Friday’s Hunt 3.1

I am forever behind. Seriously, how can you have like 5 Friday’s Hunt’s ready to go and not sit down in time to post them over the weekend for 5 weeks straight? Then almost not get this weeks done before the end of the weekend and miss linking up…again? Good gravy.

This week Teresa gave us the Letter A, Week’s Favorite, and Beginning.

For my Letter A, I have All the older goats.


These are any one that weren’t bred this fall and the two that had kids last spring. Sister and I are taking the girls in to be preg checked at the vet in a couple weeks. I am really hoping Scarlett, Tawny, Indy, and Button are all bred. The younger girls are scheduled to go back in with the bucks this spring, hopefully for late summer or fall babies.

My Week’s Favorite is this one.


This goof had his friend birthday party this weekend. He is always silly and happy and I just love his smile.


For Beginning, I am reposting the first picture I posted on my blog, almost a year ago. Of course it isn’t one I took, but I wasn’t even sure what I was doing with a blog at the time. I still love this saying and try to live by it daily.

Enjoy your week, I am personally looking forward to some slightly warmer temperatures.

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