All the Others

This is everybody else that lives here on our farm.



Nala is 2 years old. She got bred by a neighbor boxer that escaped about 5 months old. She is a Beagle/Doberman/American Bulldog mix.


Bo is out of the accidently litter of Nala’s , making him a Boxer/Beagle/Doberman/American Bulldog mixed up mutt. He is now 1 and becoming an constant companion for me and very loyal guy. He especially loves his boys.



Piper is supposed to be a purebred Great Pyrenees. Her markings have not gone away, making some of us question that. We wonder if she might be a Karakachan, which is also an LGD. But she is living with the goats and playing in the yard with us. Her personality is the absolute best and we love her regardless!


Cattle (ok seriously, we only have the one calf)

JD Guckert

JD was a twin on a friends farm and momma couldn’t take care of both. We got him in April 2015 and bottle raised him. He is very friendly and extremely ornery. We made the decision to get out of the cattle business in February of 2017. He got to big to contain and was breaking, well, everything. Including the barn. While it was fun to raise a calf, and we may do bottle babies again in the future, we will leave the raising of cattle to the cattlemen.


Junior and Derek

Derek passed away earlier on. Junior stayed with us until after the fair, in which he did very well for Denton. Afterwards he went to the sale barn.

Chickens and Ducks

Afflack and Harley Duck

Afflack is a Pekin duck and Harley is a Harliquin Welsh duck. She is currently sitting on a nest.

Polly a German Silver Spitzhauben (in corner) Partridge and Black Cochin


Light Brahma

We have 4 different breeds of chickens currently, one Light Brahma, Cochin (one each of black, white, and Partridge vatieties) one Silver Spangled Hamburg, and one German Silver Spitzhauben. We also have added 4 new baby chicks, a New Hampshire Red, a Barred Rock, an Americana, and a Red Star. Pictures coming soon!

Guinea Pigs


Gizmo came to us with his brother who passed away about a year after we got them. I have no idea how old he is, but we have had him almost 3 years now. He got very lonely when his Brother passed, so I got what I thought was another male to be his buddy. Turns out Rio was a girl, so after on litter of babies, I sold her and kept what I thought was a male. Well, I was wrong again.

Squeakers and Gizmo


Squeakers turned out to be a Female, and we had yet another litter of babies! She is a nice pig though and we are considering keeping her with him just to stop stressing him out.

Yet another litter…Skipper, Slade, Saucer, Sinnamon

These 4 are the new little guys. Not sure what anyone is because I can’t sex guinea pigs. Who knows who will stay, but the kids are planning on keeping some of them for guinea pig agility at the fair.




Belle will be 14 years old in November. We got her when Madelyn was 1 and she was a house cat until we moved to Rhodes 12 years ago. She then decided that living outside was more her thing.


We got Flower 6  years ago as a kitten. She missed a few (5) vet appointments to be fixed due to being pregnant. Finally got her spayed after the 6th attempt!


Target is one of Flowers kittens from the fourth litter. He is only friendly when he decides he wants to be, typical cat.


Charlie is from the last litter Flower had. He has been a show cat and done very well winning Reserve Champion Cat at the 4-H Fair 2015.

Tuxedo “Tux”


Tux came to live with us through a series of unfortunate events. 1st Bullseye was hit by a car late one night. Then Target seemed to go missing, and we still have no knowledge of what or where he might be. Then shortly after that we rescued a kitten from Main St. during a snow/rain storm. After asking around we brought her home and decided it would be best to keep her in the house. We had Wednesday for a couple weeks before she was killed in a most unusual and upsetting accident. I wasn’t going to even consider getting another one. Then one of Madelyn’s friends called and they had a kitten that fell through the roof of their shop. They had considered keeping it, but when they heard what happened to Wednesday they thought maybe we would want to have him. So we went and picked him up. What a fun little turd he is! He is loving being a house cat, tormenting the dogs, kids and guinea pigs! We sure have fallen for him.