So Sister found out the vet can ultrasound the goats for pregnancy. Guess we never even really thought to ask. So one day, a couple weeks ago, we loaded up 6 girls from 7th Heaven Acres and 5 of my girls and took them to the vet.

Once we arrived, we unloaded her girls first. We took them in and the vet started right away. I barely had time to get a picture taken.


She has this little machine. It takes no time for her to see something on that little screen. The part in her hand goes up against their belly, back by their udder and if they are expecting the uterus and baby show up. She can’t tell how many, but she can say yes or no and if they are fairly far a long.

Sister had 5 out of 6 pregnant. That made her happy. Then we brought in my 5. Scarlett is pregnant and as fat as she is I would think due soon. Indi is pregnant again and so is Button! I think they are due more towards April, just from when I put them in with the bucks. Dolly she didn’t see anything, but I hadn’t really had her in with the bucks long enough for her to see much. Tawny wasn’t pregnant. This seriously disappointed me. She is 3 years old and has spent the better part of a year with the boys. Unfortunately she won’t be able to stay. I worry because she is the only daughter I have out of Dolly. Guess I will hope that Dolly is breed for this summer. And I super hope there is a little girl in there!


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