Being a Farmgirl


She likes to check the crops. And by checking I mean play in the corn until her daddy is ready to go. She rides patiently in combines and tractors. She has learned to hook up wagons and hayracks. She watches and pretends to fix things.


She loves to care for her animals. Especially her chickens. She is very excited about her chickens! The black ones are hers and are moving to her house soon. She has had to help get their chicken coop cleaned up and ready. And she checks her chickens. All the time. All day. Repeatedly. I hope they all start laying soon so all her checking produces more than 2 or 3 eggs.


I don’t know what this one was doing. But her face! I love this girl. She is growing up in so much the way I did. There is nothing better than being a farmer’s daughter. You learn more than you even know as you play around your dad working. You end up mimicking your dads work and often times don’t know you are even working because you find it fun.


She works without much complaint, because it’s not only fun to wash the combine, but important to be a good helper to her dad. She has no idea that all these things will serve her well later in life.


Of course there is a lot of dinking around! She has to harvest her own corn to feed her chickens. As I said before, they are pretty important to her.


No matter where she goes, or what she does, there is always silliness and happiness. She is patient and kind and gentle and loving. She is becoming a hard working little lady and I love being able to spend this time with her. As my youngest niece, I will miss when she gets to big to run up to me yelling my name and jumping in my arms. I will miss when she wants me to spin her in circles. I will miss when she wants to sit on my lap or ride with me back to the house. I will miss making meals with her and watching her show me how she knows how to do something by herself. My heart swells with pride every time she learns something new.


Tears fill my eyes when I see her with her dad. Learning and enjoying him. His patience and love shines in her eyes. I enjoy these moments and love being able to watch her grow up. I just hate that she is doing it so fast.

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