Friday’s Hunt 3.8

Since tomorrow is Friday and again I didn’t sit down at my computer, here is Friday’s Hunt 3.8. The prompts are the Letter H, Weeks Favorite and Shadow or Chiaroscuro.

For Letter H, I have Haze. We have had some interesting weather this winter and it makes for some interesting haze to start the day. Thankfully the sun has come out regularly so the foggy start doesn’t stick around long.


My Weeks Favorite is the first motorcycle group out riding around. Like I said the weather has been unusual!


For Shadow or Chiaroscuro, I am not sure if this fits or not, but it is one of my favorites. I took it one morning when I had to be at Brother’s house early. The sun was just starting to come up over the corn.


So there is Friday’s Hunt v3.8. Join me right back here for tomorrows v3.9


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