Friday’s Hunt 2.20

Welcome back to Friday’s Hunt! Another week has gone flying by, but as busy as we are right now and with the weather being truly gorgeous for November, I have enjoyed it. This week we have Starts with T, Weeks Favorite, and Rule of Thirds.

Starts with T has to be the Tractor that I have spent the better part of the last two weeks in. I still have a couple days left with it. We have gotten along pretty good again this year.


My Weeks Favorite. I like this one. Even the corn dust is shiny. Brother dumping the combine on the grain cart that I am dumping on the truck.


I am not sure I am very good at the Rule of Thirds. I am really more of a point and shoot and edit it later kind of photographer. These two pictures I did take purposely, trying to get the right image that I wanted. I do think now that Teresa has brought the Rule of Thirds to my attention I will try to pay more attention to it when I am taking pictures.



Thank you again for join me for another weeks Friday’s Hunt. Hope you had a wonderful week and as always, feel free to stop over at Eden Hills¬†and check out the other Friday’s Hunts!