Happy New Year!

Good Grief! I have been slacking lately! Besides working at all three jobs a lot in the past couple weeks, it has also been that crazy time of year with Christmas (that I am never ready for) Christmas Break from School (that I love doing as much with the kids as I can) and of course New Years! We are one day from heading back to a regularly scheduled routine and I am hoping I can get back to on track! I have 4 Friday’s Hunts started but my computer and phone decided not to be compatible anymore and my pictures wouldn’t upload. I think I have that issue resolved so I am hoping to get them done this week and ready to post!

I am not really one to do much for New Years Resolutions. So instead I will share a couple things I won’t be doing in this New Year.

  1. Raising a calf to finish. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed raising JD. He makes me happy most days. However, I have learned that my fences are more suited to horses and goats. My barn is in worse shape due to his head butting, scratching and in general ramming around. Then there is the fact that as a tame former bottle baby, he still wants to play with me. Which usually ends in me on the ground and him ramming me. This makes the kids have to stay out of the lot. I think I will leave the cattle raising to the cattleman(Brother).20160819_191601
  2. Good Tires make a world of difference. I am cheap. This is not a shock to anyone. I hate spending large amounts of money. I try to get as much use out of something as physically possible. I do that with my tires. I know I shouldn’t and my dear friend Mechanic doesn’t like it all. It makes him have to patch tires that he would rather dispose of. So this year I got new ones and low and behold my truck will go through mud and move on wet grass. It doesn’t spin out at the slightest sign of moisture. Ok fine Mechanic Friend, you are right.
  3. Again with listening to my Mechanic Friend. I really should just list that. LISTEN to him! I was always trying to see how far I could go on a tank of gas. That worked just fine until exactly what he said would happen happened. My fuel pump went out leaving Madelyn and I stranded in Ankeny. I am now filling up as soon as I get to a half tank or as soon as I make it to town after I reach a half tank. I can apparently go a lot farther with a fuel pump.20160226_213325
  4. Let it Go. I may or may not  absolutely have some control issues. Through out this last year I noticed it more and more, especially while teaching my daughter to drive. I usually drove and just told her what I was doing. This was not an effective teaching method. Around the house, I might ask people to do something, but if they didn’t do it the way I do, I usually just stop asking them to help. This is also not an effective teaching method. I have got to start letting go of my control and allowing them to learn and make mistakes. Probably won’t be easy.
  5. Never stopping to just do something on in the moment. Another one to work on. I had more fun this year just doing things that I normally wouldn’t do. If I see something cute driving along the side of the road, stop! Take the kids and do the things I have been compiling lists of to do for years. If it wasn’t in the schedule, who cares! Do it anyway. I am starting to think that in just few years my daughter probably won’t be living here anymore and the time I have is NOW! So we are going to do it. Starting by completely leaving my comfort zone and flying with her to Arizona to visit my cousin and her family. For a WEEK! I am already nervous and restless about it since I haven’t left for more than a day here and there for about 13 years. But I am going to Do It.
  6. Complaining. I have gotten better at this, but I want to just stop. Every day is a miracle and a blessing. Hot? Great. Raining? Awesome. Super Cold? Perfect. Everything going exactly the opposite that it is supposed too? Even better. I am a lucky girl. I have more than I need and everything I want in this little 10 acre slice of heaven. Complaining just makes a person look and in the end feel selfish. I want to hit the ground running and happy every single day and be the change I want to see in the world. So I am going to.

I hope this year has started off on a wonderful note for all of you! I have tons to get caught up on here with, so stay tuned! Many Blessings to you all!

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