Combining Corn

Well, harvest has gone really pretty well. We got all the hay done, silage chopped and covered, beans in the bins, and then had to finish corn. We had all the bins full with about 10 acres left to do. Brother takes his corn to the ethanol plant about 20 miles away and they were full for the time being so we waited a few extra days to finish so he could haul it there. So those last couple acres took us about 5 days (including the weekend when everything was closed).


When we finally got to go, it is always an exciting time to be close to done! I am sitting behind him cheering the combine on! Come on, let’s get this knocked out!


Thankfully, during this time, we had the most beautiful weather for November. This is the afternoon of the 15th. Sunny and warm.


It didn’t take us long to finish those last few rows and Harvest 16 was in the books! Even though we may have taken a little longer than some, the corn dried down perfectly in the field and that is a good thing.


And he is done. I am standing on the tires of the tractor watching him finish. You almost feel like jumping off, crying, laughing, it’s kind of an overwhelming feeling being done. I can’t really explain the emotions that go into spending that many months watching something grow, the weather being completely out of your control, the decisions that go into the care of the crop, all the way through getting it out of the field and where it needs to be. And keep in mind I am NOT the farmer. I am just the one standing behind him worrying and fretting and cheering him on!


He brought his load in and dumped on the truck. The combine is done other than a bath before going to the shed.


Then I dump the final cart on the truck. I am so happy to be done and have made it through. ‘My’ grain cart has a couple problems that need to be fixed and I am just so thankful that we made it though and now have the winter to work on it.


And that’s the end. The sun actually set on the finish of harvest this year. We went back to mom’s and had a celebratory supper together, and relaxed for the evening. It might be one of my favorite times of the year.



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