Oh the guinea pigs

I am really enjoying the guinea pigs. I wasn’t even sure when we originally got Georgia G. Pig years ago that it was something I wanted to do. But in the time since, we have had a lot of fun with them. The other day I realized the babies were just a couple days shy of 3 weeks. That is when it is recommended you wean and separate males from females. Well if you have been following along, you know I suck at sexing baby guinea pigs! So, I did wean them, but how do you separate something you can’t tell apart? I kind of think we night have 3 boars and a sow, but really have no idea.

Since it was time to clean cages and give baths, I did that and then weaned them from Mom.


Skipper, Slade, Saber, and Sinnamon


Took all 4 into the tub, which they love! Racing around and splashing. It was funny and then even funnier when Tux decided he wanted to try playing in the tub.


Sinnamon in the feed bowl.


While they played in the bath, I cleaned out the cage and got it all bedded for them. Then filled up food and cleaned out their water bottle. Guinea pigs don’t require a lot of work, but I do wash the water bottle and feed bowl each time I clean out the cage. Then the 4 babies came back to the big cage for the time being.


Skipper with Slade behind him.


Wet guinea pigs are hilarious. All curly and cute. They decided that they wanted to hide and finish cleaning and grooming themselves.


Squeaker and Gizmo


Meanwhile Mom moved back in with Dad. I would assume this means babies in about 55 days. Sigh. I really need to get at least one more cage.