Friday’s Hunt v2.24, v2.25, v2.26, and v2.27

Well, would you believe I have actually had most of these Friday’s Hunts done on time? Of course then the weekend came and I got busy fixing waters and dealing with the cold spell we are having, preparing for the holidays, actually celebrating the holidays and never got back to my computer to post it!  Then of course, there was a week in there that technical difficulties over took me. My photos wouldn’t upload causing me great stress! I get so frustrated when things don’t just work like they are supposed too! My computer illiteracy really comes through then also! So this is my catch up post! I so love this idea and it makes me think every week. So to begin, we go back to v2.24, we have the prompts the Letter X, Weeks Favorite, and Lights.

Well the Letter X would normally be hard for me. But this week, with the cold streak that we are having, I have so many things I didn’t get Xouted or finished off. Grr! I have gotten some done since the freeze, but not enough. My barn door is frozen open, my horse feeder is frozen to the ground, I had no heaters ready for water, my hoses were left out and I didn’t have my Guinea Pigs brought in yet. Besides getting the water heaters in and hoses to the basement so I have water, I got the Guinea Pigs moved in finally!

20161209_140727 (2).jpg

Someone is not overly thrilled with them. Last year Nala couldn’t hardly stand them moving around and now Wednesday is obviously not going to let them live in peace! At least I am getting a few things Xouted!

My Weeks Favorite is another sunset beyond my barn.


I was freezing that day and just wanted to get in the house and warm up. But it was breathtaking! I don’t think I will ever tire of this view.

As I said it’s been a bit crazy this week. Last week Mom and the kids and I went and got our trees. I got mine up right away and planned to get the lights on and decorated right away. Until…


I put all my Lights on my slightly under 9 foot tree and didn’t make it halfway up. Are you kidding me. So I had to make it to town and get more. That only took 4 days to find the time. I do finally have all the lights done and am hoping to get it decorated tonight!. Who knew adding 4 feet to your tree would require more Lights!

Now on to the next weeks hunt, v2.25 we have the Letter Y, Weeks Favorite and Festive.

For the Letter Y there is Yucky. That is the only word I can use to describe this weather we are having. Although I don’t think it feels that bad when I do my chores, but I don’t mind the cold as long as it goes away in the spring. It’s cold but doable, until next week when the temps are going to get back up in the 30’s!


Turns out my tree turned out pretty Festive and it’s also my Weeks Favorite. I love my tree and decorations. It makes me so happy to sit and look at them.


Of course now we are caught up to this week, v2.26. Our prompts this week are the Letter Z, Weeks Favorite, and Holiday.

My little lady Zulu is of course my Letter Z! She is growing into a lovely lady and I am super excited for her future. I was worried she wasn’t growing very well, but I think she is doing ok. After visiting a friends purebred boer goat herd, I feel like they are maybe a little shorter than I thought. I still love her and that is all that really matters anyway.


My Weeks Favorite is this dink. She is with us most days, even when it’s cold and she is learning all the time. She is always laughing and smiling and brightening our days. Her silliness is infectious. As we went through the Holidays and I got to spend time with my older nieces, who because life happens, don’t have as much time to spend with their old aunt anymore, it truly makes cherish the days I get to spend with her.


My Holiday is pretty much summed up in this picture. Mom’s kitchen, the perfect place to make memories, my family, Sister, Mom and the kids making cookies and laughing together. We haven’t done a cookies and candy day apparently in many years, but I am sure glad we decided to this year. These are the times that will live on forever in their hearts.


Ok, now to our final catch up week, v2.27. Our prompts for this hunt are Starts with Any Letter, Weeks Favorite, and Celebrate.

I am going to use the Letter B. For Broken Barn Farm. I rarely take pictures of the actual Barn. It is old and doesn’t really have much that is pretty about it. Kind of patched together and falling apart(hence the name). But it is the home of most of the animals and where I spend a lot of time. I love this one. It was so quiet that night.


My Weeks Favorite and Celebrate are interchangeable. We did things a little different this year and I personally loved it. We decided to wait until New Years Eve to have our get together for Christmas with Mom. We started at noon with soup, opened kids presents, played games, opened our presents, Fondued, played more games and talked for hours, brought in the New Year together and were home in bed by 12:15. About the best day I have had in a long time.


Sisinlaw brought a cellophane ball for the kids. They loved it and had a good time wrestling their prizes out of it! I just love when they are all together and having fun.


The actual best part of our Celebration was when our family’s long time friends the Fedlers joined us for Fondueing. This might seem like it’s not that big a deal, but when you take into account that every single New Years Eve of our childhood was spent with them and their daughters. Those nights are some of my most treasured memories. They are more like an Aunt and Uncle than friends. Having them join us made it a perfect night for us.

Thank you for joining me for my catching up on more than a couple weeks of Friday’s Hunts! A special thank you to Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting! Stop over and check out the other posts if you get the chance.


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