Days you can finally be outside.

So the sun has finally been shining and getting a little longer. The warmer weather means I am outside more and basically ignoring any house work. Wandering around means finally more pictures!

We had a little more excitement at 7th Heaven Acres! While everyone was at school, Sister called and wondered if I would mind going out and checking on Phoenix. She had been home over the lunch hour and was sure she was in labor, but just wanted someone to check. Since I was just out driving around getting feed and a few supplies at the vet’s, of course I would go!

When I arrived Phoenix was in labor just like she said. I sat and watched for about 20 minutes before she actually started pawing the ground and acting uncomfortable. I wanted to leave her alone as much as possible since it was her first kidding.

Then things went crazy. She laid down to push, and push she did. Hard. Nothing moved or changed. Then she rolled out flat and pushed again. Hard. And screamed. By now I am in the pen with her. Nothing happened or changed. I could see feet but no head. I tried to reach in and make sure the head was coming forward. I couldn’t get my hand on to check. There was no room for my hand, let alone for that baby to come out. I immediately call the vet. We have a problem.

She is now laid out flat screaming and flailing. I am alone and starting to panic. This is Niece#3’s goat and you might not know this about me, but I really, REALLY love my Nieces! I was so afraid something would happen on my watch to her goat and that really had me worried. I hurried back into the pen after getting the vet headed my way. She was still pushing really hard with little movement, BUT! great news, I could see a nose. Which was a relief and worry at the same time. the sack around the baby had broken so now it needed to start breathing or suffocate. The good news was I could start pulling because I know which way the head is facing. Each time Phoenix hunched to pull, I pulled.

With all my might. Literally, I was dragging her around the pen pulling as hard as I could on these tiny legs. She now is acting like she is really in distress and you know I am in distress! After about 6 hard pulls the baby finally made it out. I had grabbed a towel out of my truck and quickly cleared the airway and nose and let mom do the rest of the cleaning. She seemed fairly interested in it and I stepped back to let them be. Baby seemed to be ok but my relief was extremely short lived as she started pushing fairly hard right away again.

Where was the vet?! Well one hard push and she went down again. This time I could get my hand past baby and feel a head so I grabbed the legs and head and after 2 pushes, we had another baby on the ground!


Phoenix and twin bucks

The vet arrived as I was wiping the second kids mouth and nose. She checked mom and babies and decided that there were no more kids and everyone was fine. Sister arrived a few minutes later and I was so relieved that all was ok. They were both fairly big kids who have thankfully gotten the hang of life and taken off!

I headed home to unload feed and do chores and what do I find?


Seriously Ransom? This is about the fourth time this week I have found him like this. He is getting to big and too strong for me to keep getting him unstuck.


Oh well, I was going to have to catch him for worming and a pedicure, so I guess today will do. After I completed those tasks, I had Landon come out and put a halter on him. I then proceeded to get him out of the fence.

And then…


Yup. The Horns Of Shame. Get stuck in the fence now. Surprisingly he still has them on after a week. I don’t think Blaze and Piper who live in the pen with him love them, but it is affective. I will have to take them off in May when I put him in with the does.


Coming Soon

I am still on Vacation. I love Arizona. It has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have visited a couple times before and have loved it. 

Madelyn came last year and is sure she will live here some day. The first couple days I always think, man why don’t we live here? And then I drive past a castle feed lot and everyone with me is gagging because it smells so bad, and I have my head out the window like a dog, hyperventilating trying to breath in as much of the smell as I can. And that is when I start desperately missing my home. As soon as I make it back to Iowa, I will share ask about our adventures and catch you up with what’s going on there! 

Well the babies are arriving. 

We have been waiting for babies. I had thought Button might be due the 9th. Indi maybe the 14th and Scarlett the 18th.

Scarlett and Jeff

Wrong. Apparently, Scarlett was due the 19th. I was close on that. 

Scarlett and Jacy

After these two were born and doing great, on the 20th we had to move them, Indi, and Button to 7th Heaven Acres (which is also known as Sisters House) so Niece#4 could take care of them while Madelyn and I go on vacation. 

These two and mom were doing great. I figured they would have nothing to watch for now. I obviously missed when Button and Indi were in heat! 

Indi with Xavier(buck in front) and Ziggy(doe in back)

Wrong! We are just getting to security at the airport. Sister calls. Did I check the goats when I dropped Niece#4 off after school. Well no, I was kind of in a hurry and there wouldn’t be anything to see. Except maybe these two. 

Ziggy, Indi’s doe

So while I may not be able to tell exact due dates, I did at least do good moving them there for the week where they will be loved and cuddled!