Friday’s Hunts I have missed

Since I have not been sitting down at my computer, or even really carrying my phone or camera with me like I should, I haven’t been keeping up with my Friday’s Hunts. So I will try to catch up a little.

Going all the way back to Friday’s Hunt v3.2. Our prompts are the Letter B and Creature. (I am going to leave out Week’s Favorite because well…let’s be honest, I haven’t been taking many pictures)

Letter B.


Broken Barn! I love my broken down barn. I spend a lot of time in it and while who wouldn’t love a shiny new barn, I will stick with my broken barn for now.



This creature has completely stolen my heart and my chair. Tuxedo is really settling into life here and becoming an ornery beloved member of the family.

Friday’s Hunt v3.3

Letter C


This Crazy kid? I came in the house from doing chores and here he is, sitting on the couch watching his show in this tub. It’s supposed to be full of toys. I wonder where they could be?

Odd Angle.


How is this? These two played together one chilly afternoon when Miss Bailee came to visit. She sat like this a long time watching Tux.

Friday’s Hunt v3.4

Letter D.


Well, these two lazy dogs aren’t doing much this winter. They mostly lay on their pillows and sleep. They can’t be outside long with their short coats. They are loving these warmer days we have been having and going for long walks with me.

Close Up.


Honestly I have taken a lot of pictures of Tux this winter. He’s so darn cute and always on my lap.

Friday’s Hunt v3.5

Letter E.


Edible. I have been trying out some new things lately. One of them is Spaghetti Squash. It was actually really good!



I have started a new personal journey this winter. I want to lose some weight. So I guess I can share here parts of my journey. We will see how it goes.

Friday’s Hunt v3.6

Letter F.


We had fun celebrating and help raise money for a dear friend of ours from town who has recently fallen very ill and can no longer work. She is one of the sweetest ladies and it was apparent from the turnout.



No matter how many critters I end up with around this funny farm, these three are my whole heart! Their laughter and smiles bring sunshine to every single day.

Friday’s Hunt v3.7

Letter G.


Scarlett, Button, and Tawny


Goats. They are getting some wonderful sun this last week.



I guess I don’t have a lot of pictures with pink in it. This one will have to do for now!

Well, this should catch me up until next week! Hope to see you then!



Checking fence

Brother asked me to check the South Farm fence. Since there was nothing else real pressing to get to, I took the dogs.


I took all three. One baled out before I got the tailgate down. She was a little excited. The other two just stood there like come on, let us out!


Oh happy dogs! They just love adventures. I planned to just walked the perimeter. They ran an extra couple miles, just checking things out.


We found a place where deer had been bedding down.


The fall weeds are blooming. We came across these little yellow ball flowers.


They are actually very pretty up close!


With as many pictures as I take of pretty weeds, I really should start learning the names of them.


These little white ones were super tiny! But up close they were cute!


They were so small. About half the size of my pinky nail.


And yet another one. The pasture was full of pretty flowering plants. It was also full of other things.

20160902_183541 (2)

While the webs are pretty cool, they were everywhere! Of course there haven’t been any cows in this pasture recently, so they have had the run of the long grass. My kids would have been having a fit. I thought it was awesome to watch them drop out of sight at the first movement of the grass around their web.


The dogs were just happy to running and jumping and playing and exploring all the smells.


Nala wanders off alone a lot, but she always finds us.


Bo exhausts himself doing the boxer bounce through all the tall grass and eventually ends up following me in my path so closely he trips me up.


Piper is uncoordinated and ends up lagging behind. But she seems pretty happy to lope along at her own pace.


Worst thing about walking a pasture in the fall? Burrs. I swear every plant out there has burrs on them. I still don’t have them all off my tank top. I may just give up and throw it away. I don’t love burrs.


By the time I got to the top of the hill where we left the truck, the dogs had given up on me all ready.

20160902_185307 (2)

They were ready to go take a nap for the rest of the day.

Oh and the fences were all good!

This week.

Holiday weeks always throw me off. Monday and Tuesday felt like Sunday to me. I have no idea what day it is! Tuesday was spent at the hospital with Niece#3 having surgery. Everything went very well and she is doing amazing in her recovery. I think she might be a little tougher than even we thought!

Madelyn and Niece#3

Her smile says it all! I am so proud of how she is handling this tough road to recovery she is on. She had what is called Pectus Excavatum(I am not entirely sure that is spelled right) which is basically when your rib cage grows kind of caved in. They inserted a metal bar under her rib cage and popped it out. Now she has to be really careful not to twist, bend much, use her arms to lift herself, so she is pretty dependent on help for about the next month. But her cheerful attitude and spirit are showing what an amazing young lady she is!

Wednesday sent me back to work. Brother was trying to get ready to mow rye and hay so Nephew#1 and I were to get pastures ready for cows. This means walking fences, fixing what we can with what we can carry, looking for thistles that need cut, and getting fencers up.


Yeah, it’s not the worst thing to have to walk around in this. It has been warm, but not to bad. The pastures look great and we didn’t find to much in too bad of shape yet. We worked a small group of cows and calves yesterday and got them out on pasture. I don’t get a lot of pictures of that because you can’t hold a camera and catch cows in the head gate!


We did find a few of these. Yuck. I do not like musk thistles. They are terribly invasive and our job is to find them all and pull the heads off and put them in a feed bag and then spade the plant. This is not my favorite job but is one that has to be done and done well! Each of those beautiful flowers can release hundreds of seeds, which will be terrible!


I brought Bo and Piper with us while were checking fence and getting thistles. They loved racing around and playing in the creek. I think they were pooped by the time we got home. I really like when I have a chance to take them. I was really excited at how well Piper listened and stayed with us. Bo is doing a pretty good job of teaching her.


I did have to check a group of cows at Mom’s. Just walk through and make sure everyone is there and ok.


This little guy was hiding by the tree and luckily I was walking that way or I would have missed him.


It’s easy to see why I love what I do. I am forced to be out in this! Even though some of the work is less than glamourous, just a few minutes here and I don’t even think about the times I am exhausted or sore or struggling to learn something.


Brother and Dad’s good friend Dave spent the day mowing the rye field. Once we get it chopped or baled, Brother will plant it to beans. Friend Dave loves helping and we love having him around!


And then there was my proud moment of the day. I have hauled and spread manure before, but today Brother said clean out the silage pit. Ok! I love learning and doing new things and while for some this might not be a big a deal, I am pretty proud of how it went. I only spilled a tiny bit off the side and even was able to use the loader to only get enough to fill the very back of the spreader. Of course Nephew#1 was helping line me up and I did some lowering when I should have been raising with the bucket. I am excited I have to do it again today. The more you learn, the more you know!


Finally these little guys are still growing like weeds! The baby goats are doing very well also. We are still patiently(ok that is a total lie) on Indi who does not seem in to big a hurry to show us what she is hiding in there!

We are also waiting on Chevy’s mom who was due yesterday to have her 2nd colt! I can’t wait to see what she throws this year. We also recently discovered the doe Niece#3 bought this spring is bred and I think she could be due anytime, so come on babies!

I hope you are having as beautiful weather as we are. Have a great day!

Doing more Redoing

So it was gorgeous again yesterday and today. I was at it again. Since I only have so much time to use the borrowed tools, I wanted to get everything done I needed to do with them.


I got both wooden posts set and all the t posts pulled and panels taken down.

What is this?


 We don’t generally keep geese, and we aren’t keeping these guys either. I think the parents are confused. They got themselves in a corner and could not seem to figure out a way through. I shut the dogs up, and herded them back out into the empty yard. They continued on through the front yard.


They headed out in the street! Luckily that guy in the truck just happened to be Hubby. He saw them and me and stopped to let them pass. I think the parents are a little confused. Not sure they no where they are going!

Of course I did have some help with most of my jobs.

JD the very useful calf.


I didn’t get a picture of him while he was standing right where I was working because I was chasing him out of the way. But I did have to laugh at him. Cattle love to reach through fences.

The grass is obviously better on the other side.


Even though this is what is on the other side of him.

I think there is enough grass for one calf in the pasture. But he tends to be a typical difficult calf.


Dang it. I guess it is finally time to get out a new pair of gloves. Maybe it’s time I let these two pairs go?

My daughter thinks I have a problem.


The dogs were also a big help today.


If taking breaks and laying around are considered help!


Piper went to the vet again yesterday to finish up her puppy shots. She is now 37.1 pounds and has her very own rabies ID tag. She did a lot better riding in the truck, but still wants to lay on my lap, which isn’t going to work much longer! Her personality is so sweet and I love her just a little more each day.

My day yesterday ended with 2 baseball games watching my two favorite players

Denton’s PeeWee team won their game.
Landon’s Minor team won their game also!

It was actually a little chilly to sit out in the wind and watch baseball, but the boys were excited and had a great time, so that makes it worth it.

Feeling Frisky

Spring brings out the frisky in the animals. I got the fence fixed so that I can turn out JD and the horses.

Thunder was really feeling her oats.
Bo got a little concerned this time around.


Everybody getting involved.


Chrome and Thunder.



Chrome and Chevy.


My Boys


Here they come.

Ignore the dandelions, they will be going away very shortly. I love watching them run. I also got some work done on my goat play place.


Ok, well, maybe not new, but new to us. This is the ramp that Dad built to load hogs. As I told you before, Brother is converting all the old pig pens into cattle pens, so I re-using a lot of Dad’s stuff for the goats. This ramp is perfect for the goat play place. Dad built it pretty sturdy for the hogs, it’s actually fairly heavy. I think it will hold up well with goats jumping around on it.


I built the play place a couple years ago with scrap wood. The bottom level fell apart so I replaced the top of it with an old barn door I found. It is way more stable now.

Big girls and JD.

I turned the girls out on the grass. They didn’t run around so much. Mostly went to eating. JD didn’t get into the horses running around either. He just put his head down and ate.

Nala and Piper got into the excitement. Not much difference in their size anymore.

My day ended by shivering through a track meet. It was the first home track meet on our newly resurfaced track!


We won! Madelyn and Niece #2 are both on the team. Niece #2 won the 3000 meter race! Madelyn PR’d (Personal Record) in the 3000, getting 4th! Then she ran the 1500 meter and PR’d again. It was a great race, she came from 5th to get 2nd place. I am so proud of these two girls. Their strength and determination is a beautiful thing to see. Congratulations Trojans!

It was a lovely day and a perfect ending.


Last night doing chores, it was calm out. So nice after the wind we had all last week! I was extremely tired of the wind. I like to walk through the all the animals and play with them a little.

Chrome has to make a big loop around the lot before he will come up to eat. He does this every morning and every evening. He will continue to loop around until the hay is in the feeder.

Aflack and Harly Duck are always out expressing their unhappiness with the snow. They are ready for their swimming pool back! The chickens love their table scraps. They come running when they hear me walk up!

JD and Blaze are always together. I hope that Blaze is getting his job done with the girls and not ignoring them so he can hang with his buddy!

The cats are really impatient. They get fed last or the dogs will help themselves to a cat food snack, so I have to watch where I am stepping because they are loudly protesting me  not feeding them NOW by racing around in front of me!

The young goats are inside and loving their warm little area. Cally and Ransom are settling in with the other 3. Everybody in here loves snuggling and scratches!


Older does are outside with the horses and JD Calf. Thunder doesn’t seem to mind sharing with them and they sure clean up the hay better as a group.


On the other side of the barn, Amirose was the only one that ventured out. She helped me out by taking the hose out of the tub so there was a river. Thanks.


My little man Chevy loves to be right under the door when I throw the hay. He is covered every time. But he is sure growing.


These three are my constant companions. They have to check on everyone and make sure I don’t have anything they want at each stop. Chores don’t take very long but it sure is nice to be able to spend a little time with everybody and not be blown away.