After our super sad tragedy with our little Wednesday cat, I was ready to give up on a kitten in the house. However, Madelyn has a few friends that had kittens they were trying to find homes for. So, we started over.20161226_082143.jpg

Meet Tux. He came through the roof of a friend of ours shop and there was no mother around. They worked to keep him going and thought about maybe trying to have him as a shop cat. However, with their security system, he kept setting off the alarm. So they were having to kennel him at night which he apparently didn’t like all that much. They offered him to us.

Since he has been here, he has decided that I am where he likes to sleep. That is basically all he does.


It’s really a lot of work.


And it is basically all the time.


He did have to spend one night at the vets. I took him over because he had a slight prolapse on his behind. I was not real concerned, because I had seen it before in cows, pigs and goats. The vet, however was more concerned. She had never seen one in a cat before. She tried to just push it back in. No. They had to keep him and do surgery to stitch it back in correctly. Good grief! Who knew? But he is recovering nicely and will get his stitches out when he goes back for his booster shots the 19th.


Meanwhile, he will continue to be a pampered brat.


Making everything about me his bed.


Unless I am not around. Then he has another warm spot to snuggle into.


It’s really hard to grow up a spoiled house cat.


Oh, were you working here? Sorry, you aren’t now.


He is really a cute cat and everyone seems happy again. Except maybe the dogs, who aren’t sure about this annoying little pest that jumps on them and chases them around the house. When he isn’t sleeping anyway.

3 thoughts on “Tuxedo

    1. I haven’t been on here forever! The boys were playing catch n the house(apparently I have never mentioned not to before?) And Landon went to catch the ball and lifted the back of the big recliner and it came down on her head. Of course they were home alone so I came home to hysterics. I felt so terrible because they would never hurt anything and they were devastated. I had to lay with Landon until he finally passed out from crying. It was awful.


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