Friday’s Hunt v2.23

I am trying to get my Friday’s Hunt done at the right time this week! It’s been kind of a busy week around here and a little crazy so bear with me! This week our prompts are the Letter W, Weeks Favorite, and Machine.

For my Letter W, we got a couple little surprises this week. Started Wednesday night. I was up town dropping a couple things off and when I walked out to get in my truck, I saw a kitten run across the street and under a car! Thankfully it was being driven by a dear lady from here in town who also saw it. She stopped and shut the car off and we got down on our hands and knees to look for it. We finally found it in the tire! I was able to get my hand through the tire and get ahold of it and pulled the little stinker out and so…


Meet Wednesday. I checked around to see if she belonged to anyone, but no one seemed to know where she came from. So unless someone claims her, I guess she will be ours.


She seems healthy. But she was extremely hungry, so a little goat milk and cat food and with a belly full, she came home to live in the laundry room for now until she figures out the litter box.

My Weeks Favorite makes me squeal with delight! I have been watching fat Janet for months thinking she was pregnant. She finally bagged up, as I showed you last week. This morning I went to the bathroom and thought ‘Gosh, Janet looks thinner than yesterday.’


She was! Two big babies thinner! After I ran out the barn, I nearly fainted seeing the two off them all dry with full little tummies. And oh, their colors!


I could not be more happy! She is a wonderful mother just like her mother Scarlett! They are all direct descendants from Eden Hills, our wonderful host!  I have a feeling these girls will be here a while!


She is very concerned with them right now, so I let her be. They are just so big and healthy!


Can you believe two girls?! That hasn’t happened ever for me since I have had goats. Oh my gosh, I am so excited. Landon went out and meet them and then named them, since they are his. So meet Gemstone (Dark) and Diamond (Light).

For Machine, I have to include my favorite. I spend a lot of time with this old M. It’s one of my favorite machines. I know it’s one of Brothers. Grandpa bought this tractor originally, I don’t know when for sure. But I do know he had it converted to a propane. Back when Grandpa had it converted, propane was pretty cheap. So a company converted it and to pay for it Grandpa had to pay $0.06 a gallon instead of $0.04 a gallon to pay it off. Him and dad used it for many years. Then Grandpa donated it to the school to be rebuilt. After a couple years of not hearing anything he asked Brother if he would go get it. So Brother and Dad took a flatbed trailer into the school to pick it up. Of course, little did they know, they were actually going to pick up 4 tires, a steering wheel and a bunch of boxes of parts. Brother took it all home and rebuilt it, and has used it ever since. I guess all of that makes it pretty special to me.


Thanks for joining me for another weeks Friday’s Hunt. As always, please if you have time, stop over to Eden Hills and check out the other Friday’s Hunt! Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.23

  1. How exciting! Gemstone and Diamond are beautiful! They remind me of one of the kids we delivered at Eden Hills two years ago when I went out there for a week to help Teresa during birthing week. She was a red kid with lovely pale and dark spots all over her – sort of like yours but with a different base colour. I’ll be excited to see pictures as they grow older! That’s a special tractor too – what a great history.


    1. That’s so funny! These little girls are direct descendants from Teresa’s goats! The grandmother, Scarlett was a bottle baby she gave us the honor of raising and I am so excited. All my crazy color comes from the goats we have gotten from her.


  2. The kitten is adorable! Oh my goatness! Those two girls are to die for! Love the names too. So glad they made it here safely before the weather is too cold. Those old tractors are the best! Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

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