Babies, again…

I have decided that I am no good at sexing guinea pigs! After our last fiasco of two litters of guinea pig babies with Rio who was supposed to be a boy and turned out to be a girl. I thought for sure the little guy I picked would be a great friend for Gizmo. Imagine my surprise a couple weeks ago when I took Squeakers out of ‘his’ cage and found that ‘he’ had gained significant weight. Seriously, a lot of weight. Like it looked like he was actually pregnant. Which turns out to be exactly what ‘he’ was!

Dang it!!


4 more of the little nuggets. Boy are they cute and fun, but I seriously just wanted two. Gizmo just needed a friend. Now I don’t know what to do for sure, the kids have again all picked one that they love. And our rabbit hopping leader is getting guinea pig agility class set up. Which is exactly as hilarious as it sounds.


Since I can’t sex them. I guess we will have to let them grow a little before we decide what to do. I will try to get better pictures of them individually soon. In the meantime, we will have fun playing with them.


So Sister found out the vet can ultrasound the goats for pregnancy. Guess we never even really thought to ask. So one day, a couple weeks ago, we loaded up 6 girls from 7th Heaven Acres and 5 of my girls and took them to the vet.

Once we arrived, we unloaded her girls first. We took them in and the vet started right away. I barely had time to get a picture taken.


She has this little machine. It takes no time for her to see something on that little screen. The part in her hand goes up against their belly, back by their udder and if they are expecting the uterus and baby show up. She can’t tell how many, but she can say yes or no and if they are fairly far a long.

Sister had 5 out of 6 pregnant. That made her happy. Then we brought in my 5. Scarlett is pregnant and as fat as she is I would think due soon. Indi is pregnant again and so is Button! I think they are due more towards April, just from when I put them in with the bucks. Dolly she didn’t see anything, but I hadn’t really had her in with the bucks long enough for her to see much. Tawny wasn’t pregnant. This seriously disappointed me. She is 3 years old and has spent the better part of a year with the boys. Unfortunately she won’t be able to stay. I worry because she is the only daughter I have out of Dolly. Guess I will hope that Dolly is breed for this summer. And I super hope there is a little girl in there!


Friday’s Hunts I have missed

Since I have not been sitting down at my computer, or even really carrying my phone or camera with me like I should, I haven’t been keeping up with my Friday’s Hunts. So I will try to catch up a little.

Going all the way back to Friday’s Hunt v3.2. Our prompts are the Letter B and Creature. (I am going to leave out Week’s Favorite because well…let’s be honest, I haven’t been taking many pictures)

Letter B.


Broken Barn! I love my broken down barn. I spend a lot of time in it and while who wouldn’t love a shiny new barn, I will stick with my broken barn for now.



This creature has completely stolen my heart and my chair. Tuxedo is really settling into life here and becoming an ornery beloved member of the family.

Friday’s Hunt v3.3

Letter C


This Crazy kid? I came in the house from doing chores and here he is, sitting on the couch watching his show in this tub. It’s supposed to be full of toys. I wonder where they could be?

Odd Angle.


How is this? These two played together one chilly afternoon when Miss Bailee came to visit. She sat like this a long time watching Tux.

Friday’s Hunt v3.4

Letter D.


Well, these two lazy dogs aren’t doing much this winter. They mostly lay on their pillows and sleep. They can’t be outside long with their short coats. They are loving these warmer days we have been having and going for long walks with me.

Close Up.


Honestly I have taken a lot of pictures of Tux this winter. He’s so darn cute and always on my lap.

Friday’s Hunt v3.5

Letter E.


Edible. I have been trying out some new things lately. One of them is Spaghetti Squash. It was actually really good!



I have started a new personal journey this winter. I want to lose some weight. So I guess I can share here parts of my journey. We will see how it goes.

Friday’s Hunt v3.6

Letter F.


We had fun celebrating and help raise money for a dear friend of ours from town who has recently fallen very ill and can no longer work. She is one of the sweetest ladies and it was apparent from the turnout.



No matter how many critters I end up with around this funny farm, these three are my whole heart! Their laughter and smiles bring sunshine to every single day.

Friday’s Hunt v3.7

Letter G.


Scarlett, Button, and Tawny


Goats. They are getting some wonderful sun this last week.



I guess I don’t have a lot of pictures with pink in it. This one will have to do for now!

Well, this should catch me up until next week! Hope to see you then!



Winter is boring

I can’t complain about the way this winter has been going. I don’t really mind snow, which we haven’t had a lot of. I don’t even mind a little cold. I do hate wind and slop and rain in the winter though. That we have had enough of. My lots are a disaster but everyone is making it through the winter ok. I haven’t been up to much besides working at my other two not farm jobs as much as possible. Besides that, I picked up a few new hobbies.


This one has become a favorite and I really can’t thank my dear friend from high school enough for allowing me to tag along to Iowa State Men’s Basketball games. Although they aren’t maybe doing as well as I would hope, the atmosphere in Hilton is always fun.


Even more fun is getting to take the kids along with me! They aren’t even really Cyclone fans (they seem to think they like that other team, whoever that is) but they love going places. I even got them both in ISU shirts for Gold Out Night!


I have even gotten to take of my nieces! Niece#4 and Denton were pretty excited when their picture made the jumbotron before the game! Then there is the next hobby I picked up. Niece#4 is wearing one of my projects.


Yup, crocheting. It’s actually a lot of fun for me. I have made 3 scarves and am working on a hat and a blanket right now. Definitely something to keep me busy during the evenings

Tux is making it difficult at times, as you know he really likes to lay on my lap and the yarn moving around really makes a great toy. But he’s getting better about leaving it alone if he wants to lay with me.

We also had another really fun crafting day.


I loved this project. Ok, I actually love them all. However this one came along as I was putting Christmas decorations away and I really needed something tall and thin to sit by the TV. These turned out perfect for that space! Who knew an old ketchup bottle, olive oil bottle and wine bottle could turn out to be just the decorations I had been looking for!

So you see I am keeping busy and having fun. I just kind of wish I could use this spare time to garden or play in(read clean out) my barn for hours or sit in the yard by a wonderful fire enjoying the evening. Yes, I am ready for spring.