There is a lot of things that move during harvest. Some mornings and parts of the evenings are spent doing routine maintenance. It’s not the most exciting thing, but if you don’t spend the time taking care of things, you spend way more time fixing things!


Of course fueling up is important. While it sits and gets a fill, we check oils, clean windows, and grease it up.


This requires a lot of maintenance. Brother is blowing off the radiator here. After he is done with that he greases, checks oils and all fluids, and sprays the chains with chain lube. Checking tire pressure and just making sure everything is running correctly. It’s part in the harvest season should come to an end today or tomorrow.


Finding grease serts is kind of a work out on certain pieces of equipment. The combine is one that is definitely a work out! They are hidden in, around, and behind! Thankfully the book shows where we are supposed to be looking. Some need greased at 10 hours up to 100 hours, so there are days we have to find them all.


How many hands can you fit into a small spot? Four in this one. It is often a tight fit when working under the hood. The grain truck was acting funny by losing power. We looked for a fuel filter screen but instead found it was the fuel filter. Easy fix and we were back on the road. Thankfully Neighbors Son was there that day. He’s a little more mechanically inclined than I am. We are getting to the end of harvest and starting fall field work. Hopefully we are finished combining and hauling tomorrow and we can started on drilling winter rye and getting cows situated for Brother to be gone for Thanksgiving. This weather has been a real treat and we will continue to work lots of hours until we are done. Because of that my posts may be a little sparse, but I will stop in and get one done as time permits! Until then, here’s to the end of #harvest16!

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