Our Goats

~Prairie Bliss Dolly Dae~January 2012


One of our first 2 goats, Dolly was born in January 2012.  She is registered American Nubian. We brought her home as a bottle baby with her half sister Martha Mae, who passed away in 2015.  My daughter has shown her every year.  We have kept one of her daughters.

2013~Johnny and Cash            2014~Pheobe and Tawny*           2105~Aurora

2016~Stillborn Twins               2017~????

~Scarlett Jo van de Yell~March 2013


We brought Scarlett home from our neighbor down the road at Eden Hills Farm as a bottle goat project for 4-H Clover Kids for my son.  She is a Boer/dairy cross.  After the passing of Martha, our herd queen, Scarlett has elegantly stepped into that role! In potential breeding for this fall to Ransom, and back in with Blaze for Spring babies. Waiting on babies to appear to see who bred her.

2015~Janet* and Herbert         2016~Open          2017~Due Anytime

~The Miss Indigo Mae Jennings~May 2013


Indi’s mother Sandy also came to us from Eden Hills Farm.  We had to make the difficult decision to sell Sandy to keep Indi as a show goat.  Indi is a registered 50% grade Nubian. She was a twin and we sold her sister Penelope to another farm family.  We are breeding her for the first time this year and are very excited to see what she has!  She has been our most successful show goat to date!  She is in with Blaze for March 2017 babies.

2016~Lincoln and Dill        2017~Due Anytime

~Broken Barn Button Jennings~March 2015


Buttons mom, Violet, also came to us from Eden Hills Farm with Sandy.  Unfortunately, due to space and size of my herd constraints, we just can’t keep everyone.  She is also a registered 50% grade Nubian, and has been a great goat for my kids to play with and show and I can’t wait to see what she throws with our new buck! In breeding with Ransom for March 2017.

2016~Sonic and Mario          2017~???

~Broken Barn Diana Jennings~March 2014


This little gal was a single out of Martha Mae(2012-2015) and is a registered American Nubian.  We are very excited to breed her for the first time this year, especially after losing Martha.


For Sale~Broken Barn Tawny Girl Jennings~March 2014


This is the doe of Dolly’s that we kept and she is also a registered American Nubian.  Again, we are breeding her for the first time this year, so it will be exciting to see what happens.


~Broken Barn Janet Nubiano~April 2015

Janet with mom Scarlett

Janet is registered as a 50% grade Nubian and Scarlett’s first born daughter in April 2015.  She is full of color and spirit like her mother.  I can easily see her thinking she is obviously the princess of the herd! Looking to see what this colorful girl can throw! She will be breed to Ransom for either late 2016 or early 2017 babies.

2016~Diamond and Gemstone       2017~Will be bred in April to Ransom

~Miss Calava AKA Cally Boerus~October 2015

In the middle with the red tag.

We got Miss Calava from J and J Livestock in Mitchellville. What a beauty. Cally is very friendly. She is a replacement to one we lost last fall due to unknown circumstances.  She will be my daughters show Boer goat as she is registered. She will be breed for late 2016 babies.

2017~Will be bred to Ransom in April

~Wynn Boerus~November 2015


Wynn is a full blood Boer and comes to us from the Jeremiah Andrews farm. She is such a great bodied goat with a fairly big personality! Will be breed to Ransom for late 2016 babies.

2017~Will be bred to Ransom in April

~Wynona Boerus~November 2015


Twin sister to Wynn! These two beauties are going to be great assets to our herd! Wynona isn’t quite as big as her sister, but still has a great body and style. Her mom has had twins 5 times in a row, so I hopeful these girls carry on that tradition. Will be breed to Ransom for late 2016 babies.

Will not be bred in 2017 due to recovery from an illness

~Zulu Boerus~January 2016


She is also from the Jeremiah Andrews farm and is January baby so we weaned her today.  Her momma is a beautiful black and white moon spotted boer doe who had triplets this year. Her black head is what I am going for so very excited to see her grow up! She will be breed for 2017 babies!

2017~Will be bred to Ransom in April

~Broken Barn Pearl Nubiano~December 2016

Pearl with Mom Diana

Pearl is of the Original Martha line out of Diana and Blaze. I will be retaining her for a future doe.



~Broken Barn Trailblazer Nubiano~March 2015

2016-01-10 16.14.06.jpg

Blaze is out of Heidi(Purebred Nubian sold this spring).  I am very excited to see what he can do as herd sire.  I won’t be able to keep him forever, because he is related to two of my does so far.  He is extremely handsome and very friendly since he was a bottle baby! He is currently in with Dolly, Scarlett, Indy, Button, Diana, and Tawny.

~Ransom Boeriko~November 28, 2015

New Buck.jpg

This handsome guy came to us from up by Panora, Iowa! He is Boer/Kiko cross. He has a great build and I think he will be a great addition to our farm!  He is in with our boer does, Janet, and the boer does from 7th Heaven Acres this fall.