Winter is boring

I can’t complain about the way this winter has been going. I don’t really mind snow, which we haven’t had a lot of. I don’t even mind a little cold. I do hate wind and slop and rain in the winter though. That we have had enough of. My lots are a disaster but everyone is making it through the winter ok. I haven’t been up to much besides working at my other two not farm jobs as much as possible. Besides that, I picked up a few new hobbies.


This one has become a favorite and I really can’t thank my dear friend from high school enough for allowing me to tag along to Iowa State Men’s Basketball games. Although they aren’t maybe doing as well as I would hope, the atmosphere in Hilton is always fun.


Even more fun is getting to take the kids along with me! They aren’t even really Cyclone fans (they seem to think they like that other team, whoever that is) but they love going places. I even got them both in ISU shirts for Gold Out Night!


I have even gotten to take of my nieces! Niece#4 and Denton were pretty excited when their picture made the jumbotron before the game! Then there is the next hobby I picked up. Niece#4 is wearing one of my projects.


Yup, crocheting. It’s actually a lot of fun for me. I have made 3 scarves and am working on a hat and a blanket right now. Definitely something to keep me busy during the evenings

Tux is making it difficult at times, as you know he really likes to lay on my lap and the yarn moving around really makes a great toy. But he’s getting better about leaving it alone if he wants to lay with me.

We also had another really fun crafting day.


I loved this project. Ok, I actually love them all. However this one came along as I was putting Christmas decorations away and I really needed something tall and thin to sit by the TV. These turned out perfect for that space! Who knew an old ketchup bottle, olive oil bottle and wine bottle could turn out to be just the decorations I had been looking for!

So you see I am keeping busy and having fun. I just kind of wish I could use this spare time to garden or play in(read clean out) my barn for hours or sit in the yard by a wonderful fire enjoying the evening. Yes, I am ready for spring.

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