Moving Bulls

So we put the bulls out in the Jungle pasture to keep them away from the cows for awhile and let them eat some of that grass down. But, it was time to put the bulls back out with the fall calvers and the open young cows for next years fall calves. Besides, we needed to move a group of cows to the jungle to eat the corn stalks. So Brother asked me to move them up to front part of the Jungle. Ok, that shouldn’t be hard. I do that 10 times a summer with the cows. And they were only in the middle, so this shouldn’t be too bad. Of course, this is not the first time I have been really wrong.

So, I get everything set up and ready to move them to the front. All the while I am calling for them. I hear nothing and start to wonder if they have gotten out or something. Once everything is ready and opened up, I head out to walk through the pasture and find them. I walk and call and call and walk. I final come up over a hill and down below I see one.


I need 6. I have 1. Oh good. All my calling is being completely ignored.

20161121_090049 (2).jpg

There is actually 5 in this picture. Behind trees and bushes and in the creek. I didn’t see them all until I walked basically right up to them. They didn’t even pay any attention to me. In fact, I actually had to walk up to one of the old ones and give him a tap to notice that I was there. During the summer when these guys are with the cows they act like the cows and come when called. When it is just the boys together apparently I am not worth their time.


Once I got them all into a group, they turned and headed up the hill towards the front end of the pasture. All is good for about 5 minutes.


We get to the first corner and this. One of the younger bulls and one of the older bulls. Well, pause and stand back. You never know what way they will go and they DO NOT pay attention to you when they are fighting. I remember that from being a kid on my horse. Of course they don’t pay any attention to the horse when they fighting either, but the horse can get out of the way quicker than and is much more coordinated than I can on foot. So I am actually much farther away than it looks in this picture.

Anyway, these two quit and they all headed around the corner. Unfortunately, that was the end of our quiet walk.


They all decided it was time to fight. Oh Goodie. Now I am a ways back. The four up in the corner are the 2 old ones, L55 and 1767, and the two young ones, N62 and P100. The 2 that are off by themselves are L40 and L66. Now, all the bulls are from the same breeder. The 3 with L number are all the same age. And apparently, they don’t get along. Actually I think L66 is a bully. They all went on fighting, despite my screaming at them and throwing rocks and sticks and anything else I could get my hands on and launch from that distance.


And it just continues.


And still going. Now eventually the young two and the two old ones over in the corner give up and continue down the trail. L66 and L40 don’t quit. In fact, they actually get more aggressive.


After the other four went on by them, they continued to fight and actually come back towards me. You see the small waterway between them and me? Just out of the picture in the bottom corner it falls off in to a ravine. Well, so did they. Pushing and fighting the whole way. L66 ended up on top. By this time I am out of the pasture on the other side of two little tiny electric fence wires. I didn’t feel all that much better. Once the two crabby bulls get their feet, do they stop? Oh no. They start right back up and continue to head back the way we came. L40 decides this is obviously not his day to beat L66 and tears off down the hill we just came up. Only he veers off through the rose bushes with L66 in hot pursuit. Excellent. Well, the other 4 bulls have stopped, so I head off after the two fighters and try to follow them to get them back with the other 4.

Insert a HUGE SIGH here. Of course, since they are bulls, they don’t care if there is a path. No…they just run through whatever is in front of them, making it a little hard to follow. Plus, did I mention they are running? This is not the plan boys. I finally catch up to them on top of a hill half way across the pasture from where we need to be to meet up with the other 4, panting and resting. So I joined them because seriously? That was exhausting. How am I going to get these two back to the other ones.

Thankfully, the other 4 goofs decided that all the action was on our side of the creek. Here them come, across the creek, up the hill, through the bush, and up to the top where we are resting. Oh my gosh. After an hour and a half, I have all 6 Bulls kind of where I need them. If only they will walk now and stop fighting. Well, sort of. L66 wasn’t willing to give up and of course he is in the lead. About every 30 seconds he turned on all 5 and they all scatter. I throw something at him and round them back up and we go again. Finally I get them back across the creek and start up the hill. Of course L66 has to try to start it again with L40. Off they go, back across the creek and half way up the other hill again.

By now I am probably not staying out the way like I should, but he is making me mad. They take a break and I walk up and whack him across the rear. I take L66 by himself, back across the creek and back up the hill and through the gate. Where, I should mention, he took after the other 4 promptly upon enter the pond area. I go back down the hill and get behind L40 who is not really sure he wants to go into the pond area but after a little convincing, he went. So the fighting starts all over. Oh for goodness sake.

After about 20 minutes of not agreeing, they finally went through the gate into the front. Of course they had to fight on the way through the gate and broke the end set. Awesome.

So now that this is done, I head to mom’s to find out what my second job is. Want to guess?

Yeah, go get the bulls into the corral. Just perfect!! Some days I just have to laugh at myself.


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