middle section this week anyway, so I just have to figure out how to get the cow back in and then move them. Thankfully, these particular cows are very used to me so as I drove, I called to her and she followed me to the gate. Brother happened to come down the hill behind us so I opened the gate and keep the others in and he walked her in. We counted them and moved them up.

It’s now 4:30 and I am really heading to unload creep and fix the fence from this morning.


Finally! Only 20 bags to unload! Once that was done, I could start on the fence. I have no idea who did the fence originally but it is made of high tensile wire and that is fairly hard to bend.


I got all the things I needed to redo it, but that was not happening. So back up plan.


Always keep janky wire around in a pinch. I will have to bring better wire next time. I got it fixed and working.


Everyone was happily content. I headed back to Mom’s to unload the truck and then head for home about 6 pm. So that’s a look at my short day.




Walking Beans

We might be old fashion but that’s ok. I like old fashion. Technology is great, but sometimes nothing beats good old fashion hard work. This is one of those times. Brother has tried spraying, but certain weeds just don’t respond to spray anymore. Like lambs quarter and water hemp. They might be stunted, but then they almost always come back stronger.


We started in the big field. We are a little short of help this year due to Niece#3 having surgery earlier this summer and Niece#2 having a stress fracture in her leg. I know they are really disappointed at not being able to help.


But Niece#5 was there helping! She doesn’t take up many rows but she is learning and trying.


Niece#4 was there and did a really good job. You can barely see her, just her red hat as she is bent down pulling a tough one while Denton takes a break. Big Nephew got in on one day before he leaves for the start of Football season.


Denton and I working? He did the whole field with us, which with half mile rows makes a mile a round. We figure we made about 10 rounds yesterday.


He was a trooper. Only complained a little mostly about being tired, which we all were, but it was a great day to get a field knocked out.


This is how you hold your hook evidently. Landon struggled a little but I think that had more to do with being tired than anything. You should have seen the energy these kids had after we were done.


Dinner time in the field with the whole crew. Brother, Mom, Big Nephew, Nieces#4 and #5, my 3 kids, Neighbor and Neighbor’s Grandson made a pretty good little group. We ended up about 3 rows short of finishing. One thing Mom is very talented at is packing a meal in a field for a crew.


We have a couple fields left and are hoping to knock them out early this week before more rain.

Wesley and Michael.jpg

Little nephew doesn’t get to spend the whole day in the field. But he sure is excited when he gets there. Especially to see his dad. Brings tears to my eyes remembering how Brother ran to Dad this way. It’s great when your hero is the guy at the end of your row.


One of my favorite statements Brother has told the kids when they complain that walking beans is the worst thing ever, “if you can do the worst job in the world well, everything for the rest of your life should be easy”. Each year the kids get better and better at it, watching Big Nephew patiently coax his sister along and check on her shows that they do grow out of the complaining stage and become leaders in the field.


Brother had a field of grass hay down. I was sent out to rake it. It’s a hilly field, but all was going well.


I was going along and having good luck until…


I lost steering on the M. I got stopped and did some looking around after I called for Brother. Yeah, this is a problem. It’s supposed to be attached to the steering and move the wheels when you turn the steering wheel. Now what? Thank goodness Brother is so handy. He and SIL to the rescue. We got it loaded on the trailer and taken to the shop. Since the H wouldn’t stay running I went back out with the 560 to finish raking. It doesn’t exactly drive as well for raking as the M does so I didn’t get to take any pictures with it. Thankfully, Brother came back with the M fixed before to long!


Once done, we got started. I drove the baler for Brother until SIL got there to take over. Then Big Nephew and I were on the rack together. I didn’t mind the hills, except when we had a slick rack.


Once Brother got done loading the flatbed with the hay we were baling, I got moved to shagging racks. Brother and Big Nephew are a pretty good team loading.


We got done with the square bales and Brother finished up with round bales.


Unfortunately, my gloves didn’t make it through the first round of square baling. Had a minor blow out. Oh well, I have two more pairs waiting in the truck!

Friday’s Hunt v1.24

Welcome again for Friday’s Hunt with my dear friend Teresa at Eden Hills. This week our prompts are Starts with X, Weeks Favorite, and Wet or Water

Starts with X is Xerothermic. That is what we have been this week. It means Dry and Hot. Dry and hot is good when you are wanting to bale, not great when you want to chop. So we baled up the rest of the rye Brother had down.

Brother baling while I move them off the field or into stacks of 7 to haul off later
Loading Big Nephews trailer
Waiting in line to unload.
All of us in one. Brother unloading SIL, The Friend in the skidloader behind me, Big Nephew’s load in the corner of the mirror.

Thankfully we got all of them off the field before it rained last night, which according to the weatherman it wasn’t supposed to do! But I think Brother wanted a little rain on the field before he planted the beans, I just hope he can get them in and we don’t get into a really rainy cycle.






For my Weeks Favorite, say hello to my little friend! Big Nephew and I were spading thistles and we saw 2 deer, a coyote (in the middle of day which kind of surprised me) and then this little guy. I love nature!


I found the electric fence wasn’t working and that means walk the fence and figure out why and fix it. It didn’t take long to find the south gap down. Looks like a deer missed a jump. Luckily I had my mud boots on. So into the creek I go.


Wouldn’t you know, I found out that not only was the fence still working once I got it out of the Water,(OUCH!)but suddenly my foot was Wet! Yup I have a leak. Time for new boots!

Hope you all had a wonderful week! If you would like to join the fun of Friday’s Hunt or just check out the other entries, stop on over to Eden Hills .

Out My Window

Hummingbird on the Oriole feeder!
Through the window isn’t the best for pictures, but yeah!
I can’t believe they are sitting there eating!

This is why I love mornings!

By the way, it is Brothers Birthday today. He’s not much for computers or social networks, but in the event you see him, wish him a Happy Day!