Fair 2016, Saturday-Day 2

Saturday dawned sometime an I missed it because I was busy getting everyone loaded and moved around. I brought Chrome and Chevy home and put them in the pasture at home with Thunder Pony. They tore outta there. I shut JD in the lot so that my friend that’s doing chores for me can feed him alone.  Then I had to unload the trailer so I could load the trailer. When I finally got around to loading goats, I was dripping with sweat.

I got the boer does loaded, but noticed that Ginger didn’t seem to be acting right. So we decided not to take her with us. I treated her the very best that I knew how but it was apparently to late. Ginger passed in my arms this morning. My heart was broken and even worse I had to let Denton know and still pack the trailer and get to the fair. What a way to start the morning.

Then I loaded the Nubian’s. I had to wean the 4 baby boys and sort everyone. Then the 10  bags of sawdust. Finally I added Niece#2’s buckling Dash to go back home to be a buddy to their new goat Jessi.

Next came the rabbits. We only left 6 home. That means we brought 14. Niece#4 has 2 she is showing, Madelyn brought 6, and Landon brought 6. I didn’t have enough cages, but I made it work.

Then I had to load the guinea pig, after weaning her three babies. They were making a bunch of racket when we left. Mind you this whole time I have been looking for Charlie the cat. He was no where. I mean no where!! I knew Madelyn was going to be devastated if I didn’t find him. After already crying and telling Denton about his goat, now I had to call Madelyn and tell her I am not bringing the cat.

Well, I had to leave. I had to get Sisters kids goats loaded.  We only have so much time in the morning to get all the animals checked in and the other projects, so I left without him. I told the boys to look everywhere for him. Seriously, EVERY INCH of our property. We got the goats at Sister’s loaded and just about to drive out, when Landon called and had not only found him but shut him up! I raced home to get him. I am glad I did!

Are you kidding me?


Of course the train not only caught us, but stopped completely. We backed up and turned around and found another way into town.

The morning started with Rabbit Hopping for Niece#4. She and Lucky received a blue ribbon. They had fun their first year and we are looking forward to training a few more in this. I will try to get a picture of her and Lucky with their ribbon, but if you know my Niece#4 she is hard to get to stand still very long.

Niece#4 running away from us again.


Next up the cat show and small pet show. Keep in mind that Charlie is just a barn cat. No special treatment or extra grooming. The cat show is judged on a point system. 75 points go to the child and their knowledge of their pet. 25 points go to the cat and their health and condition. Charlie got docked a point for being overweight, but otherwise they did really well.


For some reason, as soon as we put Charlie into the pet taxi, he becomes a complete show off. Basking is all the attention and stays perfectly calmly on the show table.


Yup, Champion Cat again! I am so happy we found him in time. Great way to start off the fair for Madelyn.

Next up was the Small Pet portion of the show, in which Rio was entered.


In this, you can enter almost any small pet. Birds, hamsters, lizards, etc. This year there was a gerbil, guinea pigs, and a lizard. Again, this show is judged 75 points to the child and their knowledge and then 25 to the pet. Rio is now a Reserve Champion Small Pet!

It’s hard work being a winner.


We tried to take him out, but he preferred to wait in the taxi. Most cats come bolting out as soon as you open the door, not Charlie, he just lays there watching.

In the meantime, we got everyone unloaded and checked in.

Boer does settled in.


Nubian girls relaxing. Not their first fair so they settled in quickly.



After weaning Indi, we now have to milk her morning and night. Not actually the best plan to teach a goat to milk at the fair, but we will make it work.

Niece#4 checking waters. Very important in the heat.


The rabbits all have their own cage this year. Which is nice, but I didn’t plan on that so had to get some new water bottles and feed pans! Oh well that’s just another thing that we will make work!

After a long, very hot day, we got cleaned up and off to bed.


Mom’s camper isn’t big, so the boys take turns sleeping under the table. As long as everyone gets some rest it really doesn’t matter.



Well the weekend

So weekends are supposed to be relaxing is what I have heard. I do not find that to be true. I find them rushed and full most of the times. This weekend was just that. Full of busy work. Nothing hard or difficult, just stuff that needs done.

First my weekend started by hang out hanging out with this guy. I decided to let him try driving. The smile is probably an indication he shouldn’t be!


Actually his smile is totally worth it. He did a really good job and did really well.

We had small surprise waiting for us when we got home. I thought the cat was acting funny, and then I heard a strange noise. I went into the chicken pen and checked o my half grown chicks. Sometimes they get a little whiney if they get separated from each other. But they were all three there. Wait, what the…


Yup, not only had the cat found a duckling, we had 10!!  Harley the Welsh Harlequin duck finally hatched a nest! This is her fourth nest and first hatching. We are trying to figure out how old she is exactly, but we do know that Affleck the Pekin duck is 2 years old, so we are guessing her at 3 or 4. Good for the two of them, but I don’t need/want 10 ducklings!

Then Saturday was spent running around trying to find stuff for showing at the fair this next week and not finding what we need. Geez. That is frustrating. Then we worked with animals and then we headed out to help a friend with a little work. The boys had convinced me that we should use our season pass at the pool so we headed there. After they had their fill there, I headed back to get some work done. The next couple hours were a mess. I needed to move Hubby’s “work” truck from the driveway so I could mow. Of course I had to pump up the tire first, but then it wouldn’t start. so I brought the charger out and hooked it up. Still nothing. So while I was waiting I thought I would mow. That worked for a bit until I threw the belt that runs the blades. Great. Park the mower and realize the tire was flat on the truck again. It did start, so I let it run and ran over to a neighbor that has his air pump out for anyone to use. Fill the air tank again. Pump up the tire. Truck won’t move. I am not stopping now. Gun it. It moves, but I am almost certain the back tire is not turning. Whatever. I am moving this truck. I did finally get it moved. Now, with a broken belt I can not only NOT mow, but wouldn’t you know, that tire stayed up all day. No worries, I bought an air compressor tonight. I am not doing that again.

Sunday dawned rainy. But Madelyn and I headed out to do chores, our neighbors chores, and then off to our first swap meet. I think we suck at swap meets. I took Dazzle the Holland lop because she is over the show weight limits and has not once had a litter of kits despite being exposed a number of times. Then we also caught 7 of the 10 baby duck because we want to let Harley raise a few, and took them with us. Of course, they sold right away, with their cage and we ended up buying with that money 3 more New Zealand Does. Good grief. But they are sweet and cute and fun colors.

Madelyn’s unnamed
Denton’s named Nibbles
Landon’s or mine(we are debating this) he like Oreo I think Spaz fits her.

So really we didn’t make any money, but we didn’t spend any money either. Hopefully next time we can take the rest of the ducks, the baby guinea pigs and more rabbits and not bring anything home!

Then we spent most of the rest of the day getting things lined up for fair and cleaning up the yard and such. We still have a bunch of things on the list but hopefully we can get it all done by Friday.

Summer updates

All the babies are growing really good this summer.

Button with Dill and Mario
Indi with Lincoln and Sonic


The bunnies have grown a lot. We got them weighed and separated into the kids 4-H pens. They weigh anywhere from 2 to 2.65 pounds. Pretty close which is good. We also got them sexed. 8 girls and 1 boy.


The chicks moved into the coop. They are terrified of the duck, so hang out on top of the nests. I had to add a feeder and water up there. But they are getting more adventurous and at least getting to the roost sometimes. They are still letting me pet them.


Junior is big. He was a little dramatic when I banded him the other day. Goodness, thought we were going to lose him! But he is feeling better now. He’s liking his new pen buddy.


Dash came to live with us while he is being weaned from 7th Heaven Acres. He’s settled in now that I moved him to a pen he can’t jump out of.


Blaze has sure grow this summer. He is so handsome and I think we are getting his minor foot problem under control. He of course is still loving his calf (who may or may not think he is also a goat?)

Ransom, Tawny, and Diana
Janet, Ransom, Scarlett, Blaze, Dolly and the end of JD
The whole crew

My disappointment that the girls weren’t breed has subsided. I am hoping they have gotten breed in the last month. I am taking the boys out this week. I will put everyone together again the end of the month for December babies.


Of course the little girls are doing fine and growing well. I have them all mostly shaved and so getting ready for the fair shouldn’t be too bad. It’s coming faster than I am going to be ready for. I think that happens every year!

A petting farm

I used to do a lot of petting farms. I don’t do so many any more. This is a special one that the 4-H group my kids are in, and is in my home town of Collins at their celebration.

Lincoln and Dill, and Mario and Sonic


We took the baby boys.


The baby bunnies, who all got a work out!


The not so baby chicks.


Of course Junior was a loveable hit with the kids.


Nygle got loved plenty.


Gizmo also got plenty of loving!


Rio went with us, but I didn’t allow HER to be handled. I had thought originally that she was a girl. But then after having her for a few months and nothing I decided Yeah! She is a boy. Well…she is not a he and is going to a mom soon! I couldn’t believe it when I picked her up today! I thought she had gained weight the last time I had her out, but then I got busy with work and hadn’t played with them lately. She has definitely gained some weight. So, we are getting another cage ready for her to be in to have babies. Not really the plan, but my plans rarely work out anyway!

Anyway, the kids at the petting farm had a good time and I got to see lots of old friends from school, some of their parents I hadn’t seen for a while, and a bunch of their darling kids! Even though it was hot, it was a really good day.

Sunday Funday

We were supposed to chop rye Sunday. However, with the wind and the dozer on the fritz, I ended up with the day off. Well, sort of!


To start with, while I was waiting to find out if I was going to work, I picked strawberries. I am going to have a bumper crop, I just hope I can keep up.

little Nephew


Even if I don’t have to work, SIL and Brother do, so we got to have little Nephew and Niece#5 over to play! Since they were here I decided I should get Niece#4 and we could play and have a picnic!

Niece#4 with little Nephew with Jersey

We made some temporary pens to let the rabbits and baby goats play outside. This also gave the kids the chance to play with everyone.

Denton making Fluffball a baseball player.
George went running and jumping like crazy.
little Nephew decided this one is his.
Getting some love.
Button and Sonic

Denton finally did decide on names. Sonic and Mario are our boys.

Button and Mario


Because the strawberries are ready, that means Strawberry Shortcake!!

I think it was a hit.

This guy can eat. He might give Big Nephew a run for his money at the table one of these days!

These are days I will always treasure. It isn’t long before kids are grown and gone and you just don’t get to spend this kind of time with them. I love being able to do this with them. It sure made my weekend about perfect.

Friday’s Hunt v1.23

It’s the end of another week and time for Friday’s Hunt! I would like to say thank you to my friend Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting and let you know her On Farm Market is open today! If you are in the area, stop out and check out her soaps, lotion, photography and much more!

For our prompts this week, we have the Letter W, Weeks Favorite, and Rough.

For my Letter W, this week it is Waiting!

Waiting on Indi.
Waiting on Posey, Niece#3’s doe
Waiting on Sassy, front, Chevy’s mom to have baby#2


Waiting on Brother to start chopping Rye
Waiting on my darling Niece#3 to get home.

I am trying so hard to be patient. but I am not good at. I can handle waiting on Brother, he’s working early in the morning until late at night to get things done, but he can only go so fast. I can handle waiting on the does and Sassy, although I am excited to see what they are hiding in there. I am struggling with waiting on my Niece. She has absolutely been the most amazing patient and I could not be proud of her! I am amazed at her strength and how she is doing. We are wanting her home but at the same time wanting her to stay in the hospital where she is getting amazing care and stronger each day. But it is hard to not be able to just run over and check in on her. But our little trooper should be home in the next couple days!

20160603_164912.jpgMy Weeks Favorite is Nephew#2. Nephew#1 is back from school and working with me again this summer. I am truly blessed to be able to work at a job that I absolutely love and often don’t feel like it’s work and spend time with my nephew. Doubly blessed to see this little guy grow up and learn with us. He loved this soft grass. When I pull in Brothers driveway and Niece#5 and Nephew#2 come running out yelling my name, my heart swells!

20160603_174108.jpgRough is what Gina’s life is going to become! Yes, the babies are up and out and about! Even trying pellets and hay. Gina had been able to slip into the other half of the hutch and relax away from the babies. Not anymore. That blurry thing beside her? A baby sneaking a snack.


They aren’t piling up like they had been. They grow so fast.


Won’t be long before they are eating enough that Mom can move to a pen of her own. Madelyn is working on identifying each one by putting a number in their ear so we can start to see who is who and how they are growing and how their personalities are.

I hope you will stop over at Eden Hills and check out the other Friday’s Hunt participants. Have a blessed weekend.

This week.

Holiday weeks always throw me off. Monday and Tuesday felt like Sunday to me. I have no idea what day it is! Tuesday was spent at the hospital with Niece#3 having surgery. Everything went very well and she is doing amazing in her recovery. I think she might be a little tougher than even we thought!

Madelyn and Niece#3

Her smile says it all! I am so proud of how she is handling this tough road to recovery she is on. She had what is called Pectus Excavatum(I am not entirely sure that is spelled right) which is basically when your rib cage grows kind of caved in. They inserted a metal bar under her rib cage and popped it out. Now she has to be really careful not to twist, bend much, use her arms to lift herself, so she is pretty dependent on help for about the next month. But her cheerful attitude and spirit are showing what an amazing young lady she is!

Wednesday sent me back to work. Brother was trying to get ready to mow rye and hay so Nephew#1 and I were to get pastures ready for cows. This means walking fences, fixing what we can with what we can carry, looking for thistles that need cut, and getting fencers up.


Yeah, it’s not the worst thing to have to walk around in this. It has been warm, but not to bad. The pastures look great and we didn’t find to much in too bad of shape yet. We worked a small group of cows and calves yesterday and got them out on pasture. I don’t get a lot of pictures of that because you can’t hold a camera and catch cows in the head gate!


We did find a few of these. Yuck. I do not like musk thistles. They are terribly invasive and our job is to find them all and pull the heads off and put them in a feed bag and then spade the plant. This is not my favorite job but is one that has to be done and done well! Each of those beautiful flowers can release hundreds of seeds, which will be terrible!


I brought Bo and Piper with us while were checking fence and getting thistles. They loved racing around and playing in the creek. I think they were pooped by the time we got home. I really like when I have a chance to take them. I was really excited at how well Piper listened and stayed with us. Bo is doing a pretty good job of teaching her.


I did have to check a group of cows at Mom’s. Just walk through and make sure everyone is there and ok.


This little guy was hiding by the tree and luckily I was walking that way or I would have missed him.


It’s easy to see why I love what I do. I am forced to be out in this! Even though some of the work is less than glamourous, just a few minutes here and I don’t even think about the times I am exhausted or sore or struggling to learn something.


Brother and Dad’s good friend Dave spent the day mowing the rye field. Once we get it chopped or baled, Brother will plant it to beans. Friend Dave loves helping and we love having him around!


And then there was my proud moment of the day. I have hauled and spread manure before, but today Brother said clean out the silage pit. Ok! I love learning and doing new things and while for some this might not be a big a deal, I am pretty proud of how it went. I only spilled a tiny bit off the side and even was able to use the loader to only get enough to fill the very back of the spreader. Of course Nephew#1 was helping line me up and I did some lowering when I should have been raising with the bucket. I am excited I have to do it again today. The more you learn, the more you know!


Finally these little guys are still growing like weeds! The baby goats are doing very well also. We are still patiently(ok that is a total lie) on Indi who does not seem in to big a hurry to show us what she is hiding in there!

We are also waiting on Chevy’s mom who was due yesterday to have her 2nd colt! I can’t wait to see what she throws this year. We also recently discovered the doe Niece#3 bought this spring is bred and I think she could be due anytime, so come on babies!

I hope you are having as beautiful weather as we are. Have a great day!