New Tires

Sometimes, you just get used to doing things a certain way because you have done it that way for so long. Sometimes, you just aren’t sure how to go about doing anything about it. Sometimes, it’s easier to deal than be a bother. Sometimes, you have super awesome friends who fix a whole bunch of things for you without you even knowing! This is what happened this week!

I inherited a barely used livestock trailer from my father-in-law 11 years ago. I really liked having it so I didn’t have to borrow Dad’s anymore. Of course back then I didn’t have a truck, but hey! I was making progress. It came in really good shape, except for the tires. They had a lot of tread left but the tires were very weather checked from sitting out all the time. This was not a problem to me. I was hauling a horse once in a while and sometimes we take it to the sale barn in Colfax. As the kids got older, we went to Nevada for the fair and it sat there all week until we brought everything home. After I bought my truck a few years ago, I was able to go a few more places (I really didn’t like borrowing trucks). Sister also uses it now and again. I also haul goats to the sale barn once or sometimes twice a year for a dear neighbor friend.

The first problem with the trailer happens when the jack handle broke off. I had a friend weld on a different one that works well for years until the thing fell apart. Bro-in-law put a different one on. It works ok, but my truck sits so low I can’t get a very big block under the jack. This had me jacking it up with a floor jack to get a big block under it so I could jack it up high enough to get it off the truck. Then to put it back on, I had to crank one jack down so I could jack it up again to get the block out to let it down! What a process. But I didn’t mind. It was just what I did.

Then the tire problems started. We had already tubed most of them. I had one that goes flat every time it sits. No problem, I just carry an air tank with me. All the time! Every single time I move it. That gets a little old, but like I said, you just get used to things. Then I had a stem on one of the tubes come off. So the spare got put on. I was told I needed new tires as the one with the tube in it was in such bad shape it couldn’t be put on anymore. Dang. But seriously, in 11 years I have spent nothing but registration on this thing. So I ordered new tires and took it to my friend Marv’s Shop.


I was so excited to just not have to run and fill the air tank and pup up the tire and then take it to finish airing it up every single time we needed it.


Of course, we had no idea what we would be getting into. I have really done nothing to this thing in years. Thankfully only one wheel bearing is a little loose, so I think that will be the next thing I have done. Repacking them shouldn’t take much. So the old tires come off.


Originally, I was going to jack it up at home and just take two off at a time and take them to him. This was a lot easier as he has all the really useful tools.


Once they were both removed we moved on to the replacement part of the deal. That’s also when the extra help arrived!


His tire machine made light work of the change. Pop the old tire off after he let out any air. Of course I didn’t put any air in the one that is always flat to go 4 blocks.


We were surprised to see how good a shape the inside of the rims were! They were filthy and I will try to clean them up a little better from now on. But once we banged the dirt off, they were all in pretty good shape.


A little lube around the rim and the new ones are set in place. I learned that you line the yellow dot up with the stem valve, unless there is a red dot and then you line it up with the red dot. I didn’t learn why? I will have to find that out.


One down, 4 to go. While he put the tire back on, Marv started on the next tire.


The back tire is the spare. It won’t be changed, it will just go back where it belongs. Then the new tire will go on the original rim I brought with me.


We struggled getting the fancy pieces back on. Through out the years pieces have broken off and they just didn’t want to go. They did eventually with a little effort.


Two new on the other side and spare back where it belongs! How exciting!


Then they noticed all the extra stuff on my hitch. I explained I had no way to get the old jack parts off so I had just taken pieces off. Well, that wasn’t going to work for them. So Marv got out the torch (another really useful tool) and took it off. But he didn’t stop there!


No just removing it wasn’t going to be enough. After he cut through it and beat it off with a sledge hammer it had sharp edges.


He got out the grinder and smoothed down the edges for me. Oooo sparkles!


Well if that doesn’t look better. They don’t even know how many times I have caught my foot on that stupid jack piece stepping over it! Then I went to get the second jack out. Of course they didn’t understand why I would need it. So they started messing with the new jack a realized it was frozen at certain point. A little lube there and wouldn’t you know? That jack will go way up and way down now! No more second jack for me!


Still not good enough. They saw that I struggled to get the hitch to open, so the lube came out again and they worked and worked until it moved way easier and opened farther than it ever had.


And they still weren’t done. Marv noticed I had a piece of trim stuck in the side. I had tried to pull it all the way off but it wouldn’t come so I just bent it in the side. He got out his rivets and put it back where it is supposed to be. I couldn’t have been more happy pulling that trailer home.

Lessons learned. Stop accepting things so easily, there is usually a way to fix things and make them work better. Don’t wait so long to order tires. And there is nothing more special than a great group of friends.

Marv does all kinds of work in his shop here in Rhodes. Not just tires and trailer repair! He’s the one that fixed my falling apart horse hay feeder that I was going to throw away. If you ever need anything, don’t be afraid to ask him first, he can usually build it for less than you can buy it. And his tired are pretty reasonable too!





After our super sad tragedy with our little Wednesday cat, I was ready to give up on a kitten in the house. However, Madelyn has a few friends that had kittens they were trying to find homes for. So, we started over.20161226_082143.jpg

Meet Tux. He came through the roof of a friend of ours shop and there was no mother around. They worked to keep him going and thought about maybe trying to have him as a shop cat. However, with their security system, he kept setting off the alarm. So they were having to kennel him at night which he apparently didn’t like all that much. They offered him to us.

Since he has been here, he has decided that I am where he likes to sleep. That is basically all he does.


It’s really a lot of work.


And it is basically all the time.


He did have to spend one night at the vets. I took him over because he had a slight prolapse on his behind. I was not real concerned, because I had seen it before in cows, pigs and goats. The vet, however was more concerned. She had never seen one in a cat before. She tried to just push it back in. No. They had to keep him and do surgery to stitch it back in correctly. Good grief! Who knew? But he is recovering nicely and will get his stitches out when he goes back for his booster shots the 19th.


Meanwhile, he will continue to be a pampered brat.


Making everything about me his bed.


Unless I am not around. Then he has another warm spot to snuggle into.


It’s really hard to grow up a spoiled house cat.


Oh, were you working here? Sorry, you aren’t now.


He is really a cute cat and everyone seems happy again. Except maybe the dogs, who aren’t sure about this annoying little pest that jumps on them and chases them around the house. When he isn’t sleeping anyway.

Friday’s Hunt 3.1

I am forever behind. Seriously, how can you have like 5 Friday’s Hunt’s ready to go and not sit down in time to post them over the weekend for 5 weeks straight? Then almost not get this weeks done before the end of the weekend and miss linking up…again? Good gravy.

This week Teresa gave us the Letter A, Week’s Favorite, and Beginning.

For my Letter A, I have All the older goats.


These are any one that weren’t bred this fall and the two that had kids last spring. Sister and I are taking the girls in to be preg checked at the vet in a couple weeks. I am really hoping Scarlett, Tawny, Indy, and Button are all bred. The younger girls are scheduled to go back in with the bucks this spring, hopefully for late summer or fall babies.

My Week’s Favorite is this one.


This goof had his friend birthday party this weekend. He is always silly and happy and I just love his smile.


For Beginning, I am reposting the first picture I posted on my blog, almost a year ago. Of course it isn’t one I took, but I wasn’t even sure what I was doing with a blog at the time. I still love this saying and try to live by it daily.

Enjoy your week, I am personally looking forward to some slightly warmer temperatures.

Friday’s Hunt v2.24, v2.25, v2.26, and v2.27

Well, would you believe I have actually had most of these Friday’s Hunts done on time? Of course then the weekend came and I got busy fixing waters and dealing with the cold spell we are having, preparing for the holidays, actually celebrating the holidays and never got back to my computer to post it!  Then of course, there was a week in there that technical difficulties over took me. My photos wouldn’t upload causing me great stress! I get so frustrated when things don’t just work like they are supposed too! My computer illiteracy really comes through then also! So this is my catch up post! I so love this idea and it makes me think every week. So to begin, we go back to v2.24, we have the prompts the Letter X, Weeks Favorite, and Lights.

Well the Letter X would normally be hard for me. But this week, with the cold streak that we are having, I have so many things I didn’t get Xouted or finished off. Grr! I have gotten some done since the freeze, but not enough. My barn door is frozen open, my horse feeder is frozen to the ground, I had no heaters ready for water, my hoses were left out and I didn’t have my Guinea Pigs brought in yet. Besides getting the water heaters in and hoses to the basement so I have water, I got the Guinea Pigs moved in finally!

20161209_140727 (2).jpg

Someone is not overly thrilled with them. Last year Nala couldn’t hardly stand them moving around and now Wednesday is obviously not going to let them live in peace! At least I am getting a few things Xouted!

My Weeks Favorite is another sunset beyond my barn.


I was freezing that day and just wanted to get in the house and warm up. But it was breathtaking! I don’t think I will ever tire of this view.

As I said it’s been a bit crazy this week. Last week Mom and the kids and I went and got our trees. I got mine up right away and planned to get the lights on and decorated right away. Until…


I put all my Lights on my slightly under 9 foot tree and didn’t make it halfway up. Are you kidding me. So I had to make it to town and get more. That only took 4 days to find the time. I do finally have all the lights done and am hoping to get it decorated tonight!. Who knew adding 4 feet to your tree would require more Lights!

Now on to the next weeks hunt, v2.25 we have the Letter Y, Weeks Favorite and Festive.

For the Letter Y there is Yucky. That is the only word I can use to describe this weather we are having. Although I don’t think it feels that bad when I do my chores, but I don’t mind the cold as long as it goes away in the spring. It’s cold but doable, until next week when the temps are going to get back up in the 30’s!


Turns out my tree turned out pretty Festive and it’s also my Weeks Favorite. I love my tree and decorations. It makes me so happy to sit and look at them.


Of course now we are caught up to this week, v2.26. Our prompts this week are the Letter Z, Weeks Favorite, and Holiday.

My little lady Zulu is of course my Letter Z! She is growing into a lovely lady and I am super excited for her future. I was worried she wasn’t growing very well, but I think she is doing ok. After visiting a friends purebred boer goat herd, I feel like they are maybe a little shorter than I thought. I still love her and that is all that really matters anyway.


My Weeks Favorite is this dink. She is with us most days, even when it’s cold and she is learning all the time. She is always laughing and smiling and brightening our days. Her silliness is infectious. As we went through the Holidays and I got to spend time with my older nieces, who because life happens, don’t have as much time to spend with their old aunt anymore, it truly makes cherish the days I get to spend with her.


My Holiday is pretty much summed up in this picture. Mom’s kitchen, the perfect place to make memories, my family, Sister, Mom and the kids making cookies and laughing together. We haven’t done a cookies and candy day apparently in many years, but I am sure glad we decided to this year. These are the times that will live on forever in their hearts.


Ok, now to our final catch up week, v2.27. Our prompts for this hunt are Starts with Any Letter, Weeks Favorite, and Celebrate.

I am going to use the Letter B. For Broken Barn Farm. I rarely take pictures of the actual Barn. It is old and doesn’t really have much that is pretty about it. Kind of patched together and falling apart(hence the name). But it is the home of most of the animals and where I spend a lot of time. I love this one. It was so quiet that night.


My Weeks Favorite and Celebrate are interchangeable. We did things a little different this year and I personally loved it. We decided to wait until New Years Eve to have our get together for Christmas with Mom. We started at noon with soup, opened kids presents, played games, opened our presents, Fondued, played more games and talked for hours, brought in the New Year together and were home in bed by 12:15. About the best day I have had in a long time.


Sisinlaw brought a cellophane ball for the kids. They loved it and had a good time wrestling their prizes out of it! I just love when they are all together and having fun.


The actual best part of our Celebration was when our family’s long time friends the Fedlers joined us for Fondueing. This might seem like it’s not that big a deal, but when you take into account that every single New Years Eve of our childhood was spent with them and their daughters. Those nights are some of my most treasured memories. They are more like an Aunt and Uncle than friends. Having them join us made it a perfect night for us.

Thank you for joining me for my catching up on more than a couple weeks of Friday’s Hunts! A special thank you to Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting! Stop over and check out the other posts if you get the chance.


Another Teenager

I already have a teenage Daughter. Not sure I feel like I am old enough to have another child enter the teenage years! But today is the day. Landon is 13 years old.


No matter how old you are, wrestle your little brother!


He is silly all the time. He is completely carefree. He is brave to the point of being a daredevil. He is sensitive and kind and deeply loving. While I miss having snuggles and loves from my original momma’s boy I am enjoying seeing what kind of young man he is growing into. Happy Birthday Landon!

Our Christmas Time

I am always not ready for Christmas. I am not a shopper and try to avoid it at all costs. I am so thankful for Amazon. I get most of my gifts from there. But gifts aren’t the most important part of Christmas time to me. I love getting our trees.


We go to a couple different places in search of the perfect for us trees. This year in November, of course it was warm and beautiful when we went the weekend after Thanksgiving. Landon is getting pretty good at cutting them down and hauling them up for us. I don’t know why we didn’t get pictures by our trees this year? We always do that and then cut them down.


Once home, I had to take a little off the top to get it to fit. 9 feet might be too tall for my house. But I love this tree. Definitely one of my prettiest.


Then on to the lights. I did not have enough to make it to the top. Dang it. I have enough now!

The decorations are where it gets really fun for me. Every year Mom always got us an ornament for the tree to signify a special event that happened for us that year. I have continued that tradition with my own kids. This year I got Madelyn an old fashioned gas pump to signify her driving. Landon got an I love Hunting ornament for getting his first deer. Denton got a bike ornament for finally learning to ride his big bike without training wheels(that was quite the ordeal as he was convinced I wanted him to crash!) These are some of my favorites.


This one is from 1993, the year we changed from playing 6 on 6 to 5 on 5. It was big deal to me. I was a guard and never shot a basket in a game, just played strictly defense. 5 on 5 had me playing offense and defense.


This one is even older. I was in Mrs. Luings 4th grade class when I made this. It’s just a clothes pin painted to look like a soldier. We decorated the tree in Mrs. Luings class with them and then took them home before break. It has been on my tree every year since.


My absolute favorite. I don’t remember getting this one. I have no idea how old it is, but I have loved it forever. My brother and sister both have a book like this of their own, they are however slightly different.


The kids made me a few that are very dear to me. This is Madelyn’s from 2010. I think that would be 4th grade.


My little Landon ornament.


My little Denton Ornament!


The first dog Mike and I got together was our Dalmatian Major. We loved that dog. He was great with kids and animals and the calmest Dalmatian most people had ever been around. He passed away over Thanksgiving 2009. We got this for the kids that year. Ok kind of for me too, because I missed him terribly.


Then there is Koda. I got this in 2006 for the kids for his puppy picture. I sure do miss him.

20161209_173912Another of my favorites. My mother in law, Lovia. She loved Christmas so much. Well, honestly, she just loved everything. She was the neatest, most loving, caring, giving woman I have ever met. We miss her dearly.

20161209_173927The paper angels that are always on top of my tree are a couple of my favorite treasures. The kids made those in elementary. I believe they will forever be up there. I could tell you the story behind every single ornament on my tree. They all mean something. But for the length of this post, I guess I will just do a few each year!

20161209_175315My tree as a kid and as a young adult always had a star on top of it. Until my mother in law passed away. We were going through some of her things and came across some ornaments of Mikes and hers that she used to put up and her angel. I knew the minute I pulled her out of the box, I would forever have this angel on my tree. I feel like she is watching over us and I love looking up at her.

Happy New Year!

Good Grief! I have been slacking lately! Besides working at all three jobs a lot in the past couple weeks, it has also been that crazy time of year with Christmas (that I am never ready for) Christmas Break from School (that I love doing as much with the kids as I can) and of course New Years! We are one day from heading back to a regularly scheduled routine and I am hoping I can get back to on track! I have 4 Friday’s Hunts started but my computer and phone decided not to be compatible anymore and my pictures wouldn’t upload. I think I have that issue resolved so I am hoping to get them done this week and ready to post!

I am not really one to do much for New Years Resolutions. So instead I will share a couple things I won’t be doing in this New Year.

  1. Raising a calf to finish. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed raising JD. He makes me happy most days. However, I have learned that my fences are more suited to horses and goats. My barn is in worse shape due to his head butting, scratching and in general ramming around. Then there is the fact that as a tame former bottle baby, he still wants to play with me. Which usually ends in me on the ground and him ramming me. This makes the kids have to stay out of the lot. I think I will leave the cattle raising to the cattleman(Brother).20160819_191601
  2. Good Tires make a world of difference. I am cheap. This is not a shock to anyone. I hate spending large amounts of money. I try to get as much use out of something as physically possible. I do that with my tires. I know I shouldn’t and my dear friend Mechanic doesn’t like it all. It makes him have to patch tires that he would rather dispose of. So this year I got new ones and low and behold my truck will go through mud and move on wet grass. It doesn’t spin out at the slightest sign of moisture. Ok fine Mechanic Friend, you are right.
  3. Again with listening to my Mechanic Friend. I really should just list that. LISTEN to him! I was always trying to see how far I could go on a tank of gas. That worked just fine until exactly what he said would happen happened. My fuel pump went out leaving Madelyn and I stranded in Ankeny. I am now filling up as soon as I get to a half tank or as soon as I make it to town after I reach a half tank. I can apparently go a lot farther with a fuel pump.20160226_213325
  4. Let it Go. I may or may not  absolutely have some control issues. Through out this last year I noticed it more and more, especially while teaching my daughter to drive. I usually drove and just told her what I was doing. This was not an effective teaching method. Around the house, I might ask people to do something, but if they didn’t do it the way I do, I usually just stop asking them to help. This is also not an effective teaching method. I have got to start letting go of my control and allowing them to learn and make mistakes. Probably won’t be easy.
  5. Never stopping to just do something on in the moment. Another one to work on. I had more fun this year just doing things that I normally wouldn’t do. If I see something cute driving along the side of the road, stop! Take the kids and do the things I have been compiling lists of to do for years. If it wasn’t in the schedule, who cares! Do it anyway. I am starting to think that in just few years my daughter probably won’t be living here anymore and the time I have is NOW! So we are going to do it. Starting by completely leaving my comfort zone and flying with her to Arizona to visit my cousin and her family. For a WEEK! I am already nervous and restless about it since I haven’t left for more than a day here and there for about 13 years. But I am going to Do It.
  6. Complaining. I have gotten better at this, but I want to just stop. Every day is a miracle and a blessing. Hot? Great. Raining? Awesome. Super Cold? Perfect. Everything going exactly the opposite that it is supposed too? Even better. I am a lucky girl. I have more than I need and everything I want in this little 10 acre slice of heaven. Complaining just makes a person look and in the end feel selfish. I want to hit the ground running and happy every single day and be the change I want to see in the world. So I am going to.

I hope this year has started off on a wonderful note for all of you! I have tons to get caught up on here with, so stay tuned! Many Blessings to you all!