Just a little bit of everything

I did so good the first year of blogging keeping up with things and posting everyday. Lately though, I feel like I barely sit down and if I do, I don’t sit down with my computer. Then my computer got sick. I mean some kind of crazy virus that didn’t allow us to log in. My boys freaked out. I had no idea what to do. Thankfully my youngest Denton found what is called a FIXME STICK. It plugs into to your USB port and then cleans your computer. Again, thankfully, it worked! We can now log in and use the computer.  So here is a little bit of an update about what has been going on.


Town Celebration have started! Rose Festival Parade in State Center.
Thanks to Squeaker for having 5 more babies! They are growing and adorable, but need to find new homes. Soon.
We have been getting everyone out regularly to exercise and eat grass.
Thank heavens we didn’t get all the stupid Musk thistles last year. I was worried we wouldn’t have anything to do.
Raspberries have gotten ripe with all the heat and rain in early June.
Speaking of rain, got caught on a walk and was waiting for it to stop. So took a couple pictures of the beautiful drops.
Dolly was indeed bred. She had one large buck, our last Blaze baby.
And just duplicated herself. Seriously, they are identical.
Took Piper with me for company one day. She loves exploring and was exhausted by the time we were done.
I took Landon for company too. But I made him work. He’s pretty good help when he isn’t complaining.
I have seen more wild life this year than any I can remember. Baby deer, big deer, pheasants, turkeys, coyotes, wide variety of birds, and even a few babies!
I love these flowers. Instead of trying to take mom flowers that have wilted by the time I get back to her, I send her pictures of her bouquet. 
Another cool nest we found another day. Couldn’t believe how neat the nest was wound onto the plant. 
The garden is growing, but so are the weeds. Grrr…
Our Wednesday nights are busy with Guinea Pig Agility classes…
and Rabbit Hopping. This is not hopping so much as breaking. Miss Kitty lays out like this when she has had enough!
The kids are busy training their animals for fair. Raider the lamb is not loving his halter!
Our 8th annual Petting Farm at Collins Days Celebration. The 4-H kids did a wonderful job with their animals and posters for it!
There were a bunch of pictures of the parade, but here is our new sign for the club carried by two of our members. I truly love these kids and what they do.
Finally, I took Landon last Sunday and dropped him of at his Naval League Cadet Corp Basic Training Orientation. For a WEEK. No phone calls, no letters, no contact, unless there is a medical emergency. Since we are about half way through Friday and his graduation is Saturday at 0930, I assume he has made it through. I have missed him terribly and can’t wait to see him and hear all about it. I am so proud of him but this mommy likes having her kiddos at home with her!

So that pretty much gets us through the month of June. It’s been busy and I hope I have a chance to get back on here again before July is over, but if not, be well and enjoy the beauty that is all around you!



Adventures of Memorial Day Weekend

Well, I had big plans for the weekend. They mostly consisted of tilling my garden, planting as much as physically possible and mowing. But the torrential rain we got Saturday about noon really set me back. No tilling meant no gardening. I did finally get most of my mowing done. But, since I couldn’t do what I wanted I found other ways to keep busy!



Piper checking on the overly dramatic Raider the Sheep after his banding.


Started to morning by banding all the boys, goats and sheep, and giving them their second CDT shot.

20170527_100929 (2)
Button with Laker and Royal(standing) Dodger being a little dramatic.
Indi with Ziggy (back) and Xavier (front) who wasn’t dramatic at first and then holy cow goat!
Scarlett’s kids Jacy (left) and Jeff (laying down) wondering what the heck happened here?

Once we got that done I ran to town for some groceries. I was still planning on tilling the garden about 1. Then the rain came. Hard fast moving rain that dumped about .9″ on us. Gee just when my garden was almost dry enough to work in. Sigh.


After some minimal pouting, I turned around and this. How can you be upset about rain when there is beauty like this behind you?

Miss Kitty

So I brushed these guys out and double checked new tattoos and nails and switch them to the outside pens. Then I kind of wandered and checked everything out.

Much to my surprise the pigeons have started laying eggs! We got two, but one had a tiny crack. They are so cute.



Madelyn had gone camping with some friends, so the boys and I decided we should have our own adventure. We sent to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate, which was probably enough excitement for the day to them. Then we head on west of Ames to the Ledges State Park near Boone. They weren’t sure what to expect. At first, I think they were fairly convinced that they were going on an adventure like we do at Mom’s house. With creeks and ravines and some trees. They like those adventures, sure, but I think they were hoping for something new.


They thought it was very beautiful walking through and finding stairs. They were sure by this point that we had seen the ‘ledges’ that were actually just little ravines.


His face when he actually saw the Ledges, completely priceless!


The excitement level ramped up a bit here. While we still had to hike a ways, they couldn’t wait to see what it actually was like down there!


It was beautiful. I had driven here before but never taken the time to walk around. It was beautiful and a perfect day.


I am almost certain that Landon has done or said something that upset Denton here!


Of course they had to get in the water and played and explored here for about an hour.


The swallows nest along the ledge are crazy. It looks like they barely fit.


Third time up these stairs, my energy is fading, theirs seems to be growing!



They were very excited to get to the top and see what was up there. Ended up mostly trees, but there were some beautiful sights on the way.


Looking back to where we had been.
Straight down.

Over all it was a great afternoon together. We finished by heading through Dairy Queen for a smoothie and headed home to clean up and relax. Which is when I finally got the mowing done.



Started bright and early at the Rhodes Fire Department Annual Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast! Yum! Then I had to go to town for our business to get everything finalized for the Rhodes Memorial Day celebration. Then we got ready and headed to Collins to meet at the cemetery for the event there. I missed taking a picture of the awesome fly over a local pilot does! It was very cool and I got caught watching!

Then after we all ate dinner at the bar in Rhodes with the local legion, we all headed back to mom’s for our family fun! Started by getting supper ready and cooking and then headed out for an pasture adventure.


His boot tops are too short to get in.


Littlenephew made it to the top of the big big hill.
Throwing rocks.


Niece#2 was actually considering pole vaulting the creek!
Niece#3 was happy to help her sister out in this poor idea!
I wonder what Denton and littlenephew are discussing?



Just missing Niece#1, Niece#5, BigNephew, Sisinlaw and Brother, but quite the crew. My heart is full. After a Creek long adventure, we headed back to check food and play our usual game of kickball! No serious injuries, but Sister did come out of retirement and she might be a little sore today!

We celebrated Niece#3’s birthday and had way to much food and a lot of loud discussions, but there is no where I would rather be!

Thank you to everyone who has and will serve for this blessed life and beautiful country I get to call home. Freedom is not Free.


Friday’s Hunt 3.8

Since tomorrow is Friday and again I didn’t sit down at my computer, here is Friday’s Hunt 3.8. The prompts are the Letter H, Weeks Favorite and Shadow or Chiaroscuro.

For Letter H, I have Haze. We have had some interesting weather this winter and it makes for some interesting haze to start the day. Thankfully the sun has come out regularly so the foggy start doesn’t stick around long.


My Weeks Favorite is the first motorcycle group out riding around. Like I said the weather has been unusual!


For Shadow or Chiaroscuro, I am not sure if this fits or not, but it is one of my favorites. I took it one morning when I had to be at Brother’s house early. The sun was just starting to come up over the corn.


So there is Friday’s Hunt v3.8. Join me right back here for tomorrows v3.9


Combining Corn

Well, harvest has gone really pretty well. We got all the hay done, silage chopped and covered, beans in the bins, and then had to finish corn. We had all the bins full with about 10 acres left to do. Brother takes his corn to the ethanol plant about 20 miles away and they were full for the time being so we waited a few extra days to finish so he could haul it there. So those last couple acres took us about 5 days (including the weekend when everything was closed).


When we finally got to go, it is always an exciting time to be close to done! I am sitting behind him cheering the combine on! Come on, let’s get this knocked out!


Thankfully, during this time, we had the most beautiful weather for November. This is the afternoon of the 15th. Sunny and warm.


It didn’t take us long to finish those last few rows and Harvest 16 was in the books! Even though we may have taken a little longer than some, the corn dried down perfectly in the field and that is a good thing.


And he is done. I am standing on the tires of the tractor watching him finish. You almost feel like jumping off, crying, laughing, it’s kind of an overwhelming feeling being done. I can’t really explain the emotions that go into spending that many months watching something grow, the weather being completely out of your control, the decisions that go into the care of the crop, all the way through getting it out of the field and where it needs to be. And keep in mind I am NOT the farmer. I am just the one standing behind him worrying and fretting and cheering him on!


He brought his load in and dumped on the truck. The combine is done other than a bath before going to the shed.


Then I dump the final cart on the truck. I am so happy to be done and have made it through. ‘My’ grain cart has a couple problems that need to be fixed and I am just so thankful that we made it though and now have the winter to work on it.


And that’s the end. The sun actually set on the finish of harvest this year. We went back to mom’s and had a celebratory supper together, and relaxed for the evening. It might be one of my favorite times of the year.



Friday’s Hunt v2.21 and v2.22

Again, I appear to have missed an entire weekend and a Friday’s Hunt! So I will be doing another 2 in 1. I am always amazed at how easily I can miss days sometimes.

So to start, we have last weeks prompts, the Letter U, Weeks Favorites, and Nature. I think I struggled to find a Letter U last time around. So for this time around I will use Janet’s Udder.


She’s definitely expecting, but since she is a first timer who knows how long it will take to get those babies on the ground. In the meantime I will enjoy her cute little udder.


My Weeks Favorite and Nature is this one I took looking across my hay field. It’s strange to be half way through November and still have so much green. That won’t last much longer. I however in the meantime enjoying every minute I have to spend outside while the temperatures are so mild. It has just been a beautiful.

So then we are on to Friday’s Hunt for this week. Our prompts are the Letter V, Weeks Favorites, and Thankful.


Sometimes when you are driving for hours on end, it gets a little monotonous. Every now and again I find a rock that needs to be picked up. I get very bored and then I make the rock a pet and don’t want to throw it in the pile. This is Rocky. He came home to live with me after spending 2 days in the tractor with me without a radio. Ok, being very bored might be a stretch for the Letter V, but it’s all I’ve got!


My Weeks Favorite. So after having a few weeks of beautiful, unseasonably warm weather it finally cooled down. There was last Friday, and the wind decided it would blow like crazy. It wasn’t actually all that terribly cold, but the wind was a bit chilly. I was disking that day. I thought the tractor had no heat. So I was in my bibs and stocking hat with my warm, fuzzy mittens on just trying to make it dark so I could quit and warm up. I called Brother to tell him I was going in to get fuel. He said he would meet me there, he needed fuel too. And did I want heat? Did I want heat?! Umm, yeah. This is me after he fixed it. I am now sweating.


I can’t list all the ways I am thankful. My life is so full of blessings every single day. I try to make a point to always be kind, smile more than necessary, hold doors, laugh out loud, call a friend, be understanding, and just let go of what I can’t change. These are the things that help make me happy everyday. Everyone can something to complain about, but these last few years I have really tried to find as many things about each day to be thankful and happy about. I hope each of you has your days full of reasons to be thankful.

As always I am linking up with Teresa at Eden Hills. If you have a chance, stop over and check out the other Friday’s Hunts.


Friday’s Hunt v2.18 and v2.19

You may have noticed that I didn’t get to my last weeks Friday’s hunt! Again! I really need to do a better job at getting these ready ahead of time. Ugh. But I don’t want to completely miss one, so I am putting 2 together! So for last week we have the Letter R, Weeks Favorite, and Black or Orange. For this week our prompts are the Letter S, Weeks Favorite, and Amazing.

The Letter R is for Rambunctious, which is what these guys certainly are! I am so happy I took the day and spent with them. It won’t be long until they are too busy, too old, too something that they don’t want to go places with me. The fact that I get to spend as much time with my nieces and nephews, and my kids get to play with their cousins on a regular basis is one of my greatest blessings. They say your cousins and siblings are your first best friends, hopefully the relationship these three have lasts a lifetime.


My Weeks Favorite is this one. Can you believe this was 2 days before Halloween and we are in t-shirts?! It was a great day, spent with great kids, at a great place.


This is for Black or Orange, although I think it can be Black and Orange. The boys and I took a trip out to Eden Hills Pumpkin Patch and picked the perfect pumpkins. We thought they looked pretty good after we had them caved and the seeds were delicious!


For Letter S I love this Sunset over the beans. Maybe it’s just because I have been out watching so many sunrises and sunsets but they seem especially beautiful to me this year.


This Weeks Favorite is my little herd of young goats and Piper. Piper spends most of her time with these guys. She does such a good job watching over them. She loves her goats. Now I just have to get the older girls to love her.


The scenery I spend my days in is Amazing. There is so much I see everyday and think isn’t that beautiful! I try to enjoy it every single day. I can’t imagine spending my days anywhere else.


Thank you for joining me for another week! I hope you are getting out and enjoying this amazing weather we are having! If you have a chance, don’t forget you can visit all the contributors to Friday’s Hunt by stopping by Eden Hills.