Coming Soon

I am still on Vacation. I love Arizona. It has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have visited a couple times before and have loved it. 

Madelyn came last year and is sure she will live here some day. The first couple days I always think, man why don’t we live here? And then I drive past a castle feed lot and everyone with me is gagging because it smells so bad, and I have my head out the window like a dog, hyperventilating trying to breath in as much of the smell as I can. And that is when I start desperately missing my home. As soon as I make it back to Iowa, I will share ask about our adventures and catch you up with what’s going on there! 

Well the babies are arriving. 

We have been waiting for babies. I had thought Button might be due the 9th. Indi maybe the 14th and Scarlett the 18th.

Scarlett and Jeff

Wrong. Apparently, Scarlett was due the 19th. I was close on that. 

Scarlett and Jacy

After these two were born and doing great, on the 20th we had to move them, Indi, and Button to 7th Heaven Acres (which is also known as Sisters House) so Niece#4 could take care of them while Madelyn and I go on vacation. 

These two and mom were doing great. I figured they would have nothing to watch for now. I obviously missed when Button and Indi were in heat! 

Indi with Xavier(buck in front) and Ziggy(doe in back)

Wrong! We are just getting to security at the airport. Sister calls. Did I check the goats when I dropped Niece#4 off after school. Well no, I was kind of in a hurry and there wouldn’t be anything to see. Except maybe these two. 

Ziggy, Indi’s doe

So while I may not be able to tell exact due dates, I did at least do good moving them there for the week where they will be loved and cuddled! 

Friday’s Hunt v3.9, v3.10 and v3.11

I am still doing so well at keeping up! I really planned on getting some pictures taken while it was nice out. But then I got busy cleaning out pens and trying to get feet trimmed and just didn’t. So here is v3.9 with the prompts Letter I, Weeks Favorite, and Nose.


Well there is always Indi. She is due here in the next couple weeks. I really thought that she had been breed and was due the 9th. But, obviously not. So hopefully she has some babies soon, since we are leaving for vacation the 21st. She will be moving to Sisters this weekend either way.


My Weeks Favorite from that week is this one from Denton’s Birthday gathering. They get so excited about Gramma’s red cake!


This guy is always nosing his way into everything. Even though this picture was taken back in the fall, he constantly poking his nose around. I love him for it. I hope this means he will be curious and go everywhere!

The next week, for v3.10 our prompts were the Letter J, Weeks Favorite and Birds or Wings.


The letter J is for me. Just Jennifer. Not very exciting but hey, it’s the letter J!


My Week’s Favorite is this one of the baby guinea pigs. They are so stinking cute and fun to play with. I think the kids finally decided on names for everyone. The redish and brown one on the left is Skipper, next to him(kind of blurry) is Slade, who Madelyn thinks she would like to keep. Then the mostly white one in front is Saber and Denton has taken him as the one he wants to keep. In the back the mostly brown one, our only female(I think) is Sinnamon. That one Landon has picked as his. Normally I wouldn’t even consider keeping any more, but due to Gizmo’s injuries I don’t think he will be able to do any guinea pig agility at the fair. Yes, it is a real thing and now a class!! I can’t wait because I think it is going to be hilarious! Squeaker is Gizmo’s companion and I don’t know what to do about the having babies until I figure out for sure who is boys and who is girls. So for now we are keeping a few of these guys to take to the fair.


I think she loves her birds. This will probably be one of my all time favorite pictures of Niece#5 and her chickens!

Now we are finally to v3.11 for this week. Our prompts are the Letter K, Weeks Favorite and Drink.


Letter K…Kids. I know there are kids coming. I am starting to worry about when. I was really hoping the kids would be on the ground before we leave. Now that is got cold again, I am not wanting them to come now because of that. However, I feel bad taking them to Sister’s house and making them do all night barn checks while I am on vacation. However, at some point, there will be kids.


This Week’s Favorite is Niece#4 and Miss Kitty the rabbit learning to bunny hop! Miss Kitty is our new lionhead bunny and full of spunk and sass. I am really enjoying these new additions. We also got a blue lionhead buck, but he couldn’t go to bunny hopping due to Denton being sick. Hopefully next time they can both go. Niece#4 is doing really well with her bunny and looking forward to taking her guinea pig Cocoa (Squeakers sister) to the fair as well.


Before it snowed, I cleaned out the pool for the ducks. Not only did they enjoy the Drink, but also the bath. It was a great and happy day for them. They aren’t as happy with the snow and block of ice in their pool.

Well, thanks for joining me for some Friday’s Hunts. Thank you to Teresa at Eden Hills for letting us join her again! Have a great weekend.


Oh the guinea pigs

I am really enjoying the guinea pigs. I wasn’t even sure when we originally got Georgia G. Pig years ago that it was something I wanted to do. But in the time since, we have had a lot of fun with them. The other day I realized the babies were just a couple days shy of 3 weeks. That is when it is recommended you wean and separate males from females. Well if you have been following along, you know I suck at sexing baby guinea pigs! So, I did wean them, but how do you separate something you can’t tell apart? I kind of think we night have 3 boars and a sow, but really have no idea.

Since it was time to clean cages and give baths, I did that and then weaned them from Mom.


Skipper, Slade, Saber, and Sinnamon


Took all 4 into the tub, which they love! Racing around and splashing. It was funny and then even funnier when Tux decided he wanted to try playing in the tub.


Sinnamon in the feed bowl.


While they played in the bath, I cleaned out the cage and got it all bedded for them. Then filled up food and cleaned out their water bottle. Guinea pigs don’t require a lot of work, but I do wash the water bottle and feed bowl each time I clean out the cage. Then the 4 babies came back to the big cage for the time being.


Skipper with Slade behind him.


Wet guinea pigs are hilarious. All curly and cute. They decided that they wanted to hide and finish cleaning and grooming themselves.


Squeaker and Gizmo


Meanwhile Mom moved back in with Dad. I would assume this means babies in about 55 days. Sigh. I really need to get at least one more cage.


Well Darn

We got through February with amazing weather and perfect temperatures. Then March came and decided to kick us in the rear.


I am not going to complain though. A little snow doesn’t bother me, but I have never been much for the cold. Oh well, I just hope that the girls don’t decide to have babies while its cold.


We got more snow this time than we have had all winter.


The boys don’t seem to mind. They are about the only ones. Hopefully by next weekend we are back to no snow.