Arizona Day 6 and 7!

Our last day was basically spent relaxing and hanging around home. We took the kids to school and then came back home to lay around the pool. It was warm outside, but the pool hadn’t had time to warm up yet.


Jenny and Emmett have a beautiful yard and live in a very peaceful neighborhood. It’s actually called a county island because they have not joined the town of Buckeye yet and still have rural water and septic tanks.


I was so relaxed and read my book and dozed off and on. I loved just hanging out.


Peaking over the pool is the cactus in their yard along with their palm trees.


Their pool and surrounding area is really nice. Especially when you can leave it filled all year round.


I love it and could see how if it warms up more than today how this would be where I spent my time!


80*. This is what it was like for the whole day. Sunny and 80*. I loved every bit of it.


Madelyn wanted to be brave, but that water was pretty cold. She just kept thinking about it for the better part of an hour.


Then…she did it. Jumped right in. She was practically in shock from the cold but at least she could say she went swimming in March on her vacation. I didn’t even get my swimming out. Just sat laughing at her antics!

So our day went. We went to get the kids from school and then hung out doing homework and went to Chase’s practice and then headed home for one last relaxing evening of hanging out with the family.

The final morning dawned just as beautiful as the rest and we packed and took the kids to school one final time. I nearly cried knowing it will be while before I can hug them again. I even got to give Chase a kiss. Don’t tell him I told you though. It was so much fun to spend time with them and see where they live and all the things they do.

Then Madelyn, Jenny and I went back to the house to finish packing and go through some clothes of Jenny’s for me. That’s the perfect kind of shopping for me.


Heading out one final time. The area they live is so beautiful. I wanted to take a picture of each and every street and turn so I wouldn’t forget.

Of course through shopping and going through Jenny’s closet, we now had more than we brought so we headed first to the UPS store to ship some of it home. Then we still figured we had left plenty early so we went to a few more antique stores to look around.


See this? I am doing this on my barn door. If I could make a living looking at old things, that would be my perfect dream job.

Of course we had to have one more splurge of Sushi. I think Madelyn got pictures of it, but I evidentially didn’t. Should have, it was very beautiful and super good! So now that we are completely stuffed, we headed slowly to the airport. Once there and our goodbyes sadly said, everything went smoothly to get up to the gate and after getting some coffee and glancing through the final shops, we sat to wait for our flight home.


We checked the two locations temperature. 26* different. That’s not to bad. Except I didn’t now at the time that we were heading back just in time for a solid week of grey and rain. It’s funny how you can want to go home so badly and at the same time want to never leave.

Our flight was uneventful and we arrived on time. It was great to see mom pull up and hug her. It was even better to get home and kiss my boys. I will definitely make the trip again. If nothing else to just spend time laughing and talking with Jenny. Oh how I miss that already.


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