Well the babies are arriving. 

We have been waiting for babies. I had thought Button might be due the 9th. Indi maybe the 14th and Scarlett the 18th.

Scarlett and Jeff

Wrong. Apparently, Scarlett was due the 19th. I was close on that. 

Scarlett and Jacy

After these two were born and doing great, on the 20th we had to move them, Indi, and Button to 7th Heaven Acres (which is also known as Sisters House) so Niece#4 could take care of them while Madelyn and I go on vacation. 

These two and mom were doing great. I figured they would have nothing to watch for now. I obviously missed when Button and Indi were in heat! 

Indi with Xavier(buck in front) and Ziggy(doe in back)

Wrong! We are just getting to security at the airport. Sister calls. Did I check the goats when I dropped Niece#4 off after school. Well no, I was kind of in a hurry and there wouldn’t be anything to see. Except maybe these two. 

Ziggy, Indi’s doe

So while I may not be able to tell exact due dates, I did at least do good moving them there for the week where they will be loved and cuddled!