The best day

Sometimes I think today actually competes with Christmas. Yes it is that time of year! THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

The final trip home.





Their faces basically say it all! I already picked up Madelyn and Niece#2 earlier when they were done with tests. We had a picnic since it was beautiful and this is going to have be our new tradition!


Of course the pool had to filled because it summer now. Neighbor kids came over and an epic water fight ensued.


Piper even got in on the fun. I think she likes the pool, and I hope she will continue to use it through the summer.

Meanwhile, I working on the  barn and garden before the next round of storms head in.


I got the middle cleaned out so I can start on the pens!

Wynona, Wynn, and Zulu laying down. Cally and Ginger eating.

I got the girls pen cleaned out today. They are so content. It is really a rough life to lay down, eat, drink, start over.

Getting treats!

Oh yummy! After I got done with their pen, I picked up a bunch of leaves that blew down last night. The goats all got some, but most ate them so fast I basically took a bunch of pictures of them eating my hand!

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and cabbage all done.


All the bedding/hay and straw that was left behind by the goats and rabbits has made its way to the garden. This is how I mulched my garden last year. It sure works good and helps use up some of the hay they waste while benefitting the garden!


I planted the pumpkins, cucumbers, and zucchini today. I planted them around tomato cages that I am not going to be using. I am hoping to train them up the cages. I have no idea if it will work or not, but I thought it was worth a try. I put fresh saw dust right around the plants in case there was to much manure in the bedding. It should be all mulched by the time I am done with the other kidding pen and the dog pen, which is completely full of hay chaff.


I also weeded the rhubarb, asparagus, iris and apparently raspberry patch!


About 3 years ago, a friend of mine that lives in Michigan, brought me a couple starts from his wild raspberries. I didn’t honestly think in the mess of weeds that they had survived. Turns out they did, and they seem to be thriving. I am very excited to see them!


Back in the barn, the bunnies are all opening their eyes and getting their ears up. The kids are wanting to hold them regularly. The only minor problem with that is Gina is a little protective and really doesn’t anyone messing with them.



This is why I never throw things away. I went to the scrap pile and found a piece that fit almost perfectly. I had to take off a half inch on one side. Then because I was using screws I already had I had to attach a chunk of 1 x 1 to make sure the screws were not exposed. I then found some tiny wood staples so that I could attach a piece of twine to so that it could be opened and closed without sticking your hand in the hutch. It works pretty good and causes Gina less stress!


These three goofs came running in to see what was making all the noise. Or maybe they thought they needed treats too? Who knows.


I worked on weeding the peas and pulling more radishes until the clouds started rolling in about 7. I stayed until the sprinkles started. Hopefully everyone is staying safe. We had some strong winds north of us last night, but still nothing like way south of us in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Hope you all enjoyed your day wherever you may be, I know I sure did.


We had a fairly good rain last night. On my walk to see how much we got, which only ended up being a half inch, I couldn’t believe the raindrops left behind.

20160428_091909 1.jpg
Strawberries are looking so healthy.
20160428_091959 1
Tall grass full of drops.
20160428_092008 (2)
Patch of clover.
20160428_092013 (2)
20160428_092019 (2)
Even though they are weeds, they are still beautiful today.

I enjoy a good rain. I love seeing the beauty that comes from it.

By the way, 15 years ago today, I was walking down the aisle to marry my friend, my love, my partner, my biggest supporter. Thank you Hon, for the last 15 years. I look forward to the beauty of our lives that is yet to come.

Rainy Days…Don’t get me down

I love a rainy night. I don’t even mind a rainy day now and again. Now it’s different if they come a whole bunch in a row, then they get me down a little!

Anyway, this particular rainy day didn’t get me down at all. I rather enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful green grass. I wandered out in the hay field to check the spot where the tile broke. Neighbor Farmer brought his backhoe and fixed the tile and the hole. I thought it would settle and needed to see how much fill dirt I would need to haul before I can hand seed it. The dogs love when I wander around.

Relaxing after our hay field hike.


After we got back I spent a little time in the barn with Ransom. He isn’t very friendly and while he is living inside with Blaze and Piper I am trying to play with him a little each day. He’s very handsome, he just needs to understand that I am not scary.

Handsome Ransom

After a bit, I went to hay the horses and calf. Poor Piper, she thinks she needs to go with me everywhere! She really did make it up about 3 rungs! I wonder if she will ever make it up into the haymow?

Sweet Piper

Now I would like to make a plea to everyone who sees this, feel free to spread the word. As we head full swing into spring please be patient with your local farmers.

Common sight right now.


They are just going to work and realize they are slowing you down. They don’t like to be slowed down anymore than you. They aren’t doing it out of spite, just out of necessity. And as always, remember if you are in an agricultural area…


You would think this wouldn’t be needed, but there are days! I love to remind people that if you ate anything today, thank a farmer!





A windy day.

Holy wind on Friday! I could barely get my door open to get out of the house.

Swings are going pretty high by themselves.


Thankfully, it was 50 degrees. That wind still cut right through you.

Have some tarp repair to do!


It blew all day long.

Everything is blowing away, even things that are tied down.


There are some good things about this kind of wind.


I think our slop from all of the snow melting would have been way sloppier without it! This small lake is almost completely gone from yesterday! Today is sunny and beautiful! Getting the young goats out to play in the sunshine! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Sunny Day!

Finally had sunshine last week!

Blaze, Dolly, Thunder, and Indy


Everybody was out basking in it!


Of course JD is always out yelling at me!

The cats were even out of the barn, but they are not good at having their pictures taken! Bullseye kept running to me and Flower kept looking behind her see what the dogs were doing.

Friday Hunt v1.7

Today I am again going to link up with Teresa at Eden Hills for Friday Hunt.  This week the topics are starts with G, weeks favorite, and in my kitchen. I am going to putting the prompts in bold letters.


I love this picture of the gate of my moms cattle lot. I took it last winter while waiting to for my brother to sort cows. The snow was so perfect and pretty that day.


I have been going through pictures and moving them all around and I keep coming back to this picture.  It is of my Dad taken by my sister in law while they were building the grain truck.  She captured in so many ways the perfect picture of my Dads smile. You can see how his eyes lit up. He passed away 2 years this week, and I miss him dearly. There isn’t a day that I don’t wish I could walk into the shop and see this smile.  So Dad, you as usual, are my favorite.


I got this plaque from my mom a few years ago and hung it in my kitchen.  I love the saying and love the idea behind it.

Have a beautiful weekend all!


Another snowy day.

Well, I have been waiting for the last couple days to go to town and get new goat feed for the new little guy and gal I brought home over the weekend. The wind has been blowing so hard, I didn’t want to load and unload feed in that. I decided I would go yesterday. Of course, there is a slight chance for snow. So that means it snowed most of the day. I went anyway.


I decided on just one bag. I have to switch the feed slowly anyway so one should last me until I can get more. After the mill, I stopped by the bank and the grocery store for a couple things and decided I would stop in the local restaurant for a bite to eat.


They have really good food and the local Red Hatters were there so the conversation was lively!


The lot was pretty deserted when I got home. Just JD the calf was waiting on me. Everybody else is inside staying warm.


The dogs seem to be the only ones loving the snow.


Of course what these pictures don’t show is after they ran a circle they were right back at the door wanting in again! They are such goofs in the snow! We still don’t have much snow. Hopefully the sun will come back out soon.