Hiccups and Heartbreak

Farming, even hobby farming, is filled with hiccups and heartbreak. This month has been full of it for me and our little farm.

It started with Jazzy. We couldn’t figure out why a two week old goat would suddenly bloat and stop eating. I tried all the things I could think of to help her. But in the end, whatever it was that caused her bloat won out and she passed away on my lap late one Saturday night.


Jazzy Finch March 28, 2017-April 8, 2017

That was hard, especially on Denton, who only really wants a doe to raise like his brother has in Scarlett. We lost his doe Ginger last year in the same way just days before the fair. I was becoming frustrated because something is happening to them and I can’t figure out what.


Then, on Friday, April 14th, exactly one week later, Buster bloated. I immediately called the vet, who didn’t think 2-3 week old goats should bloat. He came over right away. We treated him a couple different ways. He got Nuflur, banamine, and about 40 cc of Mineral Oil tubed into his stomach. It was basically a watch and wait. The next morning, he was no longer bloated, but now he was very gaunt with diarrhea. Ok, alive is good. Now to figure out what the heck? I got some Corid to treat for Coccidiosis. I continued the banamine for his slight fever and comfort, antibiotic in case it is a different type of infection and probiotic to get/keep his rumen working, along with Corid.

The first few days he was pretty lethargic and wouldn’t eat anything. We were getting fairly worried as his eyes were sunk in, he was so gaunt, and just barely doing anything. But I kept treating him and we kept trying to get him to eat. He finally about Wednesday ate about 4 ounces, which pleased us. I cleaned out the entire pen and treated it with Clorox bleach after letting it dry completely. New bedding, cleaned out feed pans and water pan with vinegar and got electrolytes for them. Finally Thursday, I noticed him drinking almost every time I walked by the pen they were in. Which was actually quite often since I was cleaning out the other pens in the barn and had to walk by them with the wheel barrow each load. I really was hopeful he was taking a turn for the better. Each day since then he has eaten a little more. His eyes are not sunk in anymore and he is no longer gaunt. I think we have made it with him.


Blaze the day he was born.



Broken Barn Trailblazer “Blaze” March 22, 2015-April 24, 2017


In the mean time, Blaze went down hill very suddenly Sunday. Not the same kind of downhill, Just unable to get up and extremely weak and thin. I couldn’t believe it. I tried to treat him for both coccidiosis and possibly polio, but to no avail. My handsome bottle baby faded quickly and died peacefully Monday. I am thankful we have a number of his daughters that were born this year.

Meanwhile, the pony appears to be in heat. I shut her up in separate pen from the boys. Since Chevy has not been gelded yet, I thought it was best. Apparently across the fence wasn’t far enough.


This is what I found when I went to the barn Monday afternoon to feed babies. I couldn’t believe it. Why?! So back to the vet clinic, I think they might be my best friends now as I talk to them more than pretty much anyone else. Thankfully, although they don’t’ treat horses, one f the vet techs has horses and knows exactly what to do. So I am treating her while keeping the boys across the street in the other pasture until Chevy goes for his surgery.

I think everything will be fine eventually. But I sure could use a break.


Whoa! What Stinks?

There has been a funny awful smell around here lately.


It gets worse as this guy walks up. Poor former bottle baby, he just wants scratches. However, DO NOT touch him.


Don’t let those big eyes suck you in. You cannot get that smell off your hands or clothes. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one.

This goof I have had to touch nearly every single day the last two weeks.


For some reason, he has decided that he needs to get his stuck in the fence. Every single day. I am probably going to have to do something to fix that.

Hopefully all the girls are breed soon and the smell can tone it’s self down. Oh, well. At least they are handsome.


Friday’s Hunt v2.2

Welcome back for another version of Friday’s Hunt hosted by my dear friend Teresa at Eden Hills. This week we have the Letter B, Weeks Favorite, and Patriotic.

For Letter B I am showing my handsome boy Blaze. He is back for a while before he goes a visits new girls at our vet Amy’s house. I hope she gets flashy colored babies!

Growing up!


My Weeks Favorite came from our adventures this week.


They do love each other. We had a great adventure through the pastures checking fences and cows!

20160709_215617 (2)


I love fireworks anytime, but on the 4th of July they are the most wonderful. I hum “and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there” the entire time. Can you imagine seeing what Francis Scott Key saw that night?


What a beautiful sight.

So today

Well today was one of those cruddy, almost sprinkling, blowing like a hurricane and cuts right to your bones, wait it’s sunny, no it’s raining, kind of spring days. So, FINE, I will do some house work. Whatever, that is so boring. But I did of course have to spend some of the day in the barn. I snuck out once when the sun was shining and played with Piper. She went in and meet the really big guys.

20160404_182338.jpgThey followed her all over and she sniffed them. Piper loves all her animal friends.

Here are the baby lambs, they are doing great in the barn. They didn’t get to go outside today, but they are eating really good and growing fast!


Can you tell which one of the goats in this pen was a bottle baby last year? Blaze Buck likes to try to help out whenever we come in to feed the babies. He thinks he wants to try that bottle too. Since I won’t let him around me, he nibbles on me instead. Goof.

Anyway, here is to a better day to play outside tomorrow!


Last night doing chores, it was calm out. So nice after the wind we had all last week! I was extremely tired of the wind. I like to walk through the all the animals and play with them a little.

Chrome has to make a big loop around the lot before he will come up to eat. He does this every morning and every evening. He will continue to loop around until the hay is in the feeder.

Aflack and Harly Duck are always out expressing their unhappiness with the snow. They are ready for their swimming pool back! The chickens love their table scraps. They come running when they hear me walk up!

JD and Blaze are always together. I hope that Blaze is getting his job done with the girls and not ignoring them so he can hang with his buddy!

The cats are really impatient. They get fed last or the dogs will help themselves to a cat food snack, so I have to watch where I am stepping because they are loudly protesting me  not feeding them NOW by racing around in front of me!

The young goats are inside and loving their warm little area. Cally and Ransom are settling in with the other 3. Everybody in here loves snuggling and scratches!


Older does are outside with the horses and JD Calf. Thunder doesn’t seem to mind sharing with them and they sure clean up the hay better as a group.


On the other side of the barn, Amirose was the only one that ventured out. She helped me out by taking the hose out of the tub so there was a river. Thanks.


My little man Chevy loves to be right under the door when I throw the hay. He is covered every time. But he is sure growing.


These three are my constant companions. They have to check on everyone and make sure I don’t have anything they want at each stop. Chores don’t take very long but it sure is nice to be able to spend a little time with everybody and not be blown away.