Combining Beans

Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since we combined beans. Time flies when you are busy! I am trying to get caught up but this week we have to get ready for Brother to be gone for Thanksgiving and me to be able to handle everything by myself, so even though most of our field work is basically complete, there is a lot to do.


The beans were amazing this year. Brother double crops most of his beans. This means he plants a cover crop on his corn ground in the fall and then harvests it in the spring and then plants beans. This has us planting a little later and harvesting a little later but it sure seems to work out well.


He wanted to run both combines this year, but we found a slight problem with the reel on the head of the old combine. No time to fix that now so we ran just the one. That slows down my job of running the grain cart.


So I read while I wait on him. Got 2 books read while I was watching him.


And I ate. Mom brings meals to us in the field so we can keep going.


We made it through the first couple fields and got them in the bins without much problem. Except one minor one. It felt like a huge problem to me, but Brother showed up and helped me. I was headed back to Sisters bin to unload with the grain cart fully loaded. Slowed way down to turn carefully into her driveway and the tractor doesn’t turn. At first I think, no problem. I just didn’t slow down enough like he told me to and there was to much weight and I missed the turn. So I try to straighten out and go to her second driveway to turn around. NO such luck. It won’t straighten, it won’t turn, I have now steering. Now I am concerned panicked. It’s dark, I am completely blocking the road, headed into the ditch, with a full load. Not good. I call Brother, no answer. I call Sister, she answers but isn’t home. I try Mom, no answer. I try, Brother. The whole time I holding my feet on the brakes because loaded we can’t put it in park. Finally Mom shows up to bring dinner and wonders why I am sitting in the middle of the road sideways. She realizes I am in trouble and races to get Brother. They come right back and he immediately sees the problem. I have lost the drivers side tie-rod end. Ok. So, Brother puts it back together with his hand and holds it while I slowly back away from the ditch, get straightened up, and drive it up into Sisters driveway on the flat. We get the new part the next morning and all is well. It is sometimes unbelievable how Brother just showing up can calm you down and how quickly he makes you feel like it will be ok and you did alright. After that, things went fairly smoothly for the most part.


Our set up at Sisters. It was about the same regardless of what bin we were filling. Except one. This was the second time I was a little nervous.┬áBrother was already out in the combine when I got there and he called me and said “Don’t worry, there is plenty of room, it will fit” What was he talking about?


Yes, it will fit. Plenty of room? Not exactly what I would call plenty of room. But I did it. A number of times. Without incident. Very slowly. He has more faith in my ability than I did. I didn’t even drive the pickup through here on the way out because I wasn’t sure it would fit! I had no idea he was going to have me pull the grain cart through there!


We worked a few nights. Not super late but the beans wouldn’t dry down until afternoon.


They were dusty and made it hard to see. He had trouble seeing, I had trouble seeing him.


We got rained out once, which slowed us down a few days. There just weren’t good drying days.


But we finally got them all out of the field and put where they go.


Most went in 2 bins at Brothers house and then one number he took and delivered. Since he grows seed beans they bagged them up when he delivered them. So that was then end of the beans for the year.