Arizona Day Two!

So after another amazing night sleep, we were up early again and off! We started out by getting the kids dropped off at school and headed for a place called Cave Creek. It turns out it is very touristy and there is a lot of amazing antique, keepsake, food and wine and just cute shops! Of course we loved it. But in our eagerness to get there, most of the shops were still closed. So we went out for breakfast.


We stopped at Harold’s Cave Creek Corral. It was very interesting little bar and restaurant. Just standing on the deck and looking around was beautiful.


I am in love with the view of cactus and palm trees at this point. I have a zillion pictures just of them. But I digress. Back to breakfast. This place was pretty cool, especially after I realized they were Steeler fans also!


It was decorate pretty neat, cowboy boot on the ceiling, all kinds of Steelers pictures and memorabilia.


Things were just hung every which where. It was quite interesting.


This guy hung out on the bar behind where I was sitting. Pretty strange. But the food was amazing and cheap.


I got the Southwest Omelet with breakfast potatoes. It was really delicious. Madelyn had eggs, toast and bacon. Jenny got some amazing French toast. After we were stuffed most of the shops were starting to open up and I was looking forward to walking this off!


The first place we went was the town dump. It is basically old storage units that are rented out to different venders to sell their wares. There was so much stuff and we spent a lot of time wandering through the different things.


There was so much to look at! I took a lot of these pictures so that I could show them to my friend Lisa and see if she can make any of these things. I think they would look so good in my yard. Of course while we are doing this Madelyn had to have a little fun!


We think maybe we should live in Malfuncion Junction! What a perfect name for the craziness that was beyond that gate. We laughed a lot again today.


Then I saw this sign and decided that we had to see what it was about. I am not sure the prices really said BLOWOUT, but whatever, it was an amazing store to look around. We were being really careful to not bump into anything until…


This guy came around the corner. He apparently lives in this store. Well ok, not sure I would pay $500 for the bed covering he’s been laying on, but again, whatever.


The walls and shelves and every nook and cranny was covered with beautiful hangings and knickknacks. All western and all beautiful and all very pricey.


There were a number of these skulls decorated and absolutely stunning. I really wish I was more artistic. We continues through a number of other small stores through out the entire strip. One area was called Frontier Town and they had it all set up like a small town with a wide variety of shops with a wide variety of things for sale. We mostly just wandered and looked, but I did find a couple cute things for the boys and my nieces and nephew. We sampled anything from fudge to olive oils to wines (well not Madelyn) and looked at clothes and décor that cost more than our cars. We ended up behind one store and couldn’t believe how much stuff they had stashed back there! All pots. Hundreds. I just stood in one spot and turned four times and took a picture all the way around me.


I couldn’t believe how many there were and they were unloading a semi. Unbelievable.


Found this gem behind the pots. For only $195 it can be yours!

We found a lot of things we had to check out behind and hidden from sight.


I was surprised by how much stuff was just sitting outside and had been forever. Of course when you don’t have winter weather like we do in Iowa, I guess you can leave things out!


These were so cool. They are cactus skeletons. They feel like wood but are what is left after a cactus dies and they are very beautiful. Of course you can buy them as well! Overall it was a really fun day just wandering and looking at all kinds of crazy different things. I couldn’t believe how much stuff they had crammed into such a small area.

After we finally got done looking in the shops, headed back to get the kids and take a nap! All that wandering and looking was pretty tiring. Madelyn and I are not believing the beauty just on the sides of the roads and the amazing temperature, which my cousin kept saying sorry it wasn’t sunny or warmer. We thought it was near perfect! See you again tomorrow for Day 3!