Got babies in there?

We are currently watching 3 girls.


I moved them into a pen together. These are the three that we took to the vet to have ultrasounds. Vet Amy said that Scarlett was very pregnant. I can never tell because she always looks fat. Indi and Button are both starting to have little udders show, but aren’t nearly as big as Scarlett.


They do have little bellies. I am concerned because Madelyn and I leave for vacation to Arizona the 21st. If there are no babies on the ground by the time we leave, they are going to go visit Sister and Niece#4 for a week. They will take care of these three while we are gone.


Since I have a couple girls who are due in the next couple weeks. I thought I better start doing a few pedicures. I only got through 3 before my trimmers gave up.


Scarlett is one that is due soon. Well, honestly, it’s hard to know for sure. She is always fat! But her ever increasing in size udder is what has me thinking it will be soon! However she has very thick hooves. They are extremely hard and this is what broke the trimmers.


Thankfully I was able to get them done so she has nice straight feet before her babies arrive.

Girls day out

I was lucky enough to get to take a couple days the last 2 weekends to spend with my bestie’s. It was so much fun and very relaxing. The first weekend we went to meet my dear friend in Waterloo. We went out to eat and talk and talk and talk. Then we went to the local mall and walked around a while, still talking and talking.


I didn’t take many pictures because we were talking and I didn’t have my phone out much. I am also not a fan of mall shopping, but these two seem to like it so I follow them around and my Buddy and I talk the whole time. It’s a great time regardless of the shopping. We then went and had pedicures. It was awesome and relaxing and a great time to sit and well…talk some more.

Then last weekend we went to meet the other two girls in the Amana Colonies. This was more my kind of shopping. I like looking at old stuff. It was a chilly day but I guess it didn’t matter since I with girls I love being able to spend time with. Since we all got married and had kids, we don’t get together as often as we used to.


We walked up and down the street. It’s so pretty down there.




Besides the buildings being neat and old, the inside of the stores were amazing.


This store had lots of cool rocks.



One of the antique stores.



A nook in the back.






Barn Quilt designs.



The General Store.



The Year round Christmas Room.



Where we ate. We all tried something new and it was delish!

These are they days that make the winter time not be so bad. Thanks girls.


Friday’s Hunt 3.8

Since tomorrow is Friday and again I didn’t sit down at my computer, here is Friday’s Hunt 3.8. The prompts are the Letter H, Weeks Favorite and Shadow or Chiaroscuro.

For Letter H, I have Haze. We have had some interesting weather this winter and it makes for some interesting haze to start the day. Thankfully the sun has come out regularly so the foggy start doesn’t stick around long.


My Weeks Favorite is the first motorcycle group out riding around. Like I said the weather has been unusual!


For Shadow or Chiaroscuro, I am not sure if this fits or not, but it is one of my favorites. I took it one morning when I had to be at Brother’s house early. The sun was just starting to come up over the corn.


So there is Friday’s Hunt v3.8. Join me right back here for tomorrows v3.9