Our Horses



Chrome has been here at the farm for 9 years now. We aren’t positive of his age. We were told he was 13 when we bought him which would make him 22 years old. I think that is about right. He is showing some age. He is a great horse, will do anything , even if it isn’t in his best interest. Broke to the point I would almost call him bomb proof, unless he sees his shadow at night. Then he is a total Chicken!



Not the best picture of Thunder, but I will try to get a better one soon. She was 8 years old when we got her making her 15 years old this year. She is everything a pony should be. Ornery, stubborn, and sassy, but put a kid on her back and she will go anywhere for however long. Keeps right up with the big guys, of whom she is actually in charge of.



This little guy came to live with us in August 2015. Born April 19, 2015 he is the baby. He is destined to take over Chrome’s work load in a couple years. I am looking forward to a good many years with this little guy. He is a registered Appaloosa, and will be gelded when he is big enough. It will be an exciting couple years watching him grow and change color! If you would like to see his mom and dad check out Katie’s pictures.

Though they don’t get a work out everyday, they do make me happy every single day!