Our Christmas Time

I am always not ready for Christmas. I am not a shopper and try to avoid it at all costs. I am so thankful for Amazon. I get most of my gifts from there. But gifts aren’t the most important part of Christmas time to me. I love getting our trees.


We go to a couple different places in search of the perfect for us trees. This year in November, of course it was warm and beautiful when we went the weekend after Thanksgiving. Landon is getting pretty good at cutting them down and hauling them up for us. I don’t know why we didn’t get pictures by our trees this year? We always do that and then cut them down.


Once home, I had to take a little off the top to get it to fit. 9 feet might be too tall for my house. But I love this tree. Definitely one of my prettiest.


Then on to the lights. I did not have enough to make it to the top. Dang it. I have enough now!

The decorations are where it gets really fun for me. Every year Mom always got us an ornament for the tree to signify a special event that happened for us that year. I have continued that tradition with my own kids. This year I got Madelyn an old fashioned gas pump to signify her driving. Landon got an I love Hunting ornament for getting his first deer. Denton got a bike ornament for finally learning to ride his big bike without training wheels(that was quite the ordeal as he was convinced I wanted him to crash!) These are some of my favorites.


This one is from 1993, the year we changed from playing 6 on 6 to 5 on 5. It was big deal to me. I was a guard and never shot a basket in a game, just played strictly defense. 5 on 5 had me playing offense and defense.


This one is even older. I was in Mrs. Luings 4th grade class when I made this. It’s just a clothes pin painted to look like a soldier. We decorated the tree in Mrs. Luings class with them and then took them home before break. It has been on my tree every year since.


My absolute favorite. I don’t remember getting this one. I have no idea how old it is, but I have loved it forever. My brother and sister both have a book like this of their own, they are however slightly different.


The kids made me a few that are very dear to me. This is Madelyn’s from 2010. I think that would be 4th grade.


My little Landon ornament.


My little Denton Ornament!


The first dog Mike and I got together was our Dalmatian Major. We loved that dog. He was great with kids and animals and the calmest Dalmatian most people had ever been around. He passed away over Thanksgiving 2009. We got this for the kids that year. Ok kind of for me too, because I missed him terribly.


Then there is Koda. I got this in 2006 for the kids for his puppy picture. I sure do miss him.

20161209_173912Another of my favorites. My mother in law, Lovia. She loved Christmas so much. Well, honestly, she just loved everything. She was the neatest, most loving, caring, giving woman I have ever met. We miss her dearly.

20161209_173927The paper angels that are always on top of my tree are a couple of my favorite treasures. The kids made those in elementary. I believe they will forever be up there. I could tell you the story behind every single ornament on my tree. They all mean something. But for the length of this post, I guess I will just do a few each year!

20161209_175315My tree as a kid and as a young adult always had a star on top of it. Until my mother in law passed away. We were going through some of her things and came across some ornaments of Mikes and hers that she used to put up and her angel. I knew the minute I pulled her out of the box, I would forever have this angel on my tree. I feel like she is watching over us and I love looking up at her.

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