Adventures of Memorial Day Weekend

Well, I had big plans for the weekend. They mostly consisted of tilling my garden, planting as much as physically possible and mowing. But the torrential rain we got Saturday about noon really set me back. No tilling meant no gardening. I did finally get most of my mowing done. But, since I couldn’t do what I wanted I found other ways to keep busy!



Piper checking on the overly dramatic Raider the Sheep after his banding.


Started to morning by banding all the boys, goats and sheep, and giving them their second CDT shot.

20170527_100929 (2)
Button with Laker and Royal(standing) Dodger being a little dramatic.
Indi with Ziggy (back) and Xavier (front) who wasn’t dramatic at first and then holy cow goat!
Scarlett’s kids Jacy (left) and Jeff (laying down) wondering what the heck happened here?

Once we got that done I ran to town for some groceries. I was still planning on tilling the garden about 1. Then the rain came. Hard fast moving rain that dumped about .9″ on us. Gee just when my garden was almost dry enough to work in. Sigh.


After some minimal pouting, I turned around and this. How can you be upset about rain when there is beauty like this behind you?

Miss Kitty

So I brushed these guys out and double checked new tattoos and nails and switch them to the outside pens. Then I kind of wandered and checked everything out.

Much to my surprise the pigeons have started laying eggs! We got two, but one had a tiny crack. They are so cute.



Madelyn had gone camping with some friends, so the boys and I decided we should have our own adventure. We sent to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate, which was probably enough excitement for the day to them. Then we head on west of Ames to the Ledges State Park near Boone. They weren’t sure what to expect. At first, I think they were fairly convinced that they were going on an adventure like we do at Mom’s house. With creeks and ravines and some trees. They like those adventures, sure, but I think they were hoping for something new.


They thought it was very beautiful walking through and finding stairs. They were sure by this point that we had seen the ‘ledges’ that were actually just little ravines.


His face when he actually saw the Ledges, completely priceless!


The excitement level ramped up a bit here. While we still had to hike a ways, they couldn’t wait to see what it actually was like down there!


It was beautiful. I had driven here before but never taken the time to walk around. It was beautiful and a perfect day.


I am almost certain that Landon has done or said something that upset Denton here!


Of course they had to get in the water and played and explored here for about an hour.


The swallows nest along the ledge are crazy. It looks like they barely fit.


Third time up these stairs, my energy is fading, theirs seems to be growing!



They were very excited to get to the top and see what was up there. Ended up mostly trees, but there were some beautiful sights on the way.


Looking back to where we had been.
Straight down.

Over all it was a great afternoon together. We finished by heading through Dairy Queen for a smoothie and headed home to clean up and relax. Which is when I finally got the mowing done.



Started bright and early at the Rhodes Fire Department Annual Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast! Yum! Then I had to go to town for our business to get everything finalized for the Rhodes Memorial Day celebration. Then we got ready and headed to Collins to meet at the cemetery for the event there. I missed taking a picture of the awesome fly over a local pilot does! It was very cool and I got caught watching!

Then after we all ate dinner at the bar in Rhodes with the local legion, we all headed back to mom’s for our family fun! Started by getting supper ready and cooking and then headed out for an pasture adventure.


His boot tops are too short to get in.


Littlenephew made it to the top of the big big hill.
Throwing rocks.


Niece#2 was actually considering pole vaulting the creek!
Niece#3 was happy to help her sister out in this poor idea!
I wonder what Denton and littlenephew are discussing?



Just missing Niece#1, Niece#5, BigNephew, Sisinlaw and Brother, but quite the crew. My heart is full. After a Creek long adventure, we headed back to check food and play our usual game of kickball! No serious injuries, but Sister did come out of retirement and she might be a little sore today!

We celebrated Niece#3’s birthday and had way to much food and a lot of loud discussions, but there is no where I would rather be!

Thank you to everyone who has and will serve for this blessed life and beautiful country I get to call home. Freedom is not Free.


A very useful kitten

Milton seems to be enjoying life. He is getting big enough to come out regularly alone and terrorize the poor dogs. Tux regularly terrorizes him.

Of course there is someone else that Milton terrorizes. I think he thinks he is helping. He can now climb my chair so while I am working on my computer I have a tiny helper again.


I am going to eat your arm!
Oooo, your hand! I must attack!
This needs attacked too!


A face you have to love!

Of course you can’t hardly be mad, look at that face. Now he is contently snuggled under my arm purring away. He isn’t really useful at all, but he seems to think that it’s helpful.



After all the sickness


As I told you that all the bottle babies had been fighting some kind of sickness. I think we have it under control. After the vet had been here the 2nd time to treat Drizzle for bloat, I cleaned everything out and then sprayed them down with bleach. After they dried, I built new hay feeders and grain feeders and bedded them down.


I am hopeful that this is going to help take care of whatever it was. Everyone seems to be on the mend. I am slightly disappointed that they lost weight as we had weigh in for the fair last weekend. They are of course a little on the small side. I really hope they take off and do well.


The chickens got a clean floor as well. They didn’t seem to like the Clorox, but I don’t know where the sickness is coming from so they will have to deal with it.


Mixing bottle baby milk.


In the meantime, my days have been filled with a familiar sight.


Bottles and more bottles. Since I am still home most days and can, we have been feeding three times a day.


Denton has been feeding Raider the Lamb most days. I usually feed Drizzle.


Landon takes care of Buster. They get pretty panicked and are out of control most feedings. Even though they are eating three full bottles three times a day, you would never know it by their behavior!


I did happen to be able to sneak up to the pen on evening after they had eaten and get a picture of them being calm. I don’t think that Lamb will ever know he isn’t a goat! They can be so sweet!


Hiccups and Heartbreak

Farming, even hobby farming, is filled with hiccups and heartbreak. This month has been full of it for me and our little farm.

It started with Jazzy. We couldn’t figure out why a two week old goat would suddenly bloat and stop eating. I tried all the things I could think of to help her. But in the end, whatever it was that caused her bloat won out and she passed away on my lap late one Saturday night.


Jazzy Finch March 28, 2017-April 8, 2017

That was hard, especially on Denton, who only really wants a doe to raise like his brother has in Scarlett. We lost his doe Ginger last year in the same way just days before the fair. I was becoming frustrated because something is happening to them and I can’t figure out what.


Then, on Friday, April 14th, exactly one week later, Buster bloated. I immediately called the vet, who didn’t think 2-3 week old goats should bloat. He came over right away. We treated him a couple different ways. He got Nuflur, banamine, and about 40 cc of Mineral Oil tubed into his stomach. It was basically a watch and wait. The next morning, he was no longer bloated, but now he was very gaunt with diarrhea. Ok, alive is good. Now to figure out what the heck? I got some Corid to treat for Coccidiosis. I continued the banamine for his slight fever and comfort, antibiotic in case it is a different type of infection and probiotic to get/keep his rumen working, along with Corid.

The first few days he was pretty lethargic and wouldn’t eat anything. We were getting fairly worried as his eyes were sunk in, he was so gaunt, and just barely doing anything. But I kept treating him and we kept trying to get him to eat. He finally about Wednesday ate about 4 ounces, which pleased us. I cleaned out the entire pen and treated it with Clorox bleach after letting it dry completely. New bedding, cleaned out feed pans and water pan with vinegar and got electrolytes for them. Finally Thursday, I noticed him drinking almost every time I walked by the pen they were in. Which was actually quite often since I was cleaning out the other pens in the barn and had to walk by them with the wheel barrow each load. I really was hopeful he was taking a turn for the better. Each day since then he has eaten a little more. His eyes are not sunk in anymore and he is no longer gaunt. I think we have made it with him.


Blaze the day he was born.



Broken Barn Trailblazer “Blaze” March 22, 2015-April 24, 2017


In the mean time, Blaze went down hill very suddenly Sunday. Not the same kind of downhill, Just unable to get up and extremely weak and thin. I couldn’t believe it. I tried to treat him for both coccidiosis and possibly polio, but to no avail. My handsome bottle baby faded quickly and died peacefully Monday. I am thankful we have a number of his daughters that were born this year.

Meanwhile, the pony appears to be in heat. I shut her up in separate pen from the boys. Since Chevy has not been gelded yet, I thought it was best. Apparently across the fence wasn’t far enough.


This is what I found when I went to the barn Monday afternoon to feed babies. I couldn’t believe it. Why?! So back to the vet clinic, I think they might be my best friends now as I talk to them more than pretty much anyone else. Thankfully, although they don’t’ treat horses, one f the vet techs has horses and knows exactly what to do. So I am treating her while keeping the boys across the street in the other pasture until Chevy goes for his surgery.

I think everything will be fine eventually. But I sure could use a break.


Days you can finally be outside.

So the sun has finally been shining and getting a little longer. The warmer weather means I am outside more and basically ignoring any house work. Wandering around means finally more pictures!

We had a little more excitement at 7th Heaven Acres! While everyone was at school, Sister called and wondered if I would mind going out and checking on Phoenix. She had been home over the lunch hour and was sure she was in labor, but just wanted someone to check. Since I was just out driving around getting feed and a few supplies at the vet’s, of course I would go!

When I arrived Phoenix was in labor just like she said. I sat and watched for about 20 minutes before she actually started pawing the ground and acting uncomfortable. I wanted to leave her alone as much as possible since it was her first kidding.

Then things went crazy. She laid down to push, and push she did. Hard. Nothing moved or changed. Then she rolled out flat and pushed again. Hard. And screamed. By now I am in the pen with her. Nothing happened or changed. I could see feet but no head. I tried to reach in and make sure the head was coming forward. I couldn’t get my hand on to check. There was no room for my hand, let alone for that baby to come out. I immediately call the vet. We have a problem.

She is now laid out flat screaming and flailing. I am alone and starting to panic. This is Niece#3’s goat and you might not know this about me, but I really, REALLY love my Nieces! I was so afraid something would happen on my watch to her goat and that really had me worried. I hurried back into the pen after getting the vet headed my way. She was still pushing really hard with little movement, BUT! great news, I could see a nose. Which was a relief and worry at the same time. the sack around the baby had broken so now it needed to start breathing or suffocate. The good news was I could start pulling because I know which way the head is facing. Each time Phoenix hunched to pull, I pulled.

With all my might. Literally, I was dragging her around the pen pulling as hard as I could on these tiny legs. She now is acting like she is really in distress and you know I am in distress! After about 6 hard pulls the baby finally made it out. I had grabbed a towel out of my truck and quickly cleared the airway and nose and let mom do the rest of the cleaning. She seemed fairly interested in it and I stepped back to let them be. Baby seemed to be ok but my relief was extremely short lived as she started pushing fairly hard right away again.

Where was the vet?! Well one hard push and she went down again. This time I could get my hand past baby and feel a head so I grabbed the legs and head and after 2 pushes, we had another baby on the ground!


Phoenix and twin bucks

The vet arrived as I was wiping the second kids mouth and nose. She checked mom and babies and decided that there were no more kids and everyone was fine. Sister arrived a few minutes later and I was so relieved that all was ok. They were both fairly big kids who have thankfully gotten the hang of life and taken off!

I headed home to unload feed and do chores and what do I find?


Seriously Ransom? This is about the fourth time this week I have found him like this. He is getting to big and too strong for me to keep getting him unstuck.


Oh well, I was going to have to catch him for worming and a pedicure, so I guess today will do. After I completed those tasks, I had Landon come out and put a halter on him. I then proceeded to get him out of the fence.

And then…


Yup. The Horns Of Shame. Get stuck in the fence now. Surprisingly he still has them on after a week. I don’t think Blaze and Piper who live in the pen with him love them, but it is affective. I will have to take them off in May when I put him in with the does.


After being gone

Scarlett Buck Jeff

Well, I will start with before I left actually! A couple days before we went on vacation Landon discovered that Scarlett had a baby!

I went out and checked and since she was still pushing, waited and it wasn’t that long and…


Spotty doe! Her name is Jacy.


Yup! Twins. I was relieved because they had a couple days to get going before we left for a week.


Jacy in the back, Jeff in the front


Then since we were going to be gone to save people the trouble, we moved Scarlett and babies, Indi, Button, and Tawny to 7th Heaven Acres so that Niece#4 and Sister could care for them and check the other 2 does that are due any time. Tawny went along for the ride because after being in with the bucks for over a year and still not getting bred means she needs to go to the sale barn.


Scarlett and babies settling into their vacation home.


Indi, Button, and Tawny settled into to their vacation home.

Sister had a goat that need to go to the sale as well, so she was kind enough to take Tawny for us that week.


Indi’s buck Xavier


They were also kind enough to care for Indi, who decided to kid while were on our way to the airport! I mean why wouldn’t she? I have only been doing barn checks for the entire week before we left through the night.


Xavier and Ziggy


I am really not all that upset because she has proven she is an excellent mother and had wild colors again so we are happy. Another buck and doe for us. So we returned from our trip and got everyone moved home and settled back in. It is spring so it’s time to start thinking about fair. Since this is Denton’s last year as a Clover Kid, that means bottle babies.






We got these two from my friend Deb and they took right off. Unfortunately, Jazzy took a turn for the worse and despite the vet and I trying everything we couldn’t save her. The next day, my friend Michael came walking up to me and said ‘I have something for you’


Dear friend Alishia really wanted to claim him for her own!


Not a goat but he had a lamb that no one would claim. They are his dad’s and his dad is on vacation currently so I brought him home to bottle feed as well. Meet Raider the Lamb.

Then we had some excitement at Sister’s farm! Prim, Niece#4’s bottle goat from a couple years ago had her first kids! Triplets!! They are tiny, adorable, and doing great! They all pretty much look exactly like the one that Neice#5 is holding! Niece#4 got 2 bucks and a doe. She was so excited she could hardly breath!


Niece#5 and Leia with Denton looking on. The bucks are Hans and Luke.
Neice#3 and LittleNephew checking out Polly’s buck

Then more excitement at their farm. Polly, Neice#2’s Alpine doe had twins! A beautiful buck and an equally beautiful black doe! She has named her doe Layla and was unsure of a name for her little buck.

Then we come back to our place for more excitement of the spring! Button was still expecting and she sure surprised us!! Landon called me in a panic. ‘Are there supposed to be 7 babies in with Scarlett?’ Umm, no unless someone had new babies!


And someone did! Button gave us a variety pack of color in her triplets! 2 does and a buck for us!


Button’s does Royal
Button’s buck Laker
Button’s doe Mystic

So far, other than some wonky legs that first day, they are all doing well and appear to be getting enough from mom! I will watch them carefully to ensure that their tummies stay full and they are growing without supplemental bottles.

After the triplets were born, the kidding pen seemed a little full with Scarlett, Indi, Button and 7 babies vying for spots to lay down and eat. Scarlett’s kids were bigger and doing great so I kicked them outside.


Jeff and Jacy


They could not be happier! Oh the bucking and kicking and jumping that is going on out there! They are absolutely adorable and so much fun to watch. Indi and her two will probably join them after this next round of rain.


Not a great picture, but Pearl is the black and Diamond is the light

Meanwhile, since I was moving around, I figured it was time to wean these two. Janet and Diana had pretty much already done the weaning, but I would like the two does to dry up and put some weight back on before rebreeding. So these two are in with the bottle babies to eat and grow.

Now that everyone that is currently due has kids on the ground, I only have to find a bottle doe for Denton. I really want him to have the chance to have a doe like Scarlett that Landon raised. He’s pretty sad about Jazzy, because she just a doll, but unfortunately with farming, things go wrong sometimes for no reason at all. This should catch you up on the babies for now. I will get out and get more updates on everyone else soon.




Arizona Day 6 and 7!

Our last day was basically spent relaxing and hanging around home. We took the kids to school and then came back home to lay around the pool. It was warm outside, but the pool hadn’t had time to warm up yet.


Jenny and Emmett have a beautiful yard and live in a very peaceful neighborhood. It’s actually called a county island because they have not joined the town of Buckeye yet and still have rural water and septic tanks.


I was so relaxed and read my book and dozed off and on. I loved just hanging out.


Peaking over the pool is the cactus in their yard along with their palm trees.


Their pool and surrounding area is really nice. Especially when you can leave it filled all year round.


I love it and could see how if it warms up more than today how this would be where I spent my time!


80*. This is what it was like for the whole day. Sunny and 80*. I loved every bit of it.


Madelyn wanted to be brave, but that water was pretty cold. She just kept thinking about it for the better part of an hour.


Then…she did it. Jumped right in. She was practically in shock from the cold but at least she could say she went swimming in March on her vacation. I didn’t even get my swimming out. Just sat laughing at her antics!

So our day went. We went to get the kids from school and then hung out doing homework and went to Chase’s practice and then headed home for one last relaxing evening of hanging out with the family.

The final morning dawned just as beautiful as the rest and we packed and took the kids to school one final time. I nearly cried knowing it will be while before I can hug them again. I even got to give Chase a kiss. Don’t tell him I told you though. It was so much fun to spend time with them and see where they live and all the things they do.

Then Madelyn, Jenny and I went back to the house to finish packing and go through some clothes of Jenny’s for me. That’s the perfect kind of shopping for me.


Heading out one final time. The area they live is so beautiful. I wanted to take a picture of each and every street and turn so I wouldn’t forget.

Of course through shopping and going through Jenny’s closet, we now had more than we brought so we headed first to the UPS store to ship some of it home. Then we still figured we had left plenty early so we went to a few more antique stores to look around.


See this? I am doing this on my barn door. If I could make a living looking at old things, that would be my perfect dream job.

Of course we had to have one more splurge of Sushi. I think Madelyn got pictures of it, but I evidentially didn’t. Should have, it was very beautiful and super good! So now that we are completely stuffed, we headed slowly to the airport. Once there and our goodbyes sadly said, everything went smoothly to get up to the gate and after getting some coffee and glancing through the final shops, we sat to wait for our flight home.


We checked the two locations temperature. 26* different. That’s not to bad. Except I didn’t now at the time that we were heading back just in time for a solid week of grey and rain. It’s funny how you can want to go home so badly and at the same time want to never leave.

Our flight was uneventful and we arrived on time. It was great to see mom pull up and hug her. It was even better to get home and kiss my boys. I will definitely make the trip again. If nothing else to just spend time laughing and talking with Jenny. Oh how I miss that already.