Arizona Day 4!

So Saturday dawned sunny and beautiful! Finally Chase was feeling better and we get to spend the whole day them! We headed for Apache Junction. Some of you may know my Grandparents used to go to Arizona every winter. They had a place in Apache Junction.


The Clubhouse where Grandpa played shuffleboard and they played cards.


We found it. I visited them here at Valley Palms twice. I first fell in love with Arizona when I was 14 years old hanging out with them here!


This was their first trailer here. It was easier to find than I thought even though I am sure I haven’t been here for nearly 20 years.

Anyway, we basically just did a drive through there to look at it. Then we headed for Apacheland. Apacheland was once a movie set. It has hiking trails, the church Elvis was married in, parts of the old movie set, a real blacksmith, a museum and store.


Superstition Mountain in the background.

We went through the museum store first and looked around there. Then the kids wanted to go on the hiking trail.


Can you believe they went into mines in these little tiny things! We did finally get a picture of Chase and Emily both facing us!


Superstition Mountain

The hike was beautiful and the day was perfect. I am just in awe of this view.


On the hike you walk by a variety of things. This is the Stamp Mill. It was used in milling to crush all kinds of things and hopefully then the gold would be separated out. There was also a primitive mill, a labyrinth, and a drilling machine.


They have the neatest train set up that takes you through the early years of settlement. Chase read about each place and time to us on this tour! They had some pretty neat miniature things on this model train town.



Our little models were at it again in the stagecoach.


Final stop at Apacheland, the church Elvis was married in. They still use it for weddings today.


I thought the cacti that were just outside the door was the neatest part, but if you are an Elvis fan you would probably like the inside.


It’s filled with movie posters that were made at Apacheland.


Madelyn had to get her picture taken with Elvis.


While we were in the church, on of the volunteers recommended we head to Tortilla Flats for dinner. Tortilla Flats is a former freight camp from the building of the Roosevelt Dam and is on the Apache Trail. You can drive the whole Apache Trail but we only went as far a Tortilla Flats.

20170325_122501 The entire drive was magnificent. Every twist and turn was more beautiful than the last.


Just before Tortilla Flats, is Canyon Lake. You can camp, swim, boat, fish, or hike around it. That would probably be an entire weekend trip all its own. But it was beautiful to drive around.


We made it to Tortilla Flats just in time for a noontime shoot out between two gold miners and the sheriff. I got so busy watching I didn’t take any pictures of this tiny speak of a town, population 6. Yes 6! They are all employees and caretakers. We went to the restaurant and the food was amazing!

After we ate, we got some ice cream at the General Store and looked around the shop. It was a neat little trek up the mountain. We then headed back down to go to Goldfield Ghost Town.


I was honestly having so much fun looking around and being with my family, I didn’t get a lot of pictures. We took the train ride that goes all the way around the town and explains what all you are seeing. Then we headed into the mines. You go ‘way’ down under ground and get a peak into what it was like to be a miner. The history and stories that you hear about things like being trapped or trying to save money so the owners only allowed each miner 1 candle each day for a 12 hour shift and they had to learn to eat their lunch in the complete dark so you could have enough candle left to find your way out. I was glad to be back on the surface. Even if I was only maybe 20 feet underground!

Our next stop was at the Mystery Shack. It was a miners shack that unfortunately fell into a sinkhole. He left it because it really messes with your equilibrium. Water appears to flow up hill. When you walk to one side you get there pretty easy but it is a lot of work to get back to the other wall.



Standing at a 45* angle


I got to sit in the chair. You can’t stand up out of the chair. It feels weird to be unable to do something that is so normal. It really messes with you.


No matter where you go you can get a glimpse of the beautiful Superstition Mountain. There are of course shops all up and down the main street. They were neat, and we stopped in a few and looked around, but by now we were all getting tired. So we packed it in and headed back to the Davis Ranch, or home.

We hung out in the yard watching Jenny’s husband and his brother work on their new shed while the kids played. The evening ended with loading up for an early departure in the morning.


Not going to lie. Now I am almost to excited to sleep! We leave at 6 in the morning!